AFC Classic: Tron Legacy!

Tron: Legacy is one of the very few films that I would suggest watching in 3D. It looked amazing and the 3D was great. The Grid is meant to be seen in 3D, man, and in 3D, it shall be seen!

If you haven’t seen the first Tron, the sequel might be a little confusing. plot wise, but overall things get explained pretty nicely. A major source of confusion could be the fact that there are two Jeff Bridges! In Tron: Legacy Bridges reprises his role as Kevin Flynn, the computer programmer responsible for the digital world the film is set in. He also plays a younger computer version of himself. Clu, the leader of The Grid, and a real butthole. Bruce Boxleitner reprises his role as Alan Bradley. The only one missing who was in the original is Cindy Morgan (Yori). What happened there? Anyway, newcomer Garrett Hedland takes the role of Kevin’s son, who finds a way to enter The Grid in order to find his father and bring him home, and Olivia Wilde portrays the quirky, yet badass, Quorra.

Once Flynn enters the grid, we’re treated to a smorgasbord of awesome, well-paced action, action with the added bonus that, on The Grid, the computer programs in human form don’t shed any blood. making it possible to have the most brutal kills you’ll ever see in a Disney movie- you just don’t think about it because there’s no blood. So even though Tron: Legacy has several slow bits, the action is great and is really enhanced by the 3D, instead of being forced and distracting. So I officially stamp my approval on Tron: Legacy.

Time Until Real Action Starts: ~ 31 minutes.

Baddies: Clu and pretty much anybody else dressed in red.

Best Line: “You’re really messing with my Zen, man.”

Best Kill: A program flying a plane gets shot through the face, leaving a huge hole. Well, at least he won’t have to worry about needing glasses!

Best Explosion: Clu leaves behind grief and destruction where ever he goes and a club on The Grid is no exception. As Clu leaves the club, he plants some bombs, which detonate and destroy the entire club in a blue ball of plasma.

Action Rating: 3 ½ Skin Tight Digi-Suits, out of 5

Illustration by Alex Langley. Rocket Llama World Headquarters

This is the Action Flick Chick, and you’ve just been kicked in the ass!

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