FORBES: Prove Your Geek Cred or Shut Up, Girls, Geek Cliques Don’t Want You Sitting at Their Table!

We’re paraphrasing, but declaring, “Dear Fake Geek Girls: Please Go Away,” sends a bad message.

For Forbes, Tara Tiger Brown writes, among many other things:

Pretentious females who have labeled themselves as a “geek girl” figured out that guys will pay a lot of attention to them if they proclaim they are reading comics or playing video games. Celebrities are dressing up as geeks to reach a larger audience. Richard Branson labeled himself a geek for crying out loud.

How do we separate the geeks from the muck?

…Those that are deceitful about being a geek do it because deep down they want to feel that hunger to be so into something you can’t eat or sleep, but just haven’t found their thing yet.

Separate? There is no litmus test for geekery. (And Richard Branson? A guy who wants to fly people through space isn’t allowed to call himself geeky by your standards?) But they won’t find “their thing yet” so easily if others shoo them away.

Some praise the article for saying “things that needed to be said.” Others tear into it for fostering an “exclusionist” perspective. We’ve explored related issues around here quite a few times, and even stirred up controversy with a Comic-Con panel that kept people talking long after the con was over.

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So yeah,we’ve talked about this a time or two. Immediate thoughts on the topic itself:
1. Nobody is appropriate to to pick the test for true geekiness.
2. Don’t you have better things to do with your time than risk driving away newcomers?
3. Why girls? (Read the Forbes title.)

Eventually @ActionChick and @Tara shared these thoughts:
Tara Tiger Brown ‏ @tara: @ActionChick I haven’t seen any examples of guys doing it. A few have told me they’ve seen it but no examples sent to me.
Tara Tiger Brown ‏ @tara:
@bonniegrrl @ActionChick No hate, just would like to see people focus on something they like as opposed to being a mktg gimmick.
Katrina Hill ‏ @ActionChick:
When people are told, “Go away,” it’s hard for them to discover what they like. RT @tara like to see people focus on something they like
Katrina Hill ‏ @ActionChick:
You’re mirroring saying “Beat it!” to some lonely nerd who decides to go the ballgame because that’s where everybody is in his town, @tara.
Tara Tiger Brown ‏ @tara: @ActionChick It doesn’t seems like you read the post, just the title, because it’s about people who take advantage of the geek culture.
Katrina Hill ‏ @ActionChick: Read it & reread it, @tara. It starts with you telling people to go away. That matters.
Katrina Hill ‏ @ActionChick: If the “popular kids” put up a sign saying, “Scram, nerds,” nothing that follows justifies that sign, @tara.

