GeekNation Comic-Con Video: Oh, You Sexy Geek! Oh, the Notoriety!

Our great friends at, a site you’ll learn so very much about during the upcoming months, have posted 20 minutes of excerpts and post-panel interviews from the Action Flick Chick and friends’ increasingly famous and sometimes infamous San Diego Comic-Con panel, “Oh, You Sexy Geek!”

Panelists (left to right on stage): Katrina Hill, Bonnie Burton, Adrianne Curry, Clare Grant, Jill Pantozzi, Clare Kramer, Kiala Kazebee, Jennifer K. Stuller, Chris Gore.

Audience participant: Seth Green.

Post-panel interviewer: Stu Stone.

Previous panel information:
* Oh, You Sexy Geek! Our 2011 Comic-Con Panel
* Oh, You Sexy Geek! San Diego Comic-Con Panel Reactions and Controversies

Newer reactions:

Site: Geeky Pleasures
Post: San Diego Comic-Con Recap by Arturo R. Garcia
by Arturo Garcia: “Though moderator Katrina Hill and her panelists were game, glib and knowledgable, their discussion was hijacked on two sides, with G4′s Chris Gore arriving 40 minutes late and immediately declaring he was there to represent ‘all of these guys who want to put their…'[explicit sexual description regarding fellow panelists] Hill, to her credit, immediately asked Gore if he was ‘trying to get kicked off [the] panel.’ Later, Robot Chicken showrunner Seth Green was called upon to speak, and what maybe should have been a two-minute statement of support turned into a nearly 10-minute monologue on media literacy and inclusiveness. Positive messages, to be sure, but, unfortunately, at the expense of the actual panelists.”

Site: International House of Geek
Post: Ultimate Girlcrush: Top Ten Hottest Girls at San Diego Comic Con!
by Killerqueen Kimmie: “The writer and Webmistress behind had one heck of a time as the moderator of the ‘Oh! You Sexy Geek!’ panel, which covered the media’s oversexualized use of women in geek and nerd culture by pandering them as playthings to a predominantly male market.”

Site: Nerds in Babeland
Post: My First Year at San Diego Comic-Con
by Marissa Nolan-Layman: “I was horrified when I saw this post online. It is one thing to be upset by a comment someone makes on a panel, to blog about it and discuss it with the person who said it if possible; it is another thing entirely to try and negatively impact their livelihood because of your upset feelings…He simply said he would be willing to. It was in poor taste, especially considering the content of the panel, but it certainly wasn’t a punishable offense to the extent of his livelihood being threatened.”

Site: Nerds in Babeland
Post: Oh You Sexy Geeks, the Takeaway: We Need to Reject the Premise
by Kristen McHugh: “A high point for me, among all the discussion of cosplay, comic book characters’ costumes, and the what is sexy/is sexy okay for female geeks, was some discussion of why there aren’t more sexualized male characters in geek media. I loved that the panel, most prominently Bonnie Burton and Adrianne Curry acknowledged how underserved the female gaze is.”

Site: Parenting Weekly
Post: Oh, You Sexy Geek! Or why I feel left out.
by Sharon: “It would have meant more to me if a Sexy Geek of Size (Robin Thorsen comes to mind) or even a sexy male geek … was included on the panel. It’s easy for a famous model like Adrianne Curry to say that ‘Sexy is how you feel’ while talking in her wig cap. She may have been in a wig cap, but she’s still a supermodel.”
Follow-up post: Am I a jealous fat girl? And continued musings on sexy geeks.

Site: Game Dames
Podcast: Episode 27: Geek Girls 4 Reals

Site: The House of Popular Culture
Podcast: Comic Con wrap up and Emmy nominations

Site: Total Fangirl & Geek Girls Network
Podcast: Geek Girls Network Podcast #22 San Diego Comic Con

On to the video!

Click either image below to visit and see the video for yourself.

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