The Walking Dead 4-7: The Governor Makes a New Farm


This week’s The Walking Dead episode “Dead Weight” has perhaps the most apt title of any episode in the series, because, frankly, it’s nothing but dead weight itself. These two Governor-centric episodes have been terrible, and they came at a time when things were getting so good with Rick’s Rebels, who we’ll be getting back to next week in what’ll hopefully be a nail-biter of a mid-season finale. Before we get to recapping this Slowpoke Rodriguez of an episode, let’s check in with Dale.

Dale face 4 electric dance floor

Action Chick, when they said that a man can’t eat hot dogs for thirty days straight, what they really should’ve said is that a man shouldn’t eat hot dogs for thirty days straight, not if he values his sanity. I believe I’ve slipped into full-blown Hot Dog Madness- I dream of dogs, I see them everywhere I go. Last night I had a lengthy conversation with a man only to discover he was a pack of ballpark franks. There’s only two days left until I beat this thing, so I’m gonna lock myself in the bathroom of my partly exploded RV, take a few packs of dogs in with me, and then wait there for a few days so I can sweat this Hot Dog Madness right out.

Thanks, Dale, and good luck with the Hot Dog Madness! Now, onward, to the recap!

In a time like the end of the world, it’s survival of the fittest and smartest- and Martinez is neither, which is why it’s no surprise to see him become zombie chow. The Gov acts like he’s a changed man just because he protected a family for a little while, so Martinez believes him and lets him join his camp. Uh, Martinez? You watched this guy lead a town into ruin and then gun down over a dozen innocent people, remember? Martinez? No, put down the golf club and listen you idiot! Anyway, shortly after The Gov returns, he smacks Martinez in the head with a golf club and dumps him into a pit of zombies. So, it would seem that all of the dialogue about The Gov being a changed man was a complete waste of freaking time- surprising no one.  You know the old saying- a leopard can’t change his spots, and The Gov can’t change his insatiable urge for power and murder.


In a nutshell, this episode put the Gov back in charge of a group of people. He murders a few innocent folks to accelerate his rise through the ranks, and starts a new underwater trophy case of zombies shackled to the bottom of a lake to replace his old creepy trophy case. Oh, and he saves that kid from getting bitten again.I think this group of gullible survivors all need a lesson in “don’t act like a bitch, don’t get bit like a bitch” and Govvy-boy’s the perfect professor. Anywhoo, we end the episode with Govvy-boy skulking around outside Rick’s Rebels’ prison camp, aiming a gun at Michonne’s head. I guess his camp happens to be pretty close by?

“Dead Weight” was another boring episode which barely advanced the story, and I’m glad it’s over. Next episode, however, marks the mid-season finale and looks like it’s going to be painful. It’s been a long while since a beloved character has died, so it seems like we’re due a heartbreak. But who will it be, if any?

This is the Action Flick Chick, and you’ve just been kicked in the ass!

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