Copyright JennKL PhotographyKatrina Hill, the Action Flick Chick, is first and foremost a lover of all things action. She’s been in love with the action genre since a young age, taking influence from action stars both new and old, from Stallone and Schwarzenegger to Statham, and even independent action stars such as Tony Jaa. Katrina Hill created the website, and quickly became known as the go to source for action movie news, reviews, and interviews.

She is the author of Action Movie Freak , a book celebrating a wide variety of more than 100 action movies that have left audiences on the edge of their seats. G4TV named her their official Next Woman of the Web, an honor that goes to the most appealing lady of the gaming and geek online universe. She is also a freelance writer and has written for sites such as,,, and MTVGeek.

She created and co-wrote the webseries Geeks and Gamers Anonymous (GAGA), is an avid convention goer, and has moderated, hosted, and been on numerous panels at various comic cons discussing topics from webseries to women’s issues to comic books.


7 thoughts on “Biography

  1. Armand

    Nice blog, Katrina! Given that you love action flicks this much, I infer that you are so damn “wifeable.” If you already are, your hubby is so damn lucky!

  2. Shlomi Fish

    Hi Katrina. Awesome blog as ever.

    One question though: where can I find the Project Wonderful ads? I paid well for one and cannot see it here or wherever.


    — Shlomi Fish

  3. Rock Comic Con

    Hey Katrina, Love your blog, like Artoo Detoo Van Damme, you rock! (I consider Artoo to be one of the all time great action stars. That little Dude was everywhere, always saving things!)

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