Responses to @ActionChick on Twitter:
Jessica Mills @geekyjessica: My thought EXACTLY. RT @ActionChick: Why girls? RT @tara “Dear Fake Geek Girls: Please Go Away.”
Ryan Crowley @ConnorCG: why does no one talk about fake geek guys? Must we always attack women about everything they do?
Leigh Bardugo @LBardugo: Ugh. This smacks of nasty competitiveness and hipster posturing.
Jessica Mills @geekyjessica: SO effing tired of this “You’re not geek enough” bullshit. Especially since it seems to be mostly directed at women.
Wicked Julia @Wickedjulia: @tara Fake geek boys need to go away, too. Is the author afraid of competition?
Don’t Call Me Gaga @kkjordan: @tara Yeah…last time I checked, there’s a shit ton of guy poseurs too. I don’t see why this has to be limited to 1 gender.
I.Strange @ZetaTweetz: @geekyjessica @ActionChick Good point.
Bonnie Burton @bonniegrrl: @tara: I wish geek girl on geek girl hate would go away. Instead of destroying each other we should be building killer robots!
Jessica Mills @geekyjessica: @bonniegrrl @ActionChick @tara YES! Killer robots and TARDISes!! @GeekFurious: @tragedyman @TheCinementals Interestingly, we covered this topic in a recent podcast: 21 minute mark.
Pix. @Ruthico: Why hate on chicks? Fake geek boys aren’t better than fake geek girls? MT @ActionChick: Why girls? @tara
Don’t Call Me Gaga @kkjordan: @bonniegrrl @ActionChick @tara That’d be a better use of time and effort.
Christopher Daley @csdaley: @geekyjessica @ActionChick I don’t understand the constant need to check credentials. Male or female, nice is all I care about. #bangshead
Pix. @Ruthico: @bonniegrrl @ActionChick @tara Plus? Why are we caring so much about how people label themselves? How is it your business?
Nicolas Espinoza @Nick_Espinoza: @tara What? How it is possible that a guy can be a fake geek? 😛
Matt Smith @MattDrawsStuff: @tara Oh god I miss those old Sierra games, expecially the Quest for Glory series!
Fon Davis @Foncocreative: @geekyjessica @bonniegrrl @ActionChick @tara Did someone say Killer Robots?!… Oh wait I’m a boy…. I do have robots though.
Christopher Daley @csdaley: @geekyjessica @bonniegrrl @ActionChick I need a killer robot. I think someone has been stealing my rice krispie treats. @tara
Jessica Mills @geekyjessica: @Foncocreative @bonniegrrl @ActionChick @tara We’re an inclusive bunch. As long as you acknowledge us as your undisputed leaders. 😉
ZOO @PtrsonsZOO: @geekyjessica @bonniegrrl @ActionChick @tara That’s what Soylent Green was for, right?
Kiri Callaghan @KiriCallaghan: @bonniegrrl @ActionChick @tara …My brain shut off after ‘geek girl on geek girl’… Clearly a perverted 7th grade boy lives in my head.
Fon Davis @Foncocreative: @geekyjessica @bonniegrrl @ActionChick @tara NICE! Did I mention I have robots? 😛
Bruce Monach @FastAsBruceCan: @geekyjessica @ActionChick I just think it’s crazy how many people want to “expose posers” rather than share what they love.
Jessica Mills @geekyjessica: @Foncocreative @bonniegrrl @ActionChick @tara I’m doing my best Smithers. “Excellent…”
Kitty Kate @KittyKate19: Then all your base are belong to us #GeekGirls RT @geekyjessica: @bonniegrrl @ActionChick @tara YES! Killer robots and TARDISes!!
Greg D @GregRetiredNavy: I bet. 😉 #craziness
phant0mas @FANT0MAAS: @tara I just stopped caring but please commit me if the jocks that bullied me in highschool start playing dungeons & dragons
aaron cochran @HANNIBALPB81: that’s just stupid if I did that crap my grandma would come back and strangle me
Kevin Harmala @KHarmala: If geeky girls want to keep 1-up ing each other, the should just go play the “OG” Super Mario Bros. (test on character names)
Dale Vermont @DaleV34: Why do people have to prove who they are? It’s sad that some Feel a need to question another’s association
Sebastian Gordils @SebastianJoao: People still do that.
Wicked Julia @Wickedjulia: I prove my geek cred every time I open my mouth and boys think it’s sexy. get over it
Geek Girls Book Club @NikkiSticks: Agreed. It seems worse toward geek girls. Makes me sad to see.
