#FFF Fake Fangirl Friday: Geek Girls Exist! Do Fake Geek Girls Exist Too? Is It Fair to Ask?

ActionChick: Do some “fake fangirls” blend sex appeal & nerdiness just to appeal to growing geek/nerd market? Is that question unfair?

ah_bbb: Just like grey is the new black – geek is the new hip. So pretending to be geek isnโ€™t as off center as 20 years ago.
AKincaid87: Being geeky is trendy; you’re bound to have a ton of tend seekers jump on the band wagon.
allhailbatgirl: I think it’s unfair, there’s no checklist/litmus test for being a real geek. Girls must prove their geekiness and guys don’t?
Aquayonex: it is absolutely fair and very true.
azpancake: we’re at the age now where they learned it from their moms… The offspring of 80’s nerds are adults now… BRW_549: Long answer: Too long for Twitter, Short answer: YES! I think that that question is fair.
Clarketacular: They totally do, and I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong, but I do lose appreciation for them when I find out.
clumsycoyote: it’s not necessarily unfair. If you’ve thought to question it, then it’s probably fair to ask… right?
DaveDwonch: i think it’s fair and not untrue.
edibleeats: fake fan girls and boys? Explain? What’s the motivation to fake?
elfhybrid: Fake fangirls? Enlighten me please? I’ve never even heard of such a thing :O
elmoTK: @Keeba13 @ActionChick physically? ๐Ÿ˜›
EoghannIrving: Probably some do. I think it’s not so much is the question unfair as does it matter and if so why?
EsotericInWhite: How does one assign girls geek ‘cred’? Being attractive seems to knock them down several notches.
futuremonkey: “geek/nerd” market is the same as ever; marketing is the only thing that changes, and Bill Hicks was right about marketers.
gmg523: @ActionChick This is a great question. I think some girls pretend to like video games just for attention. Gives the real ones a bad rep!
HRHLadyN: Maybe it’s evolution?
IAreGeek: Yes to the first question. No to the second question.
ircarter: First Q Yes, second Q No. Geeks are cool now, there’s money in that.
JamieSWB: I think that’s a perfectly valid and uncynical question. Works though doesn’t it?!
Jstarbuck2: don’t know. Don’t care. More girls for us ๐Ÿ™‚
Keeba13: Example: @AdrianneCurry gets judged fake cause she’s hot, she = nerd hot or not. HOWEVER that doesn’t mean fakers don’t exist.
Keeba13: It’s not unfair at all. In fact I think many do… What is unfair though is to judge someone as “fake” before you know 4 a fact
Keeba13: Example 2:I haven’t seen @oliviamunn say one geeky thing since she moved on from @aots #StillNotGonnaJudge #ButStill #
AmerginsHead: Ya, Olivia Munn comes to mind. No, boy bands do it do it to sell records.
GeekyGeekyWays: Clearly you’ve never seen Olivia Munn.
ActionChick: In person actually. In the @G4TV studio.
GeekyGeekyWays My God! that didn’t create some kind of matter/anti-matter explosion?
GeekyGeekyWays: She may be a real geek girl but she’s always struck me as incredibly phony. #YourMileageMayVary
KilltheFLOWER: I can agree with that. Since being nerdy or tatted up became kool all females are trying to impress
MandyBu: I don’t think it’s an unfair question. Whether or not to say “fake fangirl” is the real issue. If you can market yourself using sex appeal or whatever, there is always a target audience. If you enjoy geeky things & you want to create that community then by all means, do so.
Marissa_Murphy: yes they do! That question is completely legit, although I think these girls exist in other places that are dominated by males
MeCcAFeTT: well I’m 150% #starwars fan and I’m sexxxy! And I do like others but I won’t lie, star wars is my fave!
mklopez: not an unfair question, and if some of those fangirls are faking sexiness, I dont want to know ๐Ÿ˜‰
mojomanjim: That is an interesting question… are you going to do an article on that?
ActionChick: It’s 1 of our Comic-Con panel questions. RT @mojomanjim interesting question… are you going to do an article on that?
moviesbybowes: Is it even relevant? Does publicly embracing geek culture not, ipso facto, constitute geekdom? Is appearance not reality? #nerd
NicholleSoft: Good god no that question isn’t unfair. Granted now there is a certain stereotype to how a “nerd” should look or act but still pretending to be interested in usual geek/nerd/gamer/otaku things.
NicholleSoft: there are clearly some girls who under any other circumstances wouldn’t get the attention that get now for appealing to men by
Queenchihuahua: … Whores try 2 infiltrate every clique. Nerds & Geeks B warned.
queenofmeh: Interesting question…lets discuss!RT @ActionChick Do some “fake fangirls” blend sex appeal & nerdiness jusโ€ฆ (cont) http://deck.ly/~JfwvJ
RedHauteMama: I’m just glad the nerd/geek market is growing!
renesugar: Over simplified. You also have those like @JeriLRyan who like science but don’t want to date it. http://t.co/9HRs1za
robkixx: No its not,just dont like fake people. Preach it I have your back.
SanFranciscoBA: Not unfair, just unnecessary.
Saturnmavi: I don’t know if it’s unfair, but I DO know that there are some girls that’d do ANYTHING for attention… :/
simplyjc2: are you saying sexy girls pretend to like nerdy things so that they can get with a nerd? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
sithlords1: @ActionChick it’s not an unfair but a justifiable question with the increasing number of female geeks outing themselves now sparklej: short answers: yes and yes.
stevapalooza: I’m sure some do. Every trend has its bandwagon jumpers
tragedyman: @ActionChick I’d say it’s a valid question.
urabore: @ActionChick RE: “Fake Fangirls”. Everyone needs “groupies” especially geek/nerds, fake, or otherwise. USS_Stalwart: With Emma Frost now in the cosplay rotation who cares (@ActionChick) Is that question unfair?
wowdominia: Not an unfair question. It’s even happening in the WWE w/ the new Diva AJ. Pushing her as a hot gaming/geek/nerd chick.
writerary: Pretty legit question and I see it all the time. Really annoying.
donbcivil: @allhailbatgirl @ActionChick @kwallpolin I suggest treating anyone asking about “real” geek girls as the idiot they are. Signed, a geek guy
jess_sievers: @ActionChick I may not have tremendous amounts of geek cred, but the geekness I have sure isn’t fake. And I’m a girl.
mariancall: @ActionChick But as for YOUR question, I think it’s fair to ask & discuss. We shouldn’t be held to a higher burden of proof than guys…
mariancall: @ActionChick but every geek guy knows there are women selling them on sex appeal because they’re an emerging market. It should be discussed.
mariancall: @actionchick I think there are so-called Booth Babes around the nerd scene, but given a few minutes’ conversation they reveal themselves.
scooterchicken: @mariancall I think there are two types of males who attend cons. Basement dwellers and mature geeks. The BBabes are there for the former. I fall into the later. A woman who looks like Joe Mad drew her is not impressive. Maybe I’m just odd.

