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What an age we live in! Beloved cult show (and one of my all-time fave series) Veronica Mars has returned— and it’s on the big screen! For the two of you who don’t know, Veronica Mars’ new found glory is thanks to a ludicrously successful Kickstarter campaign where legions of fans pledged nearly six million dollars to see this film come out. But now that the Veronica Mars movie is here, the question lingers: were our hard-earned dollars well-pledged?


Veronica tracks her target.

Spoiler alert: hell yes they were. The Veronica Mars movie not only kicks ass as a film by itself, but it’s a fan-freaking-tastic love letter to any of us who love that little show that could. There are countless great in-jokes and references, and more than a few lingering questions get answered, like whether Keith Mars got elected Sheriff, who Veronica will end up with, or whether Mac would get a haircut. Plus, they got damn near everyone whose character wasn’t dead/on the run from the FBI to return, and the returns all happen in a very natural way. It was great seeing everyone again, all looking healthy and happy, with the same vibrant personalities that made us love the show in the first place. Plus, nobody’s return felt forced, or like they were handed some artificial plot just to give them something to do.

As a film in and of itself, Veronica Mars brings the laughs and intrigue as well as (or better than) any episode of the show, with a mystery that’s both personal and sensibly crafted. Plus (minor spoilers), I loved how Veronica takes care of herself during the finale rather than have Keith Mars or Logan come save her as they did during the biggest moments of the series.


The Veronica Mars movie brings on the LoVe.

Whether you’ve seen the show a thousand times, have never seen it before, or used to be friends but haven’t talked to Veronica Mars lately at all, the Veronica Mars movie’s use of wits keeps the laughs coming and the mysteries a-flowing.

Action Flick Chick Rating of Awesomeness: 5 Marshmallows, out of 5!

This is the Action Flick Chick, and you’ve been kicked in the ass!

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  1. Christina

    So excited you loved the movie!!! Holding off seeing it (which is killing me little by little daily) so the bf and I can binge watch all three season since he has never seen it. Can’t wait!!!

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