Chris Murrin @ChrisMurrin: I don’t get that. It’s not like there’s a geek exam we have to pass to get our geek B.A. notwithstanding.
Ben Lagpacan @IslandIdeology: I’ve seen it really vicious on the geek girl side of things and unfortunately I don’t think it’s going away anytime soon
Fon Davis @Foncocreative: @geekyjessica @bonniegrrl @ActionChick @tara I’d rather Geek Girls take over than whoever is in charge now. Use my robots please.
David L Ennis @EnnisDL: @tara You have to ask why it’s believed fake geek girls exist. From SNL (yes, I know this is parody):…
GUMMY @DAREALGUMMY: It should be obvious who is genuine to any real geek.
Michael Gonzalez @mikegonzalez2k: non-geeks rip on geeks but they dont understand but geek to geek should at least show respect
Sally @sallysquee: I’d say girls ‘faking’ smart & interesting to get a boy trumps faking ditzy & shallow. But ‘why girls?’ was my 1st thought too.
Michael Gonzalez @mikegonzalez2k: Seriously though ppl, there is enough trouble with all the retards out there, we dont need to be fighting “our” kind
J.R.L. @quacktastic: Never understood Playing D&D 4 23yrs advide RPGer on PC & Xbox love comics & movies dont care if girl or gay r u fun? #Goodbyme
Kim Horcher @kimscorcher: YES. Girls get it the worst, and much more is expected to prove your “cred.” Why? Is it that trendy to self-proclaim geek?
Diana Moon @dianamoon: Agreed. I also hate being told if we’re not into the same pop fandoms, then we’re not true geeks.Happened to me w/not liking DW
Senthil Masilamani @smxp: There are elitist geeks now? Seriously? RT @kimscorcher: @ActionChick […] Why? Is it that trendy to self-proclaim geek? @GeekFurious: I’ve never questioned the geek cred of actual #geekgirls. Just the ones who are nothing more than image promoters.
Hannah Dibner @hdibner: RT @ActionChick: Tired long ago of seeing people rip into each other w “prove your geek cred or shut the hell up.” Gets especially vicio …
Michael Hayes @tragedyman: Are there fake geek boys? @GeekFurious: Would you defend the “geek cred” of those who haven’t earned it like you have? If so, why? I see it as leeching off hard work.
Brock Nicholson @BrockNicholson: @tara It makes me sad that the people who were taunted for not fitting the right label in HS are now doing the taunting.
Matthew Hyde @starmanjack43: Hard to watch those who were often outsiders at high school acting like they’re still there, only now thinking they’re on top!
Christy Cassius @christycassius: @tara lame
Bree @thisisbree: I hate the term “geek cred”. What does it even really mean? It’s extremely subjective.
Shane Leonard @Shane_For_Wax: Geeks of many flavors?
John Abramowitz @onthebird: I think of geekiness as like a religion. It’s personal, no one can define it for you. @GeekFurious
Mike S @TerrorCorner: “Geek” is a badge of honour these days meaning that you’re passionate and knowledge about your chosen interest. 🙂
Warren Benton @broken3wheeler: Awesome RT @ActionChick: I used to wonder, “Why do people keep calling me a geek girl? I’m an action movie blogger.”
Lee Parkes @lee_parkes: geek and nerd tweets FTW!
Kevin Harmala @KHarmala: Oh NO…. You’re the chick who takes names, stays quiet like a ninja and uses them to your will…. not theirs! AHHHHHH
Marti McKenna @MartiMcKenna: Remember when “geek cred” was a joke? People need to get over themselves. Stop pissing in corners…live and STFU.
Greg D @GregRetiredNavy: I like that better. 😉
Lee Parkes @lee_parkes: unless it’s form of arguement in which simple intelligence and understanding fails to show.
Rolo @ntvntv: “Geek Girl” rolls of the tounge, as does “Action Chick”, “Action Movie Blogger”, not so much.
Arturo R. Garcia @aboynamedart: I think your G4 vid w/the active cosplay elements bridged the gap for at least a few folks.
Jeff Turner @jtwebman: Roll with it, being geeky is cool now 🙂
Aaron Matthew Kaiser @aaronkaiser: now you wonder, “Why is this slowpoke in the Beamer not getting out of my way? I’m pointing an AK-47 at their tailpipe.”
Goonan @THEmikeMoonan: You are THE @ActionChick, when did Lethal Weapon or Die Hard become “geeky”? Just bc u have good taste doesn’t make u a geek. #doesit?