Arturo R. Garcia: It’s unfair to limit the question to women. As geek-media properties increase in popularity and profitability, though, it’s not unreasonable to suggest that actors – male and female – are more frequently coached to describe themselves as geeks in order to seem “relatable.”
Greg Burton: totally unfair as a broad brush. The question reflects the same tired stereotype – cute girls can’t be geeks. It’s typically asked by the same people who want to gender-divide toys as “appropriate”
Charles Piner: And the problem with the fakes is that it causes people to question legitimate geeks and nerds no matter what they are into or how much they are into it. It’s not an unfair question at all, matter of fact I get people questioning my own geekness just cause I don’t own as much as someone else. I stand proud of who I am, as should we all.
Mark Espinosa: Free morale boost. Nobody to somebody in 20 seconds flat. Not gender specific. But, men so obviously falter around the sight of skin and dork.
Rey MacTavish: You mean like Olivia Munn, maybe?! Nothing like rising to celeb status on the back of horny Uber-Geeks….LMMFAO
Alex Langley: Sure, but honestly, us nerds should be flattered. Years ago, guys would hide their nerdy interests so that the hot girls would be interested in them. Now some hot girls pretend to be into nerdy stuff so that they seem cooler, and there are guys who get offended at this? Get over it.
Gil Paulsen: Of course but assholes act sensitive to appeal to women , so not a big deal
Arturo R. Garcia: It’s interesting how people criticize Munn, but not the writers/producers who script those situations for her.
Don Baldwin: Unfair question. Some geek girls mix in sexiness; others don’t. It’s a tempest in a teapot to worry about it. And nerd dudes (and dudettes) who worry excessively about it really are exposing their own unworthiness of the geek title. ๐Ÿ™‚
Don Baldwin: You know I’m not criticizing you with that but some of the people on twitter we’ve both seen…
Michael Potter: if they’re dressed like a ninja school gir and talking about the coolest episode of Airwolf they’ve ever seen, then they can slip past any security.l
TJSlipperman: I’ve actually had a run-in with a few ‘fake fangirls’, myself…you might find them on my Twitter “Jerks” list #FFF
DrSideSteppin: Yes, they exist and it’s a fair question. But if a hot girl is pretending to be a fan to impress someone like me, I don’t care.
fabflyingfox: In the gamer girl group I’m in, fakes are frustrating. They won’t contribute unless it’s through modeling. #HowIKnow
LordZalzer: They exist and can be quite annoying, but luckily its often easy to tell a true Geek Girl from a fake
WillTurc: If that’s true I’m a bit upset. Geek girls have been uncool for so long it is only fair that they should bask in the coolness.. I hate the fact that fakers are trying to steal the geek girls thunder. #LiveOnYourOwnMerits
em_cooper: O_O
to_paraphrase: do you think the increased use of “booth babes” at cons & such has anything to do w/the increased popularity of this question? also, while I can understand the frustration an “attractive” #geekgirl may have about proving she’s a geek, it’s also equally frustrating that I’m a more believable geek solely because I’m fat and ugly.

