Interview: Yancy Butler (Witchblade, Wolvesbayne, Kick-Ass)

Yancy Butler wearing the Witchblade

Yancy Butler wearing the Witchblade

Yancy Butler is one serious action chick. In her first major role, she played the machine – a robotic cop – on the TV series Mann & Machine. Her first theatrical motion picture was John Woo’s Hard Target starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, soon followed by Drop Zone with Wesley Snipes. She played another police officer on the series Brooklyn South and yet another on Witchblade. As Detective Sara ‘Pez’ Pezzini, she bore the magical, symbiotic weapon known as the Witchblade which granted her superhuman powers, thus making Sara one of the few actresses to have played a comic book superheroine in a leading role even if she didn’t wear the sexy magical outfit shown in the Top Cow Productions comic. The show last through a pilot movie and two seasons on TNT and was still earning good ratings when it ended.

This month Yancy appears in the SyFy (former Sci-Fi Channel) original werewolves-versus-vampires movie Wolvesbayne. She also has an upcoming appearance in yet another superhero project, the film Kick-Ass based on the comic book series by Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr. about a young man who feels inspired to don costume and mask to fight crime but gets off to a bad start at it.

I spoke with Yancy about her convention experiences, found out about the new projects, and solicited her thoughts on why Hollywood doesn’t make more flicks starring super action chicks.

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6 thoughts on “Interview: Yancy Butler (Witchblade, Wolvesbayne, Kick-Ass)

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  2. Claire

    I am so pleased to see Butler back in this genre! My entire family loved Witchblade, and it was heart-breaking for it to end just as the character development was really beginning to take shape. I’m certain it was about her alcohol problem. But so many actors have problems and this doesn’t happen–it just never made sense. I hope to see more of her. Great interview!

  3. DuJuan

    One major problem is since Hollywood likes it’s actresses rail thin and significantly shorter than their male counterparts, it’s really difficult to believably pull off the ‘ass kicker’ role.

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