alejandro quintero @alexquintero121: so i got mad at this girl that asked for help to find a cute outfit for e2c2 then she said she was a nerd
Mike S @TerrorCorner: Also, those that go on and on about their “geek cred” are posers trying to be geeks. Those who are, don’t NEED to advertise it.
John Abramowitz @onthebird: “Girls aren’t gamers”? Tell that to my former-WoW-raid-leader girlfriend. @g4tv @aboynamedart
Steve @mtbsteve: The term “geek” by itself is fairly broad and inoffensive. But “geek girl” is much more (unfairly) limiting and stereotypical.
John Abramowitz @onthebird: Part 2, who I hooked up with over roleplaying games. @g4tv @aboynamedart
Mike Seidl @mikekarv: Probably because you mention comics every once and a while. I call myself a geek because I have no other accurate description.
Arturo R. Garcia @aboynamedart: Yeah, not surprised that happened. The deck was already stacked from decades of negative pop-culture portrayals of geekdom.
Victoria @scruffyrebel: @g4tv @aboynamedart it’s like a “rule” somewhere that if a woman is remotely attractive & into geek things – IT’S A LIE. Silly
Pix. @Ruthico: I don’t care if I’m a fake geek to other people, cos to me I’m the real thing and what I think is the only thing that matters.
Marielle @elfhybrid: it’s a damn shame that we STILL have to do those laps.
Arturo R. Garcia @aboynamedart: @scruffyrebel Which isn’t to excuse fans’ actions. But those mindsets didn’t just develop out of the blue. @ActionChick
Curicon @Curicon: @GeekFurious I’m quite taken with the idea of you defending geek honour, you could have a cool outfit 🙂
alejandro quintero @alexquintero121: but unfortunately she is one of those girls. They have the rest of the year to be skanks. Let us enjoy our convention
Arturo R. Garcia @aboynamedart: One theory: you’re not on TV promoting [x] property, along with a lengthy blogging/reporting career. More tangible “evidence.”
CandiedWalnuts(Band) @CandiedWalnuts: you got tagged “geek girl” because everyone was too lazy to create a new category to place you in.
Missy Quarry @chibi_missy: With her video about Lydia from Skyrim, @Nedopak was told that she wasn’t a real gamer, either, because she’s ENTIRELY too hot.
Kristen Nedopak @Nedopak: @chibi_missy @ActionChick Sigh. Every social group (and geeks are just that) will always have ppl who feel they make the rules.
Missy Quarry @chibi_missy: @Nedopak @ActionChick So. Dumb.
Kristen Nedopak @Nedopak: @chibi_missy @ActionChick And women will always be under attack for having too many likable aspects about them.
Kristen Nedopak @Nedopak: @chibi_missy @ActionChick best we can do is pay attention and appreciate those who see humans as UNIQUE creatures & ignore the haters! 🙂
Simone Davalos @MissySB: .@Foncocreative @geekyjessica @bonniegrrl @ActionChick Boys, girls, whatever, the important thing here is of course, robot world domination.
Missy Quarry @chibi_missy: @Nedopak @ActionChick Exactly. I was kind of upset by seeing the support some of my other fellow geekgirls were doing for that article today
Missy Quarry @chibi_missy: @Nedopak @ActionChick I don’t classify myself as a geek. I classify myself as passionate. Others can label me all they want. :3
Jesse Fehrenbacher @JTFehrenbacher: The people who say “you don’t have geek cred” are douchebags. There is no reasoning behind who they accuse of not having it.
Arwen O’Fandom @ArwenFandom: I like the term #Fandom @ActionChick the downside is fanATIC but I think of it as passion! (and step away from those who scare me)
Charles Sonnabend @csonnabend: Lots of action/sci-fi overlap. They’re just silly, meaningless labels although some obviously are proud of their geek status.
Mike S @TerrorCorner: if @bonniegrrl likes Star Wars crafts, I wonder if she’d enjoy Star Trek Origami- I used to have a book on it. 🙂
Gord McLeod @GordMcLeod: Should be encouraging “fake” geeks (whatever that means) as that’s more likely to nudge them over to being “real” geeks.
Gord McLeod @GordMcLeod: (Whatever “fake” and “real” mean in this debate.)