ActionChick: Several tweeps asked: Why all the talk about “fake fangirls” – where’s the outage over “fake fanboys”?

aemckay: @TheNerdyBird @ActionChick The world needs more women who love comics!
borticusmaximus: I imagine some are. I also imagine being “trapped” on Themiscyra. So… I’m probably not much help.
borticusmaximus: I think there’s enough nerdrage in the pot for pretenders of all types, stripes and genders.
Cameron2A: I used to think I was a “geek” but I’m not sure I am cool enough to be what it morphed into these days ๐Ÿ˜›
CapSteveRogers: I am a fake fanboy. #GeekyAdmissions
RevancheGS: if we pinched you, your underlayer would be real boy? RT @CapSteveRogers: @ActionChick I am a fake fanboy.
cheesehead1976: More importantly, what
elfhybrid: who started this whole “fake fangirls” debate anyway- and _why_?
ElmntsofMadness: @ActionChick maybe it’s me, but having grown up w/ the stigma of being a fanboy, but it doesn’t seem like something a lot of guys would fake
EnnisDL: Do fake fanboys exist?
EsotericInWhite: No one WANTS to be a fanboy…
Friendlessone: a male coworker was wearing a Green Lantern shirt but revealed he didn’t even know the characters name. ๐Ÿ™ #fakefanboys
Friendlessone: for a minute I thought I had someone at work to talk comics with. #Sad #fakefanboys
geniusnowblog: must deny that they exist, and evolve into ostriches to protect objectification and privilege. /endrant
geniusnowblog: same reason a cyclist in NYC threatened for ticketing cause she was wearing a skirt? Smart, attractive women scare the culture.
hawke_CR: @NerdRage42 sorry, that’s not accurate. Has nothing to do with ridicule. Simply put, geekdom an exclusive club, be legit
JHDuesing: Guys are always trying to prove their dominance in what they obsess over. Film, music, comic geeks, all want to be alpha geek
jonathanhilluk: I have silenced anyone who threatened to out me. Oh yes.
kallisti_x:ย  …guys aren’t as good at faking it as women are?
katiedoyle: Honestly, I’m sick to death of the issue. People need to stop pretending and pandering-don’t care who the f you are.
Marsia: fake fanboys & fangirls r the cool kids who crashed #sdcc last year hoping 2 swim in our geekpool Even red shirts made fun them
NerdRage42: @allhailbatgirl Geek guys tend to not want to be ridiculed by girls, geek or not-They want u to prove u understand their plight
Nick_Espinoza: Actually geek guys are always proving their geekiness to each other.
Nightfly_69: I think that outrage is mostly reserved for boys who’re faux Twi-hards ๐Ÿ™‚
SizzlerKistler:ย  That was what I asked after the “pandering” video montage. Like male actors never fake it? ๐Ÿ˜›
the fake orgasms? —Nevermind, totally different discussion.
thejillthompson: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fake fanboy! #alltooreal
TommyECash: The only people I ever see debating whether or not there are geeky girls are geeky girls.
tragedyman: Where are the fake fanboys? Not challenging you, just curious.
wyatt_e: Here’s a parallel that just occurred to me. The attractive female sports reporter that “doesn’t really know the game”…
sparklej: @wyatt_e but the female sports reporter can’t be on TV if she isn’t hot.

