Battlestar Galactica: The Battlestar Ships Out (Last Chance Predictions)

Battlestar Galactica in its current series ends tonight.

Last minute predictions:

Somebody survives. Somebody dies. Somebody get surprised.

Clever, huh?

Okay, the only real prediction I’ve got is that there’s a reason we’ve recently been shown family members of all three major supposedly human characters who’ve been having visions: Starbuck, Baltar, and the President. For there to have been any point to seeing those people and any reason to have taken that time in part one of the series finale, they must be related to Cylons. We’ve seen that none of them are known models of Cylon, but maybe they’re all hybrids or descended from hybrids.

And one of their granddads had better be model number 7. Otherwise, what gives with the recent and anticlimactic explanation for why the number 7 had never been accounted for among their models?

I’m not saying these are definitely what’s going on. I’m saying that if something like this isn’t going on, the writers have been even sloppier than we’d feared.

So now let’s see how this turns out.

Cylon Centurion in black slacks and pretty shoes.

Cylon Centurion in black slacks and pretty shoes.

P.S. And if any of that is responsible for Starbuck’s death and resurrection, we may witness the irony of seeing Laura, after spending the entire season dying, come back to life to one of the survivors in the final episode.

At the very end I want us to see, against images of wherever the colonists finally settle down, the survivor rising in contrast to its fairly steady decline over the last five years.

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2 thoughts on “Battlestar Galactica: The Battlestar Ships Out (Last Chance Predictions)

  1. Llama Mama Post author

    Well . . . isn’t that special?

    My actual predictions weren’t shown to be wrong or right because they didn’t explain jack frak.

    They think this is going to make people eager to keep watching their other stuff? So that maybe we can find out in another five years that the artificial girls in the Caprica series will eventually be grammas to semi-demi-hybrids in the series that just ended so unsatisfyingly?

    As if.

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