The Walking Dead 4-11: Mullets and Spray Cheese


You wouldn’t think an episode about someone slinking around a house trying not to be noticed would be all that interesting, but The Walking Dead shows otherwise. “Claimed” claims more lives, but not those of Rick’s Rebels because they are mother freakin’ survivalists and well prepared! Before we get to the recap, as always, let’s check in with Dale.

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Action Chick, you ever watch a show called Pretty Little Liars? I found a DVD box set in the burnt out shell of a car and I’ve been burning through ’em lately. How those girls handle having that “A” person stalk them all the time and leave those catty, yet informative, messages for them is beyond me. And I heard about this thing called “Fan Fiction”, where you write pretend stories about characters you like. I think I might just do that, because, frankly, there’s not enough smooching on this show for my tastes.

Thanks, Dale. Now, onward, to the recap!

Carl and Michonne go off to find more supplies while Rick stays behind to get some rest. He was just beaten within inches of his life a few days ago, so I totally get it. As usual, Rick never gets a break, because he wakes up from his nap to the sounds of a group of grizzly, animalistic men invading the house. After he hears them execute a dude begging for his life, he hides, and when he witnesses one of them murder another just to claim his bed, he Die Hards his way out of there- even managing to choke out one of these animals before escaping with his machine. All in all, this sequence is awesomely masterful, and incredibly tense. Little was accomplished by this sequence, and yet, I don’t care, because watching Rick Solid Snake out of the house was just damn good television.

While Michonne and Carl scavenge, we get to know her a bit more through a game she invents where he can ask her a single personal question after they’ve cleared each room of the house. We find out that she lost her three year old son after the zombie outbreak, and Carl opens up to her about how he got to name Judith. Chandler Riggs and Danai Gurira both kind of kill it this episode, packing in a lot of emotion without ever overselling it. Plus, though Carl’s sad at the mention of Judith, we can rest assured that he’ll (hopefully) be reunited with that screaming babe soon, as he, Michonne, and Rick high-tail it out of town and head towards Terminus- the camp that the rest of Rick’s Rebels seem to be gravitating towards.

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Meanwhile, Glenn wakes up in the back of Abraham’s truck, demands to get out, then Abraham lays a bomb on everyone that Eugene (who is one awkward, mullet-having scientist and I already love him) knows exactly what caused the outbreak and can save the world. While they’re discussing this over a pot of tea, Eugene decides to fight some zombies on his own and ends up accidentally shooting up their truck, rendering it unusable. I like how he doesn’t show any signs of emotion- he’s not apologetic, he doesn’t blame himself, he just informs Abraham that “We’ll find another one. Trust me- I’m smarter than you.” Abraham, Dr. Mullet, and Sexy McMidriff, the sexy member of this trio whose name I missed, end up following Glenn and Tara down the road instead of sticking with their original plan of heading to Washington. Why follow Glenn? Abraham explains that good allies are hard to come by, and when you find them, you stick together. Smart people- I think I like them.


  • Michonne and Carl’s question game.
  • Rick choking out one of the bandits like a stone-cold mofo.
  • The horrifying, blood-spattered painting Michonne found.
  • That one little tear that leaked out of Michonne’s eye when she found the family in that awful pink room.
  • Dr. Eugene Mullet knowing exactly what caused the outbreak.
  • Glenn refusing to give up on Maggie.


  • The color of that pink room. SO MUCH PINK! It was like drowning in a bottle of Pepto-Bismol!
  • No Daryl.

This is the Action Flick Chick, and you’ve just been kicked in the ass!

Dale’s Deeds written by Alex Langley.

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