Coming Attraction: February 2011 Preview!

Pumped to See:

February 11: The Eagle

February 18: Unknown

February 25: Drive Angry 3D

Neither Pumped Nor Pissed:

February 4: Sanctum

February 4: The Roommate

February 4: Frankie and Alice (limited)

February 11: Just Go With It

February 11: Gnomeo and Juliet

February 11: Cedar Rapids (limited)

February 18: Vanishing On 7th Street (limited)

February 18: I Am Number Four

No Thank You:

February 11: Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

February 18: Big Mammas: Like Father, Like Son

February 25: Hall Pass

This is the Action Flick Chick, and you’ve just been kicked in the ass!

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8 thoughts on “Coming Attraction: February 2011 Preview!

  1. Arol

    There’s a Justin Bieber movie?! The mind does truly boggle.

    You many of the storyboards for Unknown where expertly scanned and photocopied by me. Just though I’d get that in there:-D

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  3. CS

    I saw Vanishing On 7th Street at TIFF last year…save your money and rent Session 9 instead. A far better film from that director.

  4. Tim "Slipperman" Jackson

    The Roommate is of interest to me solely because Aly Michalka co-stars in it. Without her, I could care less for the movie.

    But I agree about the Bieber movie. Who would be foolish enough to give that brat his own movie? (*facepalm*)

  5. Rick Swift

    I watched Dear John last night, apparently Tatum got himself some acting lessons, so just maybe The Eagle will be decent – God, I hope so! Ruining a Roman legion film would be tantamount to film blasphemy.

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