World War Z: World War Cottage Cheese


There’s at least one thing that’s nice about World War Z, and that’s that they use the word “zombie.” They don’t try to dress up these creatures by calling them “the infected,” or “walkers,” or “people who seem to have an infection, have since died, and are now walking the earth again.” They say zombie, as they should.

That’s not the only nice thing about World War Z, but that list doesn’t go on very long either. It’s a very middle of the road kind of film- enjoyable, but passionless, and with scores of plot holes and logic issues. The thing most people seem hesitant over is WWZ’s use of CGI zombies; and while they used a crap ton of computer generated undead, the end result isn’t as bad as I’d feared. There are several scenes where we get a close look at the undead, in all of their greyed over, wrinkled glory. Of course, the lack of blood on them seems weird, but since it’s a PG-13 movie it’s to be expected. When we get the CG zombie hordes, though, the quality suffers,  never managing to evoke tension or fear like a zombie movie should. Who would have expected that zombies are scarier up close?


The characters are like big empty shells that could be filled by anything or anyone. They didn’t have to pay so much money for Brad Pitt to play the lead because cottage cheese would have been just as effective and have fewer calories. It’s not at the fault of Pitt or any other actor, the blame lies with the behind-the-scenes people. The director and/or writers  just did not create any points for the audience to become attached to any of the characters. Should we care for Gerry (Brad Pitt) because he has a family and the story is being told from his point of view? Everyone in the world has a family, so that doesn’t automatically make viewers care.  There is evidence elsewhere that Brad Pitt is a tremendous actor (Fight Club, Ocean’s Eleven), but in World War Z it feels like anyone could have played that role and we would’ve seen the same results. The story is similarly dry: Brad Pitt flies around the globe trying to use his super medical skills to solve this pandemic. Yawn.

For all its other problems, the film keeps the pace going pretty quickly. There are action spurts throughout on large and small scales… but then that PG-13 rating comes around to bite the audience in the butt.  A lot of the ultra violence is off screen and what’s onscreen tends to be dark and shaky, so we can’t see it as well, which makes it lack punch. While it’s nice to have some PG-13 action flicks out there to help ease the kiddies into the world of bullets and explosions, a zombie movie isn’t the best movie to neuter.

Ultimately, the film is set up for a sequel, but who knows if it’ll actually get one. World War Z didn’t suck balls, nor did it have any particular wow factor to it. Those who are interested could probably just wait until it’s out on VOD.

Action Rating: 3 Movie Adaptations That Have Nothing to Do With the Book, out of 5!

Overall Rating: 2.5 Movie Adaptations That Have Nothing to Do With the Book, out of 5!

This is the Action Flick Chick, and you’ve just been kicked in the ass!

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