Walking Dead 3-6: Prank Calls with Rick and Hershel

Beware spoilers below!

I started off thinking “Hounded,” this week’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, was going to be a milder, less plot-oriented episode, but boy was I wrong! The last half hour kicked up the drama and left me so anxious I straight flipped my couch and hid behind it. One look at the preview for next week’s episode and I’m already wigging out. But, more about that later. First, let’s check in with Dale.


Psst! Action Chick! Keep it down, okay? Somehow that raccoon got a hold of my gun, and I don’t think the little guy knows how to use it, but he’s accidentally squeezed off a couple shots into my RV so I’m taking cover just to be safe. I tell you, this is almost as dangerous as the time some punk in my old neighborhood thought it’d be funny to superglue the brakes on my bicycle. Well, the jokes on him because he got eaten by walkers not two days later.


Thanks, Dale.


Now, here’s what happens:


In Michonne-land:

As you may recall, last week Michonne gave Woodbury the middle finger and headed for greener pastures. This week, the Governor sends Merle and his trio of flunkees out to kill her. Michonne leaves a message for the hunting party, telling them to “Go back.” How does she leave this message? As a biter-gram: the word GO spelled with zombie arms/legs, and next to them, a back. Merle and his not-so-merry men pursue her anyway, leaving Michonne no choice but to leap out like a total badass and slice and dice two of them before anyone knows what the eff is happening. While she’s escaping, Merle grazes her leg with a stray bullet.

Michonne ends up so blood-spattered, thanks to her own injuries and the injuries she dealt to Merle’s men, that when a crowd of walkers nears her, they walk right past, thinking she’s one and them, so she continues into town unfettered. Lo and behold, it turns out to be the same place Maggie and Glen are out scrounging for supplies! She hides and watches them from afar. When Glaggie (#teamglaggie) are about to leave, Merle shows up, takes them hostage, and hauls their butts back to Woodbury. No, no, no, no! Glaggie are the most adorable characters on the show and I don’t want to see what may or may not happen to them over in cuckoo pants Woodbury. Michonne had better come to the rescue in a hurry.


In Woodbury:

Andrea tells The Governor she wants to contribute by defending the town wall, so he assigns a girl to teach her how to shoot a bow. They get up on the wall, but this “oh so great with a bow” girl can’t hit the slow moving walker headed towards the wall and Andrea hops down to take out the Walker Solid Snake style- CQC.

The Governor kicks her off of wall duty because of her blatant disobeying of the rules, and she admits that she liked the zombie arena after all… and somehow, that segues into them doing it. Andrea got some! Too bad it’s with a total psychopath. Merle shows up to ruin the post-coital mood and reports that he has Glen and Maggie as hostages.

In the prison:

Rick’s mysterious phone caller from last week turns out to be a woman. She’s somewhere safe, and Rick begs her to let his people join them. While phone lady deliberates with her people, Rick talks to Hershel about the caller. Hershel responds by gently picking up the phone, hearing exactly nothing in the way of dial tone, and deciding to play along with Rick’s psychotic break by offering to wait with him. Rick declines.

After a few more phone calls, Rick ends up chatting with the late Missus Grimes: Lori. Rick realizes that he’s bugging out hardcore, but gets some closure by telling imaginary Lori how he loved her. She comforts him, and tells him that he still has their baby and Carl, so he comes back to the group to hold his newborn daughter for the first time.

Daryl, Carl, and Cool Guy go to clear out another section of the prison and find a zombie with Carol’s knife stuck in its neck. Daryl gets mad at the thought of Carol being gone and opens a door to kill what he thinks is a zombie and finds that Carol is alive! Wahoo! I was pretty sure she’d survived, but for a second I was worried we’d have another Sophie on our hands. Daryl carries her out, Officer and a Gentleman-style, and takes her back to the group.

Outside, Rick sees something strange outside the fence. When he gets closer he sees Michonne standing there amidst a ton of walkers with the basket full of baby supplies Glen and Maggie were supposed to deliver.


  • Michonne beheading one dude then stabbing the next. She is tearin’ ass!
  • Merle shooting Neil (one of his henchmen) in the face. It’s a good reminder of what a cold hearted bastard he is.
  • Michonne finding the prison.
  • Daryl finding Carol!!!


Dislikes (It’s back from the grave!)

  • I know it makes for a compelling story, but I don’t like that Andrea slept with The Governor (yuck), and Maggie and Glen are hostages. No! Don’t hurt them!


This is the Action Flick Chick, and you’ve just been kicked in the ass!

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3 thoughts on “Walking Dead 3-6: Prank Calls with Rick and Hershel

  1. John D

    Actually, I think the walkers ignored Michonne because she was covered with walker-guts from having disemboweled one of them when that little ho-down with Merle was interrupted by a small herd. This is consistent with a stunt that Rick and Glen pulled in Atlanta during season 1 when they walked the street covered with walker-guts, in search of a vehicle.

  2. Gord L

    Does anybody else think Daryl and the bow chick will hook up and/or are meant to be!?! they remind me of Michael Gross’s character and his wife in Tremors

    Glenn and Mags needs your guidance , Dale’s face… dont let us down!!

  3. Craig M.

    I’d love to know if anybody in Woodbury has actually seen “oh so great with a bow” girl actually hit a target, walker or otherwise. There is no way I’d let somebody be on defense without proof of skills.

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