Gord McLeod @GordMcLeod: Even if it doesn’t, it helps spread geek culture. Maybe others who see them will see something they like and adopt it.
Lydia @misamille: @GordMcLeod @ActionChick that’s my goal. If I see a glimpse of it in them I try to nudge it over. Sometimes it works and other times not.
Acid42 @acid42: @GeekFurious isn’t the test called “high school?”
Steph Cortes @nerdJERK: @GordMcLeod @ActionChick Truth, yo. I started out as a fake geek, but now I’m getting better at embracing my nerdtasticness
Victoria @scruffyrebel: @GeekFurious If there were, I’m sure I’d ace some parts & fail others…would my scores cancel out & mean I’m not a geek?! HAHA
aaron cochran @HANNIBALPB81: Katrina you r who u r 4get lables geek action blogger ect you 1 hell of a lady period
Jose H. Sanchez Jr. @DSB_IV: I went to the late night pharmacy store that shall remain nameless and saw the peeps…I immediately thought of @ActionChick ‘s logo
Ryan Wilke @DarthCalibaba: how does one earn geek cred? When did we have to prove we enjoy “geeky” things? That’s my question? @GeekFurious @GeekFurious: @scruffyrebel @ActionChick I don’t do well on tests even if I had a good GPA. I just guess well.
Ms. RAY J @RAYJ829: @bonniegrrl or eaten the heart of a stallion 😉
Jimmy @Drakmarth: Urgh. I hate that mentality. Because games are a boys club, right?
Jim @j_hansson: @tara wtf!? So does it take hard work.or OCD to be a geek?:)
Missy Quarry @chibi_missy: And I hid my geek until my husband helped me flesh mine out. I still don’t think I’m a geek.
John Abramowitz @onthebird: I was born on Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday. I was meant to be a geek. IT WAS DESTINY. @GeekFurious
aaron cochran @HANNIBALPB81: that’s cool beging sick a lot with md as a child I embraced my nerd in hospitals when I was given comics
Alan Kistler @SizzlerKistler: I really don’t understand the “born geek” idea. Like we’re damn Jedi who won’t accept anyone who starts later than 8 years old.
Matt ‏ @unflinching: @ActionChick @tara I read the article. Can make a drinking game out of “husband” references
Nobody at all ‏ @WorkSuxAlot: @ActionChick I am late to last nights geek litmus. I am into many things..but not Uber on any. So I get left out
seth0et0holth ‏ @miscastdice: @ActionChick Retweeted from a Visual Kei fan. The “OMG KILL THE N00B” attitudes are almost as bad – few realize we were all n00bs once
Amanda ‏ @Scoop_adw: @ActionChick Geeks getting mad at “fake” geeks is like foodies getting mad at Sandra Lee. It’s silly and ultimately not worth it.
brad tee ‏ @notthatbrad: @ActionChick A geek has an obsession about something (comics, movies, sports, etc) that bleeds into their daily lives. You fit that 🙂
Marti McKenna ‏ @MartiMcKenna: @ActionChick @tara I just don’t get the judgy thing. Would never occur to me. I don’t see the threat. I assume we all belong.
Sean Murphy ‏ @PokeSean: @geekyjessica @actionchick I’m uncomfortable with this in general, what difference does it make if geek is mainstream?
Ruth ‏ @cthulhuchick: @actionchick @tara I read both pages & I agree. I don’t like that or Oswalt’s post. Why not accept any level of geekiness, even “posers”?
Ruth ‏ @cthulhuchick: @actionchick @tara That article is no better than a guy who tries to check my geek cred with knowing Lovecraft, D&D, etc.
Troy Pichelman ‏ @TroyP23: @tara I’m a guy, and thought I was a geek, but by your article, I’m pretty sure I don’t qualify… Casual Hobbiest here. Cc:@ActionChick
MartiMcKenna: If you want to call yourself a geek, who am I to deny you? Come on in–the water’s fine! #geekclusive @ActionChick @tara
Troy Pichelman ‏ @TroyP23: @ActionChick Thanks for doing what you do.
Marlene ‏ @ilikecomicstoo: @ActionChick I wish everyone thought as you do. ): Would save so many headaches and people wouldn’t feel as alienated.
Geoff Whiting ‏ @geoffreywhiting: @ActionChick Culture has shifted and she’s being cranky, same with Patton Oswalt (whom I’ve enjoyed since his grocery store show)
Geoff Whiting ‏ @geoffreywhiting: @ActionChick @tara She’s having her “Get off my lawn” momeent

