The Walking Dead 5-12: Treat Yo’ Self


Remember what Rick looks like without his beard? Remember what any of Rick’s Rebels look like in clothes that aren’t caked in dirt and blood? “Remember” helps jog our memories of a simpler time by giving us a gentle, but meaningful, episode. Most weeks are all about the brutality of survival, but this time we get to see Rick’s Rebels have a Treat Yo’ Self day! Before we hash out the spa details, let’s see what good ol’ Dale is up to.

Action Chick, do you have any idea how to get peanut butter out of a portable DVD player? How it got in there isn’t important. Also, do you have any more peanut butter? I’m out.

Action Chick, do you have any idea how to get peanut butter out of a portable DVD player? How it got in there isn’t important. Also, do you have any more peanut butter? I’m out.

Thanks, Dale! Now onward, to the recap!

Rick’s Rebels enter Alexandria cautiously, refusing to give up their guns at first (naturally). The whole group looks like feral, abused dogs- distrustful of humans, can’t relax even when they’re in a safe environment, growl and bite at anyone who comes near. They’re offered several houses to live in, but all sleep together in one house, camping out on the floor. It’s interesting to see them next to people who’ve been sheltered from the nastiness the world has become. Rick’s Rebels still keep watch out the windows, they still pick up anything that looks like a weapon, they’re prepared for all of this to go to hell in a few seconds, whereas the Alexandria folks are just regular people who want to have nice little lives. Though Rick’s Rebels can’t exactly relax, they do, however, take advantage of the showers. Everyone (except Daryl) gets nice and clean, and Rick SHAVES HIS BEARD! This shows just how good The Walking Dead has become; if you described an episode of any other show as being about someone showering and shaving, it’d be super boring, but here it has purpose, and that purpose is 1. To shock us with the sight of Rick as a human being instead of just being a scraggly-ass survivor, and 2. To remind us how damn handsome Andrew Lincoln.


The head of Alexandria, Deanna (we’ll call her Mrs. Congresswoman), sits down with a few key players in Rick’s Rebels to interview them on camera, citing Alexandria’s transparency as the reason for recording them. While Deanna’s trying to feel out these wild dogs, they’re sniffing her right back, and nobody sniffs better than Carol. From the get-go she acts like a weak, dumb housewife— in her interview she talks about how she made Ed dinner every night and how much she misses that great man. She tells Mrs. Congresswoman how she doesn’t offer the group anything, she’s like their den mother and they protect her. I just wanted to stand up and start a slow clap after her performance— Carol’s pulling the long con on Alexandria.

Daryl, on the other hand, isn’t quite so sure of himself. Alexandria has super nice, clean houses and acts like a rich community. Daryl doesn’t shower and skins a possum on the front porch; out in the wild, he was a hero, he had a purpose. Here he just doesn’t seem sure of what to do with himself.


Ultimately, Deanna appoints Rick and Michonne as constables (aka sheriffs) of Alexandria. Maybe she should have been listening more carefully to Rick during his interview, as he advised her not to leave the gates of Alexandria open as the world is all about survival, and people are always looking for what they can take from you. As the episode ends, Rick and his Rebels are talking about whether or not they think Alexandria is legit, and Rick says that, if the people in Alexandria turn out to be a problem, “we’ll just take it.” Is Rick going all dark side on us?



  • The first Alexandria sees of Daryl is him shooting a possum and saying, “We brought dinner.”
  • Daryl and Carol’s conversation on the porch may be one of my favorites in the entire series; the two of them going back and forth about Daryl needing to shower and Carol looking ridiculous in her housewife get-up was absolutely hilarious.
  • Aden, Alexandria’s “badass” scavenging run expert, has no idea what he’s doing. He and his bro are well-meaning, but ultimately lack experience with the brutal zombie world. When Glen basically calls him a noob the guy puffs up like a power bro, and Glen says flatly “Dude, nobody’s impressed.” Steven Yeun’s delivery is so clear; Glen’s not trying to intimidate him, he’s just so tired of this crap.
  • Rick’s beautiful, beautiful face.
  • Michonne being optimistic, but not blinded by her hopefulness.

This is the Action Flick Chick, and you’ve just been kicked in the ass!

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  2. Gary

    I think we saw what will turn out to be a couple more important plot points too, namely:

    1) the sinister husband of Jessie, and

    2) the young girl who crept over the fence. What is she up to?

    Also, who took Rick’s knife from the blender?

    Interesting times ahead.

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