Which Video Game Most Brings Out Your Need to Swear?

"Noooooo!!!! You ****!"

Action Flick Chick: Which video game most brings out your need to swear?

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Answers on Facebook

Chris Spider Mureiko: Super Nintendo’s Street Fighter II. That was the most cheatingest game I ever (and still) played.
Christoffer Andersson: Racing games bring out the very worst of me. Doesn’t matter if we’re talking Mario Kart, Trials HD or Forza Motorsport. I will develop tourettes
Christopher Flocco: original X-Men for Sega… reset the level? dafuq?
Christopher Hunt: The old Mortal Kombat games… 2 fighters in and the CPU punishes you repeatedly. Then if you make to the final boss…grrrrr.
Dalanna Bottorff: MW3, or any COD games…tonight I think I invented new words….
Derek Simmons: Most fighters, mainly. But mostly as an exclamation to my level of approval or disapproval after the match.
Dominique de Ville: PONG
Eddie Newsome: Gears of war 3….I HATE POSERS WHO SIT AND SNIPE FROM A DISTANCE!!! Whew that was therapeutic
Greg Turner: Story based driving games for sure – Need For The Speed: The Run & Driver: San Francisco most recently. Infuriating.
J. Seth Barnard: Halo. For sure…nothing like dying over and over to make you start swearing
Jacinta Brown: Baca Wii tennis
James Thomas: None, I find the puzzles most stimulating, driving in DC – that is a different story
Jen Bowman: All of them, but especially older games. Like, NES old.
Jennifer Lawrence: Wurzer Driving games!!!!
John Ferrigno: it’s an old one, but no game ever made me more aggravated than Joust
Julian Owens: ooh easy, galaga

"That man over there is playing Galaga. Thought we wouldn't notice, but we did."

Kevin Perez: Ghostbuster for the NES, the stairs stage is enough to get me to Hulk out.
Leia Calderon-Rox: final fantasy tactics, the moment i’m almost done with an epic strategy and i can’t revive someone in time
Luis Robles: halo online!
Luke Malin: Any that won’t run on my b grade rig.
Mark Baxter: castlevania for xbox 360. that game is a bloody nightmare.
Mark Edward Lewis: Star Wars Battlefront…especially when my kid gets Yoda, and only have the Garrison Bonus. I hate Yoda.
Martin Bright II: Anything on the PS3 or XBox360. The Nintendo games usually seem too family friendly to curse at.
Michael Gonzalez: If you feel like having fun and screaming FU at your screen? You should check out VVVVVV on Steam. Just be prepared to die 1000 times…
Michael Gonzalez: This video is a win, I laughed my ass off listening to his angry commentary. Super Mario Frustration http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=in6RZzdGki8
Ryan Breaux: Original Mario kart 150cc races!!!! Those mfers cheated their asses off
Shawn Rakar: God of War because my hand gets too tired to hit the X, O, or the square button rapidly for a long amount of time!
Steve Chung: God Of War. How can Kratos not be able to jump over a hole in the floor of Hades or jump across when some Harpies are shooting arrows at him? I dunno. 🙁
Tara Lynn Quick: Syphon Filter (esp 2) for not having enough goddamn save points. Seriously, I broke controllers.
Terrell Chavis: MegaMan 4. Damn you Toad Man and your blasted wind!
Tread Master: Flex Old NES games