Other public reactions on Twitter:
Christine Corbett @corbett_inc: @deanputney @tara for sure-I just disagree with calling out ladies for being faux geeks, pretty sure I would have gotten that, and I call bs:
Dean Putney @deanputney: @corbett_inc @tara Ahh, yes, I can see ladies getting a raw deal here. It’s not about gender for me, but core culture. Men do this too.
Christine Corbett @corbett_inc: @deanputney @tara I think we can agree that geek tourists are frustrating?
Dean Putney @deanputney: @corbett_inc @tara That’s been my point the whole time and I am really sad that gender issues have clouded our conversation so entirely.
Erica Allison @helloerica: @tara Wouldn’t a real geek not give a shit about any of that? They wouldn’t identify with so-called “geek culture.” They just do their thing
Erica Allison @helloerica: @tara Why would the “geek” label matter so much to people who are hanging out/collaborating/associating with people of similar interest?
Forbes Games @ForbesGames: Contributor @tara has a message for fake geek girls: “Go away.”
Ps360facepunch @Ps360facepunch: @ForbesGames @tara FORBES WHY ARE YOU SAYING SMART THINGS ALL THE TIME ALL OF THE SUDDEN
@tara How would the term “geek” make them more successful at what they do? I understand the business usage but not that part.
Mike Outmesguine @mikeout: Another gem from @tara on Forbes…
Lindsay Campbell @Lindsay0021: “Dig deep, dig to the roots, dig until you know things that other you admire in the subject matter dont know or cant do.” @tara @forbeswomen
Merci Victoria Grace @merci: Aw @tara that article makes me sad and takes me back to being the weirdo in school. Who are we to judge and say someone can’t be something?
Merci Victoria Grace @merci: @tara What do these girls ruin about being a geek for you? So much of the geek experience for me has been being an outcast.
DJ Larkin @aphexplotz: @helloerica @tara @sfposhy The whole girl geek fad is annoying, but fairly transparent. The posers don’t stand up to scrutiny.
Erica Allison @helloerica: @aphexplotz @tara @sfposhy Just like any trend, it will fade. If it introduces girls/women to the idea of being geeky, then that’s awesome.
Annamarie Jennings @MathiasJennings: @tara it’s also sad to me that geek glasses are in. I got made fun of for my geek glasses all through jr. high and high school! #CokeBottles
Merci Victoria Grace @merci: @tara Ah I guess I haven’t. I’m just worried that if “geek” authenticity becomes something that we determine about each other, we lose.
Merci Victoria Grace @merci: @tara But I’m probably just skittish about another thing that women tell each other not to/they can’t do. The world does that enough.
DJ Larkin @aphexplotz: @helloerica @tara I like the idea of making the culture acceptable. I’m not an exclusionist, I just want people to be legit.
DJ Larkin @aphexplotz: @tara The whole “expert” thing isn’t limited to women, either. I want to punch people through the internet who claim to be gaming experts
DJ Larkin @aphexplotz: @tara I think the article came across with what you wanted to say. Now if only the people who needed to read it, could actually read.
dedi @kweerious: @seanbonner @tara @ForbesWoman @snipy why focus fake geek ire on girls? Fair weather geeking
dedi @kweerious: @tara no they are included in spite of their lightweight-ness, that’s part of the problem. (unless exposed publicly and horribly)
Rich Barrett @RichcBarrett: Nice article by @tara about how the term “geek” has become meaningless. Dear Fake Geek Girls: Please Go Away
DJ Larkin @aphexplotz: @tara I think it’s an important endeavor. I’ve been interviewing for the last 3 years straight, and I barely see any female QA/programmers
Christian Sager @christiansager: @RichcBarrett @tara As someone who contributes to a “geek” site, I couldn’t agree more. Too much commodification.
DJ Larkin @aphexplotz: @tara When I was working for EA, same thing. Female artists/writers were normal, but were abnormal everywhere else. My whole team was dudes.
Merci Victoria Grace @merci: @tara I understood that from this thread, but I think the article was too general about posers and specific about what you lose to them.
Merci Victoria Grace @merci: @merci @tara Er, not specific enough. : -P
Martin Kool @mrtnkl: @tara played every sierra quest game twice? Instant follow! And for you: online memories at snipy @snipy: @tara as a painfully obsessive child grown into a still-too-focused-for-most-people’s-comfort woman, I straight-up loved the Forbes piece.
snipy @snipy: @tara thanks. I’m not sure the over-focus is always the best approach, but we work with what we’ve got, you know?
