My new book, 100 Greatest Graphic Novels, available now!

That’s right, everybody! My new book, 100 Greatest Graphic Novels, is out and proud right this very second! Along with my co-author Alex “@Rocketllama” Langley, we scoured the world of graphic novels to find the best, the coolest, the most amazing comics out there. Check out the description and link below!


Filled with superheroes and grade-school heroines, psychotic villains and mythical creatures, tenderness and heartbreak, 100 Greatest Graphic Novels celebrates some of the finest graphic novels ever written and drawn. This guided tour of incredible stories is wonderfully visual and organized by various themes, offering reviews and commentary of ironic superhero stories (The Dark Knight Returns, Kingdom Come, Watchmen), coming-of-age tales (American Born Chinese, Roller Girl, This One Summer), historical literature (Barefoot Men, Maus, When the Wind Blows), modern drama (Killing and Dying, Marbles, Swallow Me Whole) and everything in between (The Acme Novelty Library, Fred the Clown, X’ed Out).

100 Greatest Graphic Novels, available now!!!

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