Answers on Twitter

@AmarNazir: Metal Gear Solid series;-)
@AmarNazir: Oh yeah and Resident Evil series;-)
@aWhitebrownie: Call of Duty yup i said it.
@AZ_DreadedUp: MW3 & 2k
@Batman_Infinite: Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer.
@beer_ink: Madden…I’m absolutely horrible at sports games…though God of war got a lot out of me too.
@ben_b55: Mount & Blade: Warband. One of the few games out there that takes a significant amount of skill to not be completely terrible.
@BigDamnHerosSir: Mario Kart 64. One well-placed lightning bolt in Wario Stadium and all decency and decorum disappear.
@CandiedWalnuts: Sports games of all kinds. RT @ActionChick Which video game most brings out your need to swear?
@Capt_Charisma_: Madden. Always Madden.
@CarySmith4: Language Katrina!
@cazcaric: what came first? If think gta would be high
@christycassius: Mario Kart when playing online!
@CJT_smojo: Any shooter!
@colinofclarke: I say Prototype. Thank God no one had a camera or I’d be a viral video star by now.
@Comrade_Kaizer: Is “all of them” a legitmate answer?
@connorhavok: most definitely Skyrim. What’d ya mean he killed me, I was totally hitting him with a spell
@csdaley: The 1st God of War had some levels that required great restraint on my part to not throw the controller through the TV screen
@CylonBookworm: Battlefield Vietnam. No idea why. Might be because all the people I played with for 5-7 years are gone, only idiots left.
@d5385: Any online FPS or fighting game admittedly. Language becomes calm to #NSFW, especially playing against strangers.
@DaemonSword: back in the day: Green Beret for the Commodore 64. Trust me on this one.
@daharaDreams: An oldie – but N3: Ninety Nine Nights. The requirements for each level advancement, ugh. SO MUCH BUTTON MASHING.
@DAREALGUMMY: Monster Hunter. The Rathalos can go to hell where it belongs.
@Darkyra: Dragonball Z to a certain degree
@Darmoth85: Gotta say mine would be Left 4 Dead 2 versus mode… damn I raged so hard in that.
@DarthDaisy: Mario Cart against my 7 year old nephew. Although I keep the swear words inside. Hes a Mario Cart shark.
@DaveMaulding: At one time, every game. I didn’t have many outlets. Then I started writing. Now, it’s a lot more rare.
@DCLascelle: Mario Golf for Gameboy, cracked a few screens missing par on that bastard.
@DeannaBurgart: Original Resident Evil still makes me Yell HOLY DOODLE!!
@dearskim: sadly, super smash bros. every single damn time.
@DeJayMint: LEAGUE OF LEGENDS! ever play it? You’ll understand.
@dgbottom: only 1 correct answer…Battletoads.
@Dormouse42: Currently it has been Skyrim…And now more so (for a different reason) as it’s crashing left and right! Grrrrr!
@DoseOfLaughter: Uhm. Minecraft, actually. I once got chain exploded by three different Creepers.
@dougluberts: Assassin’s Creed…I’m a total spaz at the freerunning. #JustLikeRealLife
@Dustinmd03: Any FPS online….damn campers!
@edudeabides: The ones who think cheapness > creativity in terms of difficulty
@EisMC2quared: Ghost Recon, no, wait. All of them!
@elizabeth_ann: my answer is probably anything after level 3 pac-man. though i keep playing games… swearing is therapeutic! 🙂
@Eric_Thacker: The one I’m writing causes me to swear more than I like to admit.
@foxsmoulder: Mario Cart.
@geekgirlinky: Draw Something, man.
@geekyjessica: F****** MARIO PARTY.
@geekyjessica: MARIO PARTY HULK SMASH! RT @ActionChick: Which video game most brings out your need to swear?
@GooglySteve: Pong
@GrahamBlackburn: I swear at most of them. It’s a bloke thing
@Greg4Eva: I would have said “Gradius” playing AND pronouncing
@hispanic1021: Bloons TD for psp!!!

@iamjoeking: Super Mario Brothers. Looks so easy but is very irritating when you fail again and again.
@IconOfComicCon: Castlevania: Chronicles. That game is very difficult !
@ImaFuller: All of them, because I am horrible at them…ha ha ha!
@ImALegendKiller: The latest Twisted Metal had me shouting, “This is b******! This is car combat, not a f**king racing game!” once or twice.
@IncredibleHLK: I am not alone! RT @ActionChick: A lot of “Which video game most brings out your need to swear?” answers included the word MARIO.
@InstantKarmal: Trying to play Call of Duty on veteran difficulty.
@ItsTheeJake: Skyrim!
@jamilynnbee: GTA, Saints Row, Gears of War, Dead Island… the list goes on. I say things that would make a sailor blush. 😉
@JediiRaccoon: well currently if I’m battling Dragons or what not in Skyrim, I might be swearing if losing
@JediLaura: It will always be Mario Kart.
@JeffManicotti: Oblivion. I’m used to playing RPG, FPS, and racing games – but I suck at Elder Scrolls entirely : /
@jess_sievers: Super Mario Bros., without fail. 🙂
@jodigirl116: A buggy game like Fallout New Vegas
@jonathvaldez: League of Legends because of the community. No joke, it makes you lose faith in humanity sometimes.
@JPrizzle87: Mario Kart 64
@JuliaDenham: Resident Evil 5!!!!
@KDBryan: Dead Rising. Between the Navi-level annoying walkie talkie and insane save system, it is an exercise in top-level sadism.
@KeefBoyd: “@ActionChick: Which video game most brings out your need to swear?”
@KeithAllGamer: I have a card game of Sevens/Fantan on my phone. I curse at it a lot because it crashes rather frequently.
@KingoftheATATs: Super freakin’ Mario World! Game frustrates me so!
@KrayzieBuffett: Any Mario game.
@kristobalgazer: Mario Kart 64
@LadyGeeksUnite: it’s always been Mario. Or..any video game that involves jumping/timing correctly turns me into a raging curse-spouting beast.
@LetyRoxtar: Gears of War @groo_fan: F&%*ING Mario Kart on single player mode
@LoL4LifeBITCHES: COD Modern Warfare 3!
@Louie_Guerra: Madden RT @ActionChick: Which video game most brings out your need to swear?
@luckyluve2100: fable 3 or divinty 2
@Lunachique: Alice: Madness Returns. The go fetch its and jumping puzzles
@macmog: @geekyjessica @actionchick Ooooh, you should try single player mode in Super Monkey Ball. The developers earned the name “Abusement Vision”.: Civilization IV
@MadMarcus73: Mortal Kombat or NBA 2k12
@MakeMerich1976: every game on the 360 after my ps3 died
@ManaDrake: Halo…hands down lol
@MarkoHead: especially four player Mario bros on the wii. Well and any Mario party.
@MattFisher_DCV: #ContraHardCorps. #videogamesthatmakeyouswear
@MattJHenson: Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare
@maz4sho: F***** DARK SOULS. That game p***** me off
@menchaca0809: grand theft auto san andreas
@mikegonzalez2k: Mass Effect 3 on PC, everytime it glitches and ruins a multiplayer game (which is quite often)
@MissChrissyLyn: Echo The Dolphin.
@mitchwbs: For me it was the spinning blade towers in God of War 1. Whoever made that should DIE!!!
@mr_coach_kline: Halo 2. Will never be beaten.
@mrsoap: super Mario brothers.
@mybadideas: gears 3, or when ultra racists are on call of duty (which is most of the time)
@NerdRage42: @geekyjessica @actionchick Snoopy Silly Sports Spectacular! Damn that leaning tower of pizza!!!
@NewCardSmell: Mario Kart 64 is hundreds of thousands of miles ahead of second place
@NikkiSticks: F****** Halo.
@NinRac: Really? Mario? They haven’t played Ghouls ‘N’ Ghosts or I Wanna Be The Guy
@OnyxPrimal: Fighting Games for me. I’ve called some fighting game bosses a few choice things over the years.
@OverlordOf_Evil: . Is it totally wrong of me to admit that it’s PacMan?
@PixieTon: Fifa soccer. Especially when the goalkeeper blocks the ball RT @ActionChick Which video game most brings out your need to swear?
@ProfMomEsq: Mario Kart. Which is awkward. Because I play with my 14 y.o. He’s better at swearing.
@PropFreaks: Chuck E. Cheese for the Wii. Damn that Wack-A-Mole!!!
@rachlanger: Red Dead Redemption. Can’t play a cow-wrangling bad ass without throwing a few mthrfckrs in there!
@rcarsonjr1957: sorry i missed that i would have had to say anyone who plays one for more than a few min makes me swear
@RealityBlurs: Hands down any Call of Duty online MP.
@redRomina: Battlefield 3.
@reyford1: ninja gaiden black
@Rockapotamuss: arkham city. The 1,000,000 point challenge is so frustrating!
@RyanWGleason: I swear a lot anyway but recently its was Never Dead and before that Bloodrayne Betrayal
@SaintConnorRP: “@ActionChick: Which video game most brings out your need to swear?” Ocarina of Time
@sallysquee: Space Invaders.
@SAssassian: Call Of Duty, all of ’em
@Sean_P_Molloy: trials hd