ActionChick: Some say geek girls aren’t real. Some others ask, “Why do those chicks keep saying, ‘geek girls exist’?”

AmerginsHead: @ActionChick Old pardigms that ‘geeks can’t get get layed’ are hard to shake. As is “Girls only like shopping.”
ashleylynch: @ActionChick I’ve heard the opposite too — are attractive girls just exploiting geek culture to seem accessable and gain celebrity?
BrandyAnna13: @ActionChick As a childhood nerd, most of us are still dorks-at-heart, which w/ or w/o good looks, makes us down-to-earth and that is sexy.
CitizenBorrego: @ActionChick I should know for sure–I met my wife at GameStop when she took my reservation for the 1st Gears of War:)
clackclickbang: @ActionChick I know a couple of ‘geek girls’ at the roleplaying club I attend. I’m fairly certain they’re real…
EoghannIrving: @ActionChick Clearly most fangirls are genuine. I am very cynical about the direction of the “Geek Grrl” trend though.
EoghannIrving: @ActionChick Personally I find it interesting that there’s a perceived need to be “geek girls” rather than just geeks.
geniusnowblog:ย  better question re:fake fangirls – is it unfair that some women have both brains and looks? (A: not to anyone with a clue.)
hawke_CR: @ActionChick geek girls exist. I’m dating one, she’s a pure geek and smokin hot too.
Heidi_The_Hotti: @ActionChick one night I rattled off a whole list of things geek girls do. It was hilarious. You would probably like this one the best –
Heidi_The_Hotti: @ActionChick We exist, we even have a club #TeamNerdAssHunter
Heidi_The_Hotti: @ActionChick When her comic collection is bigger than yours & she won’t let you remove them from the sleeves #TeamNerdAssHunter
jayep01: @ActionChick Not unfair & I believe is true. Some people r always looking 4 next trend 2 be popular at. But, as a guy, what do I know?
kwallpolin: @ActionChick get back to me when people start asking if there are “fake fanboys”. Fannish spaces, why so misogynist?
Marsia: Farscape fandom approx 75% female. Try telling those ladies they don’t exist
NemiahFelipe3: @ActionChick In reality, despite claims to contrary, people don’t want to claim total capacity for equality exist, thus geek girls get shaft
sparklej: @ActionChick in every scene there will be fake people going along for the ride. Or who are only momentarily ineterested as a passing fad.
sparklej: @ActionChick since geek stuff is becoming more mainstream it’s more open to being a fad for some ppl. Just like every other cultural thing.
sparklej: @ActionChick some women like geeky things. Some don’t. Just like men do. *gasp* women are people and have preferences, too!
sparklej: @theroseinbloom @actionchick there are women who do that, just not all of us all the time. I do sometimes, but not everything.
theroseinbloom: @sparklej @actionchick GASP! and not everything we do is aimed at eliciting a response from men!
thetopdave: @ActionChick (Some others ask, “Why do those chicks keep saying, ‘geek girls exist’?”) Well your living proof – truth to the rumor
timmysutton: @ActionChick geeks are A sexual?
WriterCrafter: @ActionChick *pokes self* Yup, geek girls are real, at least for a value of one.

