The Walking Dead 4-10: Climb on the Magic School Bus


BOOM! Okay, baby birds, Momma Action Chick has been pretty busy this week gearing up for SXSW and helping run a Kickstarter (which you should totally check out if you haven’t), so this recap of AMC’s The Walking Dead is going to be short, sweet, and kind of late.

Before we get to it, though, let’s check in with Dale.

Dale face 4 electric dance floor

Well, Action Chick, I’m glad you mentioned Kickstarter, because I’m running a crowd-funding idea of my own. It’s called the Hot Dogger, and it’s a machine that makes a hot dog every time you push a button. If everyone donates enough money, I can pay someone to invent this machine and then rake in the sweet rewards.


The Shane Face

Dale, I don’t think that’s how Kickstarter works. And I thought you was sick of hot dogs after trying that thirty-day hot dog challenge?

The Dale Face

I am, Shane, but, at the same time, that challenge awakened a craving in me I can’t ignore… a craving for hot dogs. If I go too long without having a dog, well, I end up really wanting one.


Thanks, Dale, now, onward, to the recap!

“Inmates” reminds us of why we love The Walking Dead. Things were occasionally getting a bit tough to watch thanks to how ridiculously dragged-out The Governors stuff was, but we seem to be rid of that a-hole (for now, at least), so we can move on to better things. Here’s a brief rundown of the highlights of the episode.


  • Daryl and Beth are still Batman and Robin-ing it around the woods, and Beth seems to be about one good insult away from having a total breakdown.
  • Tyreese is taking care of the two young girls, Lizzie and Not Lizzie, as well as… baby Judith, who is alive and well! A little too well because she won’t shut the crap up.
  • Young Lizzie might be a serial killer in the making, what with her lack of empathy and proclivity towards emotionlessly killing bunnies.
  • Maggie figures out Glenn’s still alive! Sasha’s emotionally numb! Bob seems surprisingly at peace!
  • Glenn was still at the prison and not on the bus after all, which is good because that Magic School Bus full of survivors turned into zombie party bus pretty quickly. He finds Tara, who was one of the Governor’s unwilling cronies, and the two of them high-tail it out of the prison and end up meeting a trio of people who are, apparently, from the comics, so they’ll be important later.
  • Carol’s back and Tyreese doesn’t know anything about what she did, but she managed to find him and the girls, so it’s all good… for now.

This is the Action Flick Chick, and you’ve just been kicked in the ass!


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