AFC Classic: Any Movie Can Be Improved by Adding…?


Any movie can be improved by adding…what? I sent this question flying out across the social networksphere, and, as always, everyone had a lot to say on the matter. What’s your pick for an easy way to improve any movie?

Action Flick Chick (@actionchick): Any movie can be improved by adding _____.

Answers on twitter:
AGreatWhiteDope: Tim Thomerson.
BelRand: Cylons/ninjas/@feliciaday/unicorns/cookies
BLTjesus: BACON!
bonniegrrl: add a hot British villain!
BumpFire2012: a kickass female character. Red hair and/or hawt costume worth extra points!
callouscomics: A screaming circa mid-90’s Mel Gibson in a kilt.
CapSteveRogers: Kat.
cheesehead1976: James Horner music
cheetoh_eater: …by adding a “Wu” clip.
CompanyManComic: BACON.
dannyson1: / LAUGHTER
DSB_IV: a gun that shoots shurukens and lightning
Ed_EisSenorNerd: You 😉
eric_stanze: the unexpected.
evildorina: “Bitch!”
agidgetwidget: RT @evildorina: “Bitch!” || BAH HA HA!
geekwithsoul: < a studio that won’t make it 3D
GenDraftComic: // @actionchick
GoKustom: Me.
GoKustom: Just kidding…milk.
Gordylocke: the Wilhelm screamhotellimawhisky: Bill Murray!
hotellimawhisky: Han Solo!
Iamsam3: Mobile Suits.
kc0eks: weed or weed related humor
kristenmchugh22: Clive Owen, Patricia Clarkson, Christopher Eccleston, I have a very long list. Chiwetel Ejiofor, Emily Mortimer, John Cusack
LeapingBear: Gratuitous Sex and Violence
MattBarrett1: good story and characters.
MonsterCops: A monkey.
Mr_Sahue: Ninjas!!
mysocalledbrain: #anymoviecanbeimprovedbyadding “Vs Ninja Zombies” or “presented in 2D” or “in Space”
nerdlunch: Good topic. It is hard to get something going on Friday afternoon/evening, but it can be done.
nerdlunch: Bruce Campbell.
robocake33: Agreed RT @nerdlunch Bruce Campbell.
nerdlunch: Celtic cyborgs.
nerdlunch: Klingons.
Nightwyrm: third wall jokes
Nightwyrm: ah, I meant fourth wall jokes of course
OnyxSparrow: I think “Thin Red Line” has enough _____ already thank you.
P1LaughingMan: BOOBIES!!
pipboy2010: wit
purewitz: A hot Action Flick Chick. 🙂
robcarrphoto: bacon.
RocketLlama: MUPPETS!!
scooterchicken: Explosions…duh. Oh…and Bruce Willis.
sherryandluke: a little mystery at the end
Siwelkire: Boobs.
SizzlerKistler: ME: a fun-loving music number that doesn’t take itself seriously.
swiv: Any movie can be improved by adding a plotline
thehulkster: Me!
TheMike31: Thomas Jane. Kurt Russell if it’s the ’80s/early ’90s.
theroseinbloom: @nerdlunch @actionchick or any (or all) of the following: Harrison Ford, Nathan Fillion, David Tennant, or Morgan Freeman.
tragedyman: NAZI ZOMBIES
USS_Stalwart: Any movie can be improved by adding The Second Amendment ;D
videogamedoc87: Morgan Freeman.
workingclassdog: not Ishtar or Gigli! 😛
wyldride: feliciaday_.
actionchick: LOVE all the answers to “Any movie can be improved by adding _____.” So we CAN get a good topic going amidst the #ff sea.

Answers on Facebook:
Al Hagan:
Pumpkins, it’s Halloween ffs. Lol
Brett Reno: suspense.
Crissie McBride: ninjas….and boobs ( o )( o )
Ed-e Uribe: Action Chick 🙂
Emmanuel Croft: breasts!
Eugene Boyle:
hot chicks of course!
FilmGurl DotNet: heart 🙂 All the great movies have heart.
Gary Makries: talented actors
Gerardo Lopez-Castillo: Boobie…
Gilbert Paulsen: vagina amd breast
Harold Burman: Explosions!
Helen Oetken Barnard: MST3K
Samuel F. Moultrie: Nice Helen. I was gonna say boobies but MST3K works.
Christoffer Andersson: ditto on the MST3K. If that is vetoed I’ll go for nudity
Ima SpaceNinja: Danny Trejo.
Jacob Pickthall: Zombies
Jeremy Hyler: a good plot.
John Knutson: action flick chick
Michael Potter: New combos of old swear words
Mitchell Ivey:
Paul Witzenburger: A hot Action Flick Chick. 🙂
Randy Haskins: More Cowbell!
Robert J. Peterson: Well, once upon a time, I would’ve said Jack Nance.
Ronald L. Riding: Guns & boobies!!!
Sarah Campbell: Shaffer cheese

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