The Walking Dead: Who Will Die Next?

The Dale Face

If you ask Dale, he ain’t going anywhere, never has, and never will.

AMC’s The Walking Dead isn’t exactly shy about killing off characters. Each season we’ve come to know and love (or at least, tolerate) characters who have bitten the dust, often because they, themselves, were bitten. With season three coming to a close, a dark question looms over the series: who will be the next to join Dale in his Pearly RV of the Afterlife? I turned to the Twittosphere to see what people think, and the answers were as diverse as they were clever.


@jchyip @ActionChick Beth

@kelterra13 @snthomson @ActionChick yeah it’s weird I like show Carol MUCH better than the book and book Andrea MUCH better than the show one. πŸ™

Mia Wilkie ‏@mia_1980 @ActionChick it should be Carol and Judith (as per graphic novels). However, I don’t think it’ll be them.

@SAssassian @ActionChick I’m going with Andrea; sacrificing herself to save Michonne. Maybe Hershel thereby sending Rick down the road to madness

‏@carryoncarol @ActionChick Carol says, hopefully Andrea =D

@mj_starchilde @ActionChick Im kind of hoping no more of the prison crew dies this season.

@wiccan59 @ActionChick I think a few of the newbies,but my guess is Merle and or The Gov.

@EbonDawg @ActionChick Nobody is safe, really. πŸ™ But I’m thinking Herschel.

@Siillii @ActionChick Daryl better NEVER die, IF you know what I mean πŸ˜‰ *thought bubble* “please be Andrea, please be Andrea, please be Andrea” πŸ˜‰

@kingestkong @ActionChick think th only safe characters r Rick, Carl, Glen, Daryl, Maggie, Michonne and The baby have a Gut feeling The Gov survives 2

@LegitimateGeek @emmacaulfield @actionchick everyone but Daryl is expendable #TheWalkingDead

@HooksSpyglass @ActionChick Judith :'( and it will be Andrea’s fault #TheWalkingDead

@nuke718 @ActionChick is Milton a candidate? I see him dying as soon as he sides against the Guv. He’s not cut out to be a hero.

@emmacaulfield @ActionChick or they’ll kill her to make his life more f***ed up. Then he’ll NEVER take that hat off!!

@snthomson @ActionChick Unfortunately I don’t think they’ll kill Andrea even though no one I know wants her around. I hope they off Judith (she’s just a hassle and would be a great plot motivator) or Carol (to make Daryl even more jaded). I agree w/ @emmacaulfield, Killing her would be great to solidify him as a badass and he could meet a girl from Woodbury.

Β @KeithAllGamer @ActionChick Merle sustains an interesting element of chaos, but killing him off could have a profound effect on Daryl. #TheWalkingDead

Think Daryl is too popular with fans to kill off. Merle I give a 50/50 to. Not sure if which way with him has the most value. Since Daryl and Merle aren’t in the comics, they are the real wild cards in trying to figure out what is going to happen. I’d say Hershel is a definite possibility. We could lose more than one too. #TheWalkingDead

@mrlindan @ActionChick i heard judiths time was up

@iamjoeking @ActionChick Carol maybe?

@LeStrangeBellaB @ActionChick Andrea

@christycassius @ActionChick not sure, but I’m hoping it’s Andrea!

‏@moviesnmunchies @ActionChick What if we’re all surprised and it’s Daryl. I worry two Dixons is too good to last.

@whome732 @ActionChick can only hope it’s Andrea. And I hope it’s Daryl who puts her down after she turns.

@moviesnmunchies @ActionChick My money is Beth.

‏@kingestkong @ActionChick I am predicting Hershel and Merle end up dead. Oh and Martinez

‏@corpsefilth @ActionChick I think Merle will die, for his brother. Self redemption.

@episkipos @ActionChick Carol, because the actress is going to be at StarFest

@BatmanBill19 @ActionChick one? Just one? #wishfulthinking

@GimpySmalls @ActionChick I’d say Carl, but I don’t think AMC would go that far

@Sharp_Max @ActionChick i dont want too. i like them all.

@JaymEsch @ActionChick I think Maggie is going to die, then Glenn will die in an act of rage/vengeance. Andrea will kill Governor & rejoin group.

@DVK33 @ActionChick The new Showrunner.

@whoismiguel Andrea gotsta go β€œ@ActionChick: Any other guesses on who’ll be the next one to die? #TheWalkingDead Andrea, Beth, Carol…?”

@TheRealOrdyh @ActionChick Andrea won’t die. If anything it will be Carol or Hershel. Or those two white guys from Ty’s group.

@NateHohl @ActionChick I wouldn’t mind seeing Andrea go but sadly Merl and/or Carol seem much more likely.

@KeithAllGamer @ActionChick Doubt Andrea. Everyone wanted Carl dead during previous seasons and look what they’ve done with him.

@MasterGio @ActionChick I hope to god its Andrea.

@KeithAllGamer @ActionChick Of those three, I think my money would be on Beth, followed by Carol, but who knows what they’ll pull.

@mrlindan @ActionChick judith

@claudibears @ActionChick The Governor and sadly Hershyl πŸ™

@BroncoChase @ActionChick Glenn. Him and Maggie getting back together is a perfect time to kill him off.

@KingOfTheStereo @ActionChick maybe Milton? If the governor catches him with Andrea it’s over for him.

@WytchyD @ActionChick Well, my pick for deaths in the finale (or by the finale) are: Milton, Beth, Judith, Merle and possibly Herschel. πŸ™ #TWD

@JasonMB @ActionChick Carol is next to go; Beth is needed for Carl’s love interest/Hormonal rage; Andrea is needed as a post governor storyline

@chrisgomez73 @ActionChick none of them, the one legged old guy

@ryandonnell Andrea. She is the 3rd wheel. RT @ActionChick: Any other guesses on who’ll be the next one to die? #TheWalkingDead Andrea, Beth, Carol…?

@johnny_williams @ActionChick I hope it’s Andrea. #TWD

@RyanWMcHenry @ActionChick Andrea is pissing me off… So maybe her.

@mcstevemcdonald @ActionChick Noooooooo!! Merle, probably

@nihlus @ActionChick It’ll probably be Glen.

@snthomson @ActionChick As long as Andrea dies too, I can handle losing anyone but Daryl, Glenn or Carl.

‏@CharlesSkaggs @ActionChick Relax, the next person to die has to be Andrea. Her storyline has almost ran its course. #TheWalkingDead

@VaughnFry @ActionChick @neal09 @MetallmanX nah, Beth is next one out.

@MetallmanX @Badpvtdan @ActionChick I hope it’s not @steveyeun. I’m leaning more towards Beth or Carol. Both motherly figures that Judith needs.

@NOLA_Fredo @ActionChick @MetallmanX my money’s on Carol. Easiest one to lose without damaging Team Rick and it would hurt Darryl.

@mikegonzalez2k @ActionChick @MetallmanX I hope it doesn’t Rick barely has any team left. I wouldn’t miss Merle though… sorry Michael Rooker πŸ˜‰

@Badpvtdan @ActionChick @metallmanx Thinking @steveyeun will go down in a blaze of glory.


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