The Raid: Redemption (2011)

It’s a lot easier to write a long review when a movie is bad. Then you can pick apart all that sucks about it. However, when a film is good, sometimes there isn’t much to say other than: it’s great, watch it. Well, The Raid is great. Watch it!

The Raid (The Raid: Redemption in the U.S.) is an Indonesian martial arts flick that will deliver the action wrapped in bloody paper and tied with entrails! In the middle of the slums in Indonesia lies an apartment building that houses some of the most dangerous murderers and criminals in the area. The police have deemed it untouchable and left it alone… until now. A SWAT team is given the task to invade the huge apartment building to clean out the trash and bring in the owner, crime lord Tama Riyandi (Ray Sahetapy). It turns out to be a bigger job than they realized and soon the tides turn, with the handful of SWAT members finding themselves trapped in the building with a person behind each door trying to kill them.

The film is confined to one building with an endless amount of baddies…an excellent combination for action! It mixes gun battles with some amazing martial arts fights for a delightful, action packed 100 minutes. The character development and plot don’t matter, which is a good thing because they don’t exist! This is a great example of an ACTION film. There’s just enough of a reason to root for the good guys, then you sit back and enjoy the fighting.

The Raid is only playing in select theaters but if you can find it, watch it!

Action Rating: 5 Dudes Getting Tackled Out of Windows, out of 5!

This is the Action Flick Chick, and you’ve just been kicked in the ass!

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