GVallaris: @ActionChick ever been to a comic convention? That’s all that’s there
ActionChick: ALL? re “fake fangirls”
cthulhuchick: @ActionChick why on earth would a fake fangirl WANT to go to a Con? I’m only going because I’m interested.
Ragnell: @ActionChick @GVallaris Wow, that’s bullshit.
samc218: @ActionChick I love the idea that women would pay money and spend all day at a con just to pretend to be fans. Because that makes sense.
GVallaris: @ActionChick well in fairness I’ve only been to Toronto cons,but I know lots of hot girls pretending to love anime and dressing up for nerds
Shane_For_Wax: @ActionChick I’m going to Dragon*Con and I’m not a fake fangirl.
to_paraphrase: @ActionChick ALL fangirls at cons are fake? I would have to dispute that with the tweet I just posted – so not a faker here. #geekgirl
JediRacer8: @ActionChick Definitely some fakes at cons, models at some booths who know nothing of genre. But most girls at cons at geeks.
NicoleWakelin: @ActionChick @gvallaris What? They’re all fake just because they’re at a con? Explain that..says real fangirl who goes to cons.
Ragnell: Hey guys… objective view on the sexism and passive-aggressiveness of the last retweet? Am I overreacting?
GVallaris: @NicoleWakelin @actionchick yes, the girls that I talk to at Toronto cons, 9 of 10 say they don’t care for anime or comics, like the clothes
GVallaris: @Ragnell ok rag (how apropos) I failed to add Toronto to my original tweet between @ActionChick and me. So sorry your insecurity caught it.
NicoleWakelin: @GVallaris Curious, what makes you determine they’re “fake”? Is it what they say or do?
Ragnell: @GVallaris @actionchick I mean, you realize people justify harassment at conventions by assuming cosplayers just want male attention?
Ragnell: @GVallaris @actionchick Don’t you feel a little bad about adding to that? With your extremely limited anecdotal evidence?
GVallaris: @NicoleWakelin @actionchick what they say, walking up to my booth, and I ask about their costumes – ‘oh I don’t know, just like dressing up’
GVallaris: @Ragnell @actionchick Look, I have an opinion, I’m sharing it, why are you so combative that you can’t let one persons opinion go?
Ragnell: @GVallaris Oh, I’m from an ethnic/hometown/occupational background that encourages confrontation. Also, I hate generalizations
NicoleWakelin: @GVallaris Okay, reasonable then, but you really find more like that than genuine? This surprises. Opposite of my experiences.
Ragnell: @GVallaris @actionchick But it’s a deeply offensive opinion, and one that reinforces sexist attitudes about who is a genuine fan.
sparklej: @ActionChick oaky now that’s unfair. I go to cons bc I love it. New stuff to see and squee over and I love cosplay.
GVallaris: @Ragnell @actionchick have you ever been to a Toronto comic con?
GVallaris: @ActionChick @kez_darksun yup yup. I’m not saying pretty nerd girls don’t exist somewhere, but more often than not they are fake.
Ragnell: @GVallaris @actionchick Because you just said that they are either not beautiful, or they don’t pass the Geek Purity Test.
Ragnell: @GVallaris @actionchick And I’m telling you just made a blanket insult of all the girls who attend Toronto comic con. You really should quit
GVallaris: @Ragnell @actionchick in my experience, ragnell. I’m not exactly a world traveller, just telling you my opinion of Toronto comic con.
Ragnell: @GVallaris @actionchick I know a few women from Toronto who would probably take great offense to your statement, then.
GVallaris: @Ragnell @actionchick no, I’m talking about the ones I do talk to, I have had a booth at Toronto comic con for years now.
Ragnell: .@GVallaris @actionchick You don’t find it hard to believe someone can build the Ivan Reis Star Sapphire design in 2008 & NOT be a meganerd?
NicoleWakelin: @Kez_Darksun @actionchick @gvallaris Mmm, possible. I’d like to see an explanation otherwise, we shall see.
Ragnell: @GVallaris @actionchick Wow, that’s solely based on anecdotal evidence and incredibly judgmental of women you see but don’t talk to.
Kez_Darksun: @NicoleWakelin @ActionChick @gvallaris Hopefully that’s just a reply trolling for an outraged response. If not… *shakes head*
GVallaris: @Ragnell @actionchick sorry, in my experience, never met a beautiful girl to also be a mega nerd. Hot girls aren’t exposed to the culture
TheBradMartin: The whole fake fangirl/boy argument is tiresome. Being a geek is supposed to be a fun thing, not a bloody religious battle.
missemmamm: whole fake fangirl conversation is reminding me of when I 1st met Bruce Campbell @ a signing (cont) http://tl.gd/b236f4

