The Walking Dead 3-14: Andrea Raaan, She Ran So Far Awaaaay


Andrea (Laurie Holden) finally makes a decision.

This week on The Walking Dead, Andrea tries to redeem herself, but it’s a little too late, and instead finds herself The Govenor’s prey, which, conveniently enough, happens to be the name of the episode. WD fans wishing for Andrea’s death might just get it, or at the very least, they’ll get to see some very nasty things happen to her.

But before we get any further, let’s check in with Dale.

The Dale Face

Action Chick, what in the world is this “Gum-gum style” I keep hearing so much about? Does it have anything to do with Bazooka Joe bubble gum? Now there’s a gum I haven’t had in years. As a kid, I used to buy big piles of ’em and me and my friends would have a gum-off to see who could chew the most pieces at once. It’d always end when Fat Petey complained about being light-headed. That kid was a whiner, with a capitol E for weiner.

Thanks, Dale. Now onward, to the recap!

The Governor readies his torture room for Michonne, which is finally the spark Milton needed to light a flame under his butt and say enough is enough. He spills the beans to Andrea so she can warn Rick’s Rebels of The Gov’s un-gentlemanly plans for them, and she takes off to the prison. She has finally done something to start making up for her whole season’s worth of stupidity— but it was a day late and about a million dollars too short. Rather than sending his minions to do his dirty work, The Gov goes after her personally. There’s a long stretch of time with Andrea on foot and The Gov pursuing her in the luxury of a truck. After a fairly intense stand-off in an abandoned warehouse, Andrea unleashes a whole buttload of walkers on The Gov and escapes. Juuuuust as she reaches the prison, he shows up, bloody, tired, and crazy, and tackles her to the ground. He then takes her back to his honeymoon shack of torture and tells everyone he couldn’t find her. I’m am soooooooooo soooooo sooooo x 1000 ready to see this mofo die a horrible death. You know you’ve created a fantastic villain when your audience is eager to see him get blasted to meaty bits.


Governor Philip (David Morissey) has his eye on you.

The entirety of “Prey” was focused on Andrea’s run to the prison, which makes it doubly irritating to see that goal not get accomplished right at the last second. She was within Rick’s sight! Gawh!

While Andrea ran for an extremly long time in boots that definitely didn’t look built for running, Tyreese and Sasha seemed like they were going to wise up and leave Woodbury, but alas they succumbed to the lies flowing freely out of The Gov’s mouth. Does he have beer flavored nipples or something? People are so willing to believe this dude I’m beginning to think he’s freaking magic.

Milton earned about 999 bonus points this episode for finally being cool. He tells Andrea to warn Rick’s Rebels, then he goes and torches the bunch of walkers The Gov planned to use as a mini-WMD, an act which doesn’t go unnoticed by our dear Govenator. Now you can really hear the clock ticking down the remaining seconds of mousey Milton’s life— better make them count, nerd!


  • Andrea finally realizing that The Gov is a bad, bad man.
  • Andrea leaving to warn Rick’s Rebels.
  • Andrea letting the zombies loose on The Gov.
  • Milton turning on The Gov.
  • The fights with all the zombies, especially The Gov putting a shovel through one of their heads.
  • Milton growing a pair and secretly turning against his old buddy, Philip.




  • The Governor found Andrea way too easily. What, does she have a freaking tracking device on her?
  • Tyreese being slow to figure out The Governor’s rampant evilness.
  • The honeymoon torture room and Andrea being the first honeymooner. Even though she’s been frustratingly stupid this season, I don’t want to see anyone tortured except The Gov himself.
  • No Daryl

Dale’s Deeds written by Alex Langley

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