Oh, You Sexy Geek! Our 2011 SDCC Panel

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It seems like nerd/geek girls have been a hot topic lately between websites posting opinions on how celebrity women “pander” to men by faking their nerdiness and discussing how women dressing in scantily clad costumes are anti-feminist. Well, I’ve put together a dynamite group of talented ladies and gentleman to discuss all of this and more. Don’t miss it!

What would YOU like me to ask these panelists?

When: Thursday, 7/21. 10:45-11:45 a.m.
Where: San Diego Comic-Con, Convention Center Room 6A.
What: Convention panel.
Why: That’s a long answer, story for another day.

Exactly What: Does displaying the sexiness of fangirls benefit or demean them? When geek girls show off, are they liberating themselves or pandering to men? Do some “fake fangirls” blend sex appeal with nerdiness just to appeal to the growing geek/nerd market, or is that question itself unfair? How about sexy fanboys? And what’s up with all the Slave Leias? The Action Flick Chick asks these great panelists whether fans can be sexy and geeky at the same time – and if they should!


War Chief: Katrina Hill (@ActionChick)
Alias: Kat Hill, Action Flick Chick.
Previous Panel: Where Are the Action Chicks?
Achievement Unlocked: Next Woman of the Web
Sightings: Wired, io9, BusyGamer, PoP!
Adrianne Curry (@AdrianneCurry)
Previous Panel: Where Are the Action Chicks?
Achievement Unlocked: America’s Next Top Model
Achievements Judged: Judge on The Tester
Relevant Controversy: FilmDrunk’s “Pandering” Video
Bonnie Burton (@BonnieGrrl)
Base of Operations: Grrl.com
Books: The Star Wars Craft Book; Girls Against Girls
Previous Panel: Geek Girls Exist
Relevant Debate: “Fangirl Furor…”
Interview: “Cosplay or Can’t Play”
Clare Grant (@ClareGrant)
Affiliation: Team Unicorn
Achievement Unlocked: Best Online Video Award
Relevant Controversy: “Fangirl Furor…”
Interview: “G33k & G4m3r Girls 1 Million Views”
Kiala Kazebee (@Kiala)
Base of Operations: Nerdist.com
Previous Panel: Geek Girls Exist
Relevant Debate: “Fangirl Furor…”
Clare Kramer (@ClareKramer)
Alias: Glory Glorificus
Base of Operations: Clare Kramer Online
Previous Panel: Where Are the Action Chicks?
Achievement Unlocked: Killed Buffy.
Jill Pantozzi (@TheNerdyBird)
Base of Operations: TheNerdyBird.com
Previous Panels: Action Chicks?; Geek Girls Exist
Relevant Controversy: Boobgate
Jennifer K. Stuller (@InkAmazon)
Book: Ink-Stained Amazons & Cinematic Warriors
Previous Panel: Where Are the Action Chicks?
Relevant Post: “Anthem? Or Geek Girls Gone Wild?”
Chris Gore (@ThatChrisGore)
Base of Operations: G4TV’s Attack of the Show!
Book: Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide
Photos He Says Got Him on the Panel: “Does This Make Me Look Gay?”

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And that night, my friends are having a party, the 2nd Annual SDCC Geek-Out.
Geek Girls Network has info and need sponsors.

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