ActionChick: Parking attendant asked how guys in my car dragged me to @DallasComicCon. I told him no, I dragged them. PA looked baffled.

borticusmaximus: Silly ActionChick. Girls don’t willingly go to Cons. And they certainly don’t enjoy it!
chiefted: Oy! *shakes head in disbelief*
Clarketacular: The only thing that baffles me about it is why you would have to drag guys anywhere!
frankj2k9: too funny.
HireHeather: You should have just looked really offended and said “Do you KNOW who I am?” and walked away.
JohnCStroud: Alley Oop!
jonathanhilluk: They just don’t get it, do they?
jonathanhilluk: @TheNerdyBird @ActionChick It might take a while, but with you two and the many other ladies, those attitudes will become far less common
mandy302: @DallasComicCon use smaller words, maybe they’ll get it than, or a pie chart?
NerdRage42: @ActionChick @allhailbatgirl unfortunate that we geek girls are under fire for our geek cred. I am geekier & more awkward than most guys… yet I have to over prove CONSTANTLY!
Pat_M514: “Action Chick forgive them, for they know not what they do” – ActionChick 23:34
RangerDutch: #nerdgirlsarehot RT @ActionChick Parking attendant asked how guys in my car dragged me to @DallasComicCon. I told him no, I dragged them
RAYJ829: @TheNerdyBird @ActionChick LOL people are shocked to hear that hubby started playing WoW because I played & not vice versa lol…
RevancheGS: My own newer friends are surprised when they find out I’m the geek in the relationship. My guy only geeks for me.
RevancheGS: so if your underlayer is just real boy underneath? ๐Ÿ˜€ @CapeSteveRogers
SizzlerKistler: It honestly baffles me how guys are still surprised by this. Do they not watch TV or the internet at least? @TheNerdyBird
SOUTHfellini: Ha!
TheNerdyBird:ย  Ugh. And THAT is why we still pronounce ourselves Geek Girls…
thisisbree: People never cease to amaze me with how clueless they can be.
wyatt_e: What a jerk. Is that a variation on “What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?”

joethestampede: The only way to truly tell a real from a fake is to drop them in a con and see if they run screaming. ah_bbb: I thought the Geek Test was the sniff test…:)
BarryHollifield: For real.
BKSalmon: People like what they like, and if they lie about liking something, who cares? Doesn’t affect me either way.
BKSalmon: This geek test stuff is lame. I love comics and sci-fi but I also love weight lifting and 4x4ing. Pidgeon holing is pointless.
bwitchdkitty: is that into it or away from it?
CoriSeaSinger: What if they run squeeing?
futuremonkey: At risk of seeming far more indignant than I actually am, doesn’t “geek test” seem a bit demeaning?
GeekWingNet: WIN RT: The Geek Test RT: way to truly tell real from fake is drop them in a con & see if they run screaming
IAreGeek: Geek has nothing to do with cons or this or that and everything to do with passion.
jayep01: Must geek/nerd be defined? D&D, cosplaying, LARP, sci-fi, comics, video games, action, electronics, cars? What draws the line?
kristenmchugh22: @rvgenaille: I think it’s meant as a test of milieu, and not in a privileged way, but. . . yeah.
MechaPotato: yeah
melme: Sex aside, the whole “real” fan question is ridiculous. Who gets to decide what constitutes real vs faking it?
mrhogan: I’m going to ask the 1st one I meet 2 marry me.
NicoleWakelin: Well where are they running? Away, or to a Dr. Who panel with Matt Smith?
NoesAttic: @ActionChick. @nerdrage42 brings up a gOod point.
NoesAttic: @ActionChick not too sure about the proving part I’m more inclined to believe the just understanding http://myloc.me/kJbvS
Pegaso_Saint: well, i got a ton of comics and nerdy stuff yet I don’t like going to cons…I don’t think that makes me less geeky, right?:)
Phungus_Amongus: or ask them to tell you what mmorpg stands for.
rvgenaille: Sort of implies only those that can afford it get to be geeks. Never been to a con, none ever been to my region
spicypixi: @melme: answer: jealous assholes with a vendetta?
WorkSuxAlot: The Geek Test “I’m pleased that you want to come back to my room, but you failed the Geek Test” #WordsNeverSaidAtACon

hawke_CR: @NerdRage42 @actionchick if you honestly don’t understand the concept of geekdom being an exclusive club, then a geek you are not.
NerdRage42: @hawke_CR @actionchick you can’t possibly know everyones likes in geekdom. But as a geek girl, I’m challenged & mocked if I don’t know WOW.

