You’re No Geek!

What a horrible thing to say! And yet…even if it shouldn’t, even if it’s utterly unfair, something comes to mind. Doesn’t it?

Tried to get your car to transform?

You’re not really a geek if you’ve never _____________.
Answers on twitter:
ashmeaboutit: gone to a midnight release of a Harry Potter book. lol.

Debated who shot first?

BKLYNPaula: memorized the lines to Neverending Story …borticusmaximus: … seen Han shoot first.
BunniculaGirl: You’re not really a geek if you’ve never worn your Spiderman undies while touching yourself….and thinking about Spiderman.
Cavatica: “…heard of Dungeons and Dragons?”
Clarketacular: If you’ve never argued who would win: Batman v Wolverine.
cpinerthegeek: yer not a true old school geek unless you agree Han shot first, and knew of a time when only Ewoks were hated
Dalanna23: if you’ve never built a fort, and pretended you were in your favorite movie.
Dalanna23: if you’ve never played a video game

Explained the difference between nerd, geek, & gamer?

DanDidiot: you’re not really a geek unless you’ve created a twitter account as a parody of a comic book industry member
Davisgrayson: Try to jump off the roof when you were a kid dressed as Superman? :)LOL
DennisDahMenace: Farted In Class Lol @ActionChick You’re not really a geek if you’ve never ___________. (It’s wrong & yet something probably comes to mind.)
EvlBert: banged a chick who was wearing a lt uhura outfit
J9Naimoli: “@ActionChick: You’re not really a geek if you’ve never attempted to build a circuit board FOR FUN.”
J9Naimoli: “@ActionChick: You’re not really a geek if you’ve never _quoted star wars_.
jdreamgeek: Stood in a line at midnight for SOMETHING.
johnhmaloney: Seen the original Star Wars Trilogy.

Quoted Star Wars?

Los2911: Never watched all 3 of the original Star Wars trilogy in a row.
NickBungay: Argued over the Luke/Leia/Han triangle
queenofmeh: Quoted Yoda.
RangerDutch: got turned on by an alien?
raptureistoday: if you’ve never hooked up at a Comic-Con
ravingsockmonky: argued with someone over a video game
renkris: …took a solid stance during a Kirk vs Picard debate.
RyanDM86: “You’re not really a geek if you’ve never…” [experienced someone make a comic convo irrationally personal.] 😉

Sworn "Frak!" and meant it?

saintpepsi: You’re not really a geek if you’ve never contemplated learning Klingon as a secondary language.
SpeedBrkr: You’re not really a geek if you’ve never built your own computer! @ActionChick #geeksunite
TehSmoshKidKris: Caught them all
theroseinbloom: there’s an answer: “gotten ridiculously enthusiastic over a show/movie/book/comic book/game/toy/whatever.”
toasterlicious: …cursed using a word from a sci-fi series. #FrakkityFrakFrak
trtx84: “…converted a Transformer to robot and back w/out needing instructions.”

Hugged a TARDIS?

Tweek_Robles: @ActionChick: Ur not a geek if u’ve never “heard of TARDIS, Dilithium Crystals, know who Wicket is or what a Social Network aggregator does”
Tweek_Robles: @ActionChick: Ur not a geek if u’ve never “Know the Konami Code, who Avi Lerner, Joel Silver & my hero’s Stan Winston & George Romero are!”
Tweek_Robles: @ActionChick: ur not really a geek if u’ve never “known about Azeroth, the Triforce, & what movie was adapted from ‘Nothing Lasts Forever!'”
Tweek_Robles: Ur not really a geek if u dont”think comics when u hear of the Golden Age or say Green Lanturn was orginally Black (He WASN’T)”
whalen_z: Temporarily quit a friendship over a “geek-spat” (Kirk/Picard, Staw Wars/LotR, Lethal Wapon/Die Hard) that went sour.

Argued over best Batman?

Wolveychops: argued over who played Batman the best.
zenfakor: whacked it to Xmen.
Answers on Facebook:
Alex Langley: Gotten a bug up your ass about someone else’s geek related question or comment?
Carter Friend: Had a long argument with someone over who shot first
Cristina Bogdan: ‎…wanted to kiss Jack Harkness. P.S. @David actually you should wish to be The Doctor, since Doctor Who is the name of the show, not his title. 😛
David Kelly: Wished you could be Doctor Who for a day so you could travel back in time and stop George Lucas from creating Jar Jar Binks
David Neal Pender: Went into a nuclear meltdown if you lose a character sheet.
David Nilson II: ‎@ Ryan…do you want a cookie!

Planned your year based on con dates?

Dwayne Bigblakd Jeffers: Go madly insane when you see a Nick on your action figure or a bent corner on your comic book.
Elizabeth Nelson: seen Firefly.
Gil Paulsen: Watched Firefly and then wish you were
Ivano Andromeda: Dated another geek.
Ivano Andromeda: Named your pet after a superhero.
James Howell: ‎…had to grab a bottle of lotion after visiting Action Chick’s Facebook page;)
Jason D Sousley: ‎…looked at Asoka Tano and wished she was a bit older.
Jenn Zuko: Rolled for initiative. Like, in real life.

Translated Klingon?

John Kisner: worn glasses with tape on them?
Kevin Cortez: wookie porn.
Kevin Cortez: ohwait
Luke Christopher Hennessy: Bought a tv brand that’s BUSH.
Marq Piocos: Seen Star Wars or are a Trekker
Michael Knightmage Wilson: Pretended that an empty Christmas paper tube was a lightsaber.
Michael Potter: WOW James. 🙂 …made lightsaber noises while swinging a broom.
Mike Goodell: Been pwnd! (Every g33k learns sometime)
Missy Quarry: I’m sorry, but a geek is defined by many different things, and everyone can be a geek in their own way. Saying one CAN’T be a geek if they haven’t done something is insulting to the person who thinks they are a geek, and makes you an elitist asshole.

Made your toys fight to the death? Recently?

Pride Turner: ‎…….played Dungeons and Dragons
Ray Smotherman: quoted Star Wars at an inappropriate time
Russell Pinkston: Gotten an action figure stuck somewhere you shouldn’t have?
Ryan Pominville: Watched all Six Star Wars movies in one day?
Sara Elizabeth Boozer: If you’ve never squealed like a six year old kid at the sight/mention of a geek celebrity…
Sara Elizabeth Boozer: Spent way too much $$ on toy merchandise from your favorite series
Shawn Deena: Read and watched LOTR, gone to comic book movies and fact checked the origin stories and been able to quote one line from Star Wars

Had this dream?

Tamela Ehlinger Nielsen: My question instead of answer – what constitutes ‘A Geek’ these days?
Tony Northrup: Kept your comics in plastic with cardboard backing & seal them up or never take your collectibles out of the box..a BIG NO NO!
Wernher Von Braun: Had two characters sex it up in a tabletop RPG.
Wildride Robert Roy: Bitten the head off a chicken. Oh, wait, that’s the original definition.

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5 thoughts on “You’re No Geek!

  1. kesseljunkie

    Speaks volumes about how, in a community that bristles at the thought of being judged, how judgmental they are in turn on their own members. Missy Quarry hits it on the head.

  2. cpinerthegeek

    It just shows how in the old days, you had nerds vs jocks. Geeks and nerds unite, and now we have the haters both from outside and within. The outside haters are one thing, they just poke fun at what they don’t like. The ones from within are either those who think they are better than others, or ones who try to deny where their roots are from. To borrow and tweak something from a nice little show called “Firefly”: “We are geek and nerds. We are family, and we are friends. And that is what makes us mighty.”

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