Double the Mutants, Double the Fun: X-Men: Days of Future Past to Feature Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart!

Brian Singer, director of X-Men and X2, revealed some very exciting news via twitter: “I’d like to officially welcome back James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender and Nicholas Hoult to X-Men: Days Of Future Past. Also thrilled to announce Sir Ian Mckellen and Sir Patrick Stewart.”

Both young and old Magneto and Professor X will be in the new X-Men: Days of Future Past? How awesome is that!? Fans of the comic will remember the original Days of Future Past story arc, a dark look at what might happen to mutantkind should humanity’s anti-mutant sentiment spiral out of control. It also involved mother-humping time travel. Since this new movie is slated to have double the Xavier and Magneto, things are looking timey-wimier than ever, and I, for one, can’t wait to see where it’s all going.

This is the Action Flick Chick, and you’ve just been kicked in the ass!

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