sparklej: are less attractive geek girls are more accepted as geeks than their hotter counterparts?
aboynamedart: @sparklej I’d say “less attractive” is generally a unisex geek default.
AngryTroll: I’m sure lots of fake fan boys exist, hoping to get in to the Sausage fest parties that talk about Lord Of The Rings
ElmntsofMadness: not that I suspect girls of faking it either.
ashcrow: I don’t think so. Geekness is about actual brains, attractiveness is not part of it.
Blue_Rose_: @sparklej @ActionChick In a word, yes. The rest of us get told we “don’t look like geeks.”
Clarketacular: @melme @actionchick er, if you claim you are a person who watches or enjoys something outside your show, and you don’t, That’s faking it.
Clarketacular: @sparklej @actionchick …the desire to hurt is truly appalling. So I’d say it’s like a double dose of geek from the cruelty leveled @ them.
Clarketacular: @sparklej @actionchick I don’t know that, but I’ve seen some really vicious insults aimed at geek girls considered unattractive…
EastDallasAlice: Re: parallel sports reporter tweet. I bet u have had more action in the last month than he has had
EoghannIrving: Short version, if you’re that worried about who is or isn’t a geek. You’re missing the point. ๐Ÿ˜‰
GeekyGeekyWays: Yeah. Geek and faux geek grrls? ๐Ÿ˜‰
GeekyLyndsay: usually, you’re assumed to be a girlfriend no matter how nerdy you are being at any given time.
GeekyLyndsay: while male geeks do prove their geekiness to each other, it’s harder for a geek lady to be believed and accepted.
hawke_CR: how bout geek daddy pride? 4yo dau nd I played lego star wars last night, first gaming experience as dad/dau so proud
hawke_CR: @NerdRage42 @actionchick I can tell your a geek, the debate here is about
IncredibleELMOE: @sparklej @actionchick are less attractive geek girls are more accepted as geeks than their hotter counterparts? i think so.justnot dateable
Juan29zapata: Kinda. Can’t a pretty girl like videogames or comics?
queenofmeh: Great question!
is a rating of how geeky one can be. shouldn’t geekness transcend looks?
ah_bbb: @melme @ActionChick The Star Trek fans have mired themselves in that exact issue – who was the truest fans – trekkie vs trekker30 minutes agovia webin reply to melme
porn stars pretending to be geeks to get geekboys to spend $$
RangerDutch: NO! RT @ActionChick: RT @sparklej: are less attractive geek girls are more accepted as geeks than their hotter counterparts?
science_mcgee: @sparklej @actionchick well, I would hope that’s not true for everyone. maybe we can just enjoy
sparklej: @science_mcgee @actionchick exactly, but not when everything women do involves their attractiveness to men.
sultryminxzoe: @aboynamedart @ActionChick @sparklej I leave for a few hours & see what I come back to. No, it’s not any easier to be accepted as a geek.

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10 thoughts on “#FFF Fake Fangirl Friday: Geek Girls Exist! Do Fake Geek Girls Exist Too? Is It Fair to Ask?

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  2. Rika

    How did I miss this discussion?
    I don’t know if full-time “fake geek girls” exist, because if you fake something for awhile, either you get tired of faking and quit, or it becomes real. I’ve definitely seen a few girls who I suspect picked the geeky hobby they were going to be SUPER into partially (or largely) because of the attention they can stir up, and the perceived lack of other girls to compete with them… but most of those girls actually strive to be good/knowlegeable/ect about whatever they are into, so despite the fact that I might think them vapid attention seeking pits, I can’t really say they are fakes.
    I will say that whenever an opportunity comes up for a geek girl to get paid, there are plenty of non-geeks willing to try to put on an act and line up for it. The fact that they think no one will know, or that there won’t be actual nerd girls to compete with them is generally the thing that outs them.

