May Mega Mayhem: New Super Mario Bros. Wii!

Day #2: New Super Mario Bros. Wii!!!

General Thoughts: This is another one of my absolute favorite games. It incorporates old school characters like Mario and Luigi, who a lot of us grew up with, and added a butt-ton of cool, new things. For starters, New Super Mario Bros. can have up to four players playing simultaneously! So now you can not only throw turtle shells at Goombas but you can also throw them at your friends, and lemme tell ya folks, it can get down right dirty sometimes. If you’re playing with friends that are anything like mine, trying to get coins and power-ups is like trying to get a 75% discounted 52” flat screen TV on Black Friday. You’d better have a plan and be prepared to slice off a limb or two, or lose them yourself. However, at the end of the fight, as you’re bandaging your wounds, you’ll think back to how much fun it was and start planning for the next time.

31 Minutes of Play: I have beaten this game previously, so with my 31 minutes of play, I went back to a couple of levels to collect all of the star coins that I missed the first time. I enlisted the help of a friend and together we went straight to World 8, the dark world, aka the lava world, aka the crap has hit the fan world. It took me several tries, but by gollies, I got all three star coins for the first level. And then I decided to go back to an easier world. One moment I was really proud of was when I went to a one-up house. You know, where you try to get as many one-ups as you can by shooting yourself out of a cannon and busting one-up balloons. I got 6 one-ups! Woo hoo! I think that is the most I’ve ever gotten at once!

Craziest Moment While Playing: My pal and I were in World 8-1 trying to get the third and final star coin which was encased in a thick row of blocks. In this world, you have lava boulders dropping from above, a thick lava cloud chasing you from behind, and lava volcanoes coming up from below. We were both small so we couldn’t break the blocks to get the coin. We had to wait for a lava boulder to bust through the blocks, all the while the lava cloud is inching its way towards us… DUM DUM DUM! But, we emerged victorious, coming out of that level three shiny star coins richer!

Fun Rating: 5 Jerk One-Ups that are Always Right Out of Reach, out of 5.

This is the Action Flick Chick, and you’ve just been kicked in the ass!

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