@ShareefJackson: @aboynamedart Mario Kart, without a doubt
@Sheri_Sullivan: Silly..but left for dead 2 does it for me..only if I’m playing doubles though..spitter spits and $#!+ is the first words I use.
@SideswipeRPG: Call of Duty Black Ops on Veteran difficulty can push a person to new graphical heights of swearing. Vanquish is another one.
@siksigmabarry: “@ActionChick: Which video game most brings out your need to swear?”…..Tecmo Bowl! #Old
@Sorips4: Every 🙂
@SoupyTwist: Mario Cart, or Minecraft
@stauken: double dragon.
@stauken: see how it took 11 seconds for me to w/ that? 😉 That’s how much double dragon makes me swear.
@SugarGamers: I’ve had some serious words with Glados 😉
@Tekknight: as serene and beautiful as the games are, Soul Calibur’s mission modes are one of the few things that make me curse. Profusely!
@THagley: my answer would include the word “Battletoads”.
@THE_Blerman: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3! No doubt!
@TheGeekPath: I think video games have some built in ability to make people turn off the filter and allow anger and frustration to just flow
@TheGeekPath: Most recently was Dante’s Inferno… but I was in hell so no one cared RT: @ActionChick Which video game most brings out your need to swear?
@TheKrissieShow Street Fighter IV
@TheZombieJester: Mortal Kombat, hands down.
@Timmah1979: demon souls
@Timmah1979: did anyone else say demon souls or am i the only one that swears at that game lol
@tishalulle1: Mario is a BASTARDO!
@Tooltutor: Street Fighter 2, esp when u can deduce from their handle that u got pwned by a 10 yr old girl.
@ToryTwinkel: Any and all FPS games. No peripheral vision gives me agida 🙁
@Trevorocalypse: ALL OF THEM! Nothing like a good swear-filled trashtalk
@usedtobenichole: angry birds makes me angry
@VeeSinner: Right now Modern Warfare 3 RT @ActionChick: Which video game most brings out your need to swear?
@venomous1913: Old school Mario was a pain in the ass! RT @ActionChick: A lot of “Which video game most (cont) http://tl.gd/hcllmp
@Vixen_Mal88: Super Mario Bros lmao RT @ActionChick Which video game most brings out your need to swear?
@voicesinyahead: right now, my wife would say Ninja Gaiden 3. Before, it was Knights Contract.
@xXxMikeyy: Soul Calibur V. normal sucks, forget Legendary Souls. Lmao
Caleb Caleb ? @calebcombs: COD

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  1. Mithun

    I managed to miss this on Twitter, but I’m really surprised that Super Meat Boy (and its brother in soul-crushing, The Binding of Isaac) didn’t make it onto the list!

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