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  4. Matches Malone

    I was never really a fanboy. I think I started as FanMan, and have been so ever since….

    Too bad there’s no costume that goes with that ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Katie

    I personally know a few fake fan girls but they’re most of the time very low level n00bs. They barely have read any comics, watch any anime of scifi or read the books. They mostly just good for cosplaying well or make good eye candy for the booths at a con.

  6. Walrus

    I couldn’t do this in 140 characters so I had to go to here to muse about it.

    There are a few elements at play here. First of all, it’s regular ol’ scensterism (it’s a word now), anytime a scene starts to take off anyone new to that scene is not viewed as ‘legit.’ Nerds, geeks, what have you are no different.

    In fact, they may be worse because we, if I may include myself, feel like we paid for our place here in lost lunch money and lengthy nights watching fan-dubbed anime or British sci-fi on PBS, trudging through the sci-fi/fantasy sections at book stores, keeping up with our favorite comic books etc. all while being scorned for it and being told it was all at the cost of ever getting to see a member of the opposite sex naked. Well, now it’s chic and ‘we’ feel robbed because ‘we’ might still be pasty and misshaped, awkward and goofy. We might have been the sloppy bastards that had no other place to go but geekdom where once it was a place where we could come as we were.

    So a pretty person who can ‘pass’ gets to play at it and the frumpy trailblazers feel robbed. She can get a date on a Saturday night, they have all the advantages of a pretty person, they only came in because it’s ‘cool’ now, they didn’t earn their stripes with wedgies and swirlies. No fair, right?

    But isn’t that just regular run of the mill hate for pretty people? Yeah, I wish I was attractive and socially confident, and people who are do have a better time of it and that’s frustrating. But that’s beyond ‘real’ geek and ‘fake’ geek. If I WAS good looking, I wouldn’t pass. I don’t know very much about Star Trek, I love Star Wars but only watched the movies, I’ve only seen about half of the very few Firefly episodes, I don’t even like Stargate. But I’m frumpy and make a few sci-fi references and played my share of D&D and other role-playing games, so no one questions me.

    I think run of the mill distrust of attractive people adjusts our scale. How do you really quantify ‘true geekdom’? Does it have to be a certain percentage of sci-fi or fantasy in your regular entertainment? A minimum number of conventions they’ve attended?

    Or maybe it’s not a label you can apply to yourself. Maybe you have to earn your way there because your obsession is so specific that the only people you can relate to are people who share it, that you have to have suffered the rejection of the non-geeks, a rejection that pretty people don’t necessarily feel.

    Or maybe fumpy girls who were ignored in the ‘normal’ world are queens in the geek world, that is until pretty girls started ‘slumming’ the geek world and now the frumpy girls are shoved to the back once again. I can see that as frustrating. (although the only chick I dated that was herself a geek was a hot ballerina–I think that there have never been attractive geeks is a bit of a myth that we’ve bought into)

    Ultimately if you don’t want geekdom to be treated like a status instead of a lifestyle you have to not give it status by straining to determine who is or is not a ‘true geek.’

    That was sort of all over the place. Maybe I should have stuck to 140 characters…

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  8. Morningstar

    I’ll start with why there is no fury over fake geek guys.

    1. Fake geek guys trying to look sexy are mostly ignored by the actual geek guys
    2. When i tell a hipster to fuck off, no one screams “you hate all women.”

    Seriously ladies, check your female same group preference at the door. If someone is called out as not a geek its not because they are female, its becuase people think they are a fake. Guys also get geek checked, when other geeks don’t believe there geek cred, the only difference is if we sat there and through a tantrum & made loud claims of sexism, people would mock us as acting childish.

    As for why fake geek girls exist, its because being a geek is a state of excellence, but one that
    A. is trendy at the moment
    B. appears to have no one checking id at the door.

    Because being a geek is more then just enjoying a thing, Being a geek is a combination of depth/width of knowledge & an obsession or deep desire to do that thing. So just like me having to run for the bus this morning didn’t turn me into an athlete, you watching Avnegers didn’t suddenly turn you into a comic book geek.

    Because being a geek is not who you are, its what you do.

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