DJ Larkin @aphexplotz: @tara I’m not a sports gamer either, did core systems design (Class balance) on MMOs, but I’ll play most non sports/driving games.
thomas dunlap @spladow: @tara I’m usually right there with you, but I don’t understand why you would care that someone isn’t *really* a geek…
thomas dunlap @spladow: @tara or single girls out in the title.
thomas dunlap @spladow: @tara I can kind of see that, but the title also has “please go away” in it, which kind of sets the tone in that direction.
thomas dunlap @spladow: @tara I think it’s dangerous to make people worry about their bonafides when it’s something that should be interest based.
thomas dunlap @spladow: @tara especially since people already seem to have such an easy time dismissing girls from certain cultures for not diving deeply enough…
thomas dunlap @spladow: @tara when maybe they just are interested in different aspects of something
Erin Robbins O’Brien @TexasGirlErin: Hell effing yes: “Dear Fake Geek Girls, Please Go Away.” via @tara
thomas dunlap @spladow: @tara There’s a passage about identifying as a casual hobbyist as opposed to a geek. I think there’s some room between hobbyist and geek.
thomas dunlap @spladow: @tara and that it’s a lot of concern to avoid anyone who is probably a pretty obvious faker parading around in a costume to get on tv.
thomas dunlap @spladow: @tara I guess I focused more on the aspects that made it seem like you really wanted people to be more humble about their geek level.
Kara Murphy @karaemurphy: There are many reasons to admire the imitable @tara. This is merely one. Dear Fake Geek Girls, Please Go Away – Forbes:
Amy Higgins @amywhiggins: Nice post @tara -Fake Geek Girls suck. @ForbesWoman
thomas dunlap @spladow: @tara In all seriousness, I know you do a lot of good work. I just disagree with you here.
Amy Vernon @AmyVernon: Awesome piece RT @selfdeprecate: Dear Fake Geek Girls: Please Go Away – Forbes by @tara
Amy Higgins @amywhiggins: @tara @karaemurphy funny- I too remember when geek was a bad word. Waiting for dweeb to climb the social ladder : )
Meghan Casserly @Meg_Casserly: @tara @ForbesWoman i’ll take it!
Geek Girl Diva @geekgirldiva: @tara Appreciated you post. Understand the feeling. I used to get mad. My take now? Fake geeks tend to out themselves. Not my job to do it.
Meghan Casserly @Meg_Casserly: @tara teller ot truths and poser-destroyer sez, “Dear Fake Geek Girls: Please Go Away” – @Forbes
Sabrina Wigley @sabrigley: @tara Wow, this is now my favourite piece of writing from you. 1st time I’ve heard anyone talk about this—find it both weird & regrettable.
Grt read @tara: Fun? discussion regarding my post & whether I’m excluding people or encouraging people to be passionate
thomas dunlap @spladow: @tara no problem, I thought you were fine.
Sabrina Wigley @sabrigley: @tara From your headline it sounds like you think women/girls do this more? I’ve known guys who do this too : -\
Jessica @JessKalbarczyk: @tara Your article on @Forbes just rocked my world. Keep it moving! : -)
Henry Baker @henryJSB: @tara that article about “fake geeks” was absolutely terrible and I REALLY felt the need to @ you and tell you this.
Corinna Rake @RakeConsulting: COOL! RT @mombizcoach: RT @TimeOutMom – Welcome to our rockin panelists: @WeeHands @tara @larawellman #mombizmondays
Henry Baker @henryJSB: @tara at best it was horrendously pretentious and at worst deliberately elitist and exclusive for ridiculous reasons
Stella Orbit @stellaorbit: @tara @ForbesWoman I have a worn out copy of Get in the Van! Who knew? “Dear Fake Geek Girls: Please Go Away”
Hayley Harrison @HayleyEHarrison: So effing true. RT @ForbesGames: Contributor @tara has a message for fake geek girls: “Go away.”
Henry Baker @henryJSB: @tara it’s not an attack, I just feel very strongly about the article. I’m game for an email convo if you really want to
Henry Baker @henryJSB: @tara but I figured I wouldn’t even get a response honestly.
Nika Harper @RiotNikasaur: @tara Thanks for the interesting article today. I think I 90% agree, but this is not a new phenomenon. Trends will be trends.
Christian Sanz @csanz: @tara @feliciaday that’s a great article Tara
Sabrina Wigley @sabrigley: @tara The whole “I love science” trend, for one thing. Seems like some ppl proclaim that a little too loudly.
David Lee @davidly: @tara You are turning into a writing geek!
Dan Kaminsky @dakami: @tara excellent use of the letter k.
Melissa Contreras @MadMelvina: @tara You really hit a nerve then! Good work 😉
Jonas Studer @jonasstuder: @tara we get it. You were __ before __ was was cool. Why do you care so much about a term? Does it make u any less passionate?×150.jpg

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8 thoughts on “FORBES: Prove Your Geek Cred or Shut Up, Girls, Geek Cliques Don’t Want You Sitting at Their Table!

  1. GeekRebellion

    Forbes is capitalizing on the disgust/hurt a lot of us geek guys have felt at being played by certain “celebrity” type (Olivia Munn comes to mind). They adopt “geek Culture” to get famous, ride the wave, and then move on to other things totally abondonning everyone underneath them.

    There is no objective scale of geekery but there are a few telltale signs that someone is posing:

    They claim to know all about something (video games, Star Wars, etc.) but are hogtied when asked a question.

    They review video games/movies/insert-whatever-you-want-here but when you actually see them in that environment they’re totally out of their element (Olivia Munn trying to play pretty much any game on Attack of the Show)

    They make a big deal out of showing of fill-in-the-blank but it’s not really that revolutionary (Olivia Munn–again– tweeting picture of her laptop resting on her bed saying that proved she was a “geek”)

    And yes, it’s not really a gender thing but the number of female “fake geeks” to male geeks is almost laughable. Personally, I think Nathan Fillion has sort of jumped intot he role of a fake male geek and used that to his advantage. Sure he’s a nice guy and was in Firefly but I’ve not seen much else that proves he’s a geek.

    I think people are just focusing too much on hating everything because the Internet, talk radio, TV shows, etc. have all adopted this negative attitude as a way of “standing out” and building a a following. It makes those of us who are genuinely disturbed by some of these things look like posers.

    I dunno, reading this back I guess my major complaint here is that I hate Olivia Munn.

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  4. GeekFurious

    I get that some of the lady geeks feel this is an attack on them but I don’t see it that way at all. I have high respect (and preference) for geek girls who actually live, eat, breath, and create geek content. But those who deliver geek news and act-as-if to patronize the geek boys and their fantasy… yeah, I’m not going to pretend those ladies don’t exist.

    And I don’t know why some of the well respected geek girls are trying so hard to deflect from the fact that there are those who certainly fit the original article’s point of view. If you are a geek, don’t worry about it. No one is talking about you.

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  6. F.J


    take a look at Nathan Fillion’s twitter or utube him.

    Spot on about Olivia Munn. The author of ‘Suck it Wonderwoman: The misadventures of a HollyWood Geek’ once addressed Fillion as “Jason” right after introducing to the comic-con crowd – their “captain”.

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