Six of the Goriest Action-Horror Flicks Around!


Halloween is just around the corner, which means three things: adults and children alike gorging themselves on candy, costumes, and movies so gory it’d make a butcher blush. Now, as an action aficionado, I’m not just looking for gory horror, I like my guts and grossness packing heat- I’m talking action movies. Here are my top six goriest action/horror movies!


Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Type of horror: Zombies

Zack Snyder’s remake of Dawn of the Dead upped the body count, both in terms of the living and the dead. We’ve got zombies getting splatted, dismembered, headshot, and run over with trucks on the right, and people getting devoured, infected, and chainsawed to bits on the left! The movie’s covered in coagulated blood. Oh, and don’t forget, this flick has a freaking zombie baby.


Army of Darkness

Type of horror: Skeletons, deadites, and various otherworldly creatures

Okay, so Army of Darkness isn’t gory in the most technical sense, but it’s got loads of horror action, and I like it, so BAM! It’s on my list. Hero Ash faces off against everything from Three Stooge-inspired skeletons to an evil version of himself. Though most of his foes are dispatched in less that grisly ways, he does manage to slice and dice a few undead baddies with his trademark chainsaw hand. Groovy!



Type of horror: Alien, Predator

Once you start Predator, steek ahround for a truly tense flick, featuring a team of badass mercenaries (lead by a pre-governor Arnold himself) facing off against the seemingly unstoppable Predator. Only one man can stop this beast from beyond the stars, and (spoiler alert for a twenty year old movie) that man… is ARNOLD! With this flick we’ve got plenty of soldier vs. soldier action, skinned humans, and sexually charged tyrannosaurs. As far as Ahnold’s flicks go, this one is among his best, filled with great lines and one nasty-ass foe.



Type of horror: Mutilated people

While Robocop isn’t exactly an action/horror movie, it’s got plenty of horrifying stuff to it. For example, seeing Officer Murphy get gunned down is a pretty ugly affair. It, however, pales in comparison to the most gut-churning part of this classic flick- when one of Kurtwood “Foot In Your Ass” Smith’s henchmen gets drenched in acid and stumbles away, dazed, only to be run over by Kurtwood and splatter into a burst of crimson human goo. Kurtwood’s response? He turns on the wipers and keeps on driving.


Blade II

Type of horror: Vampires and Reapers

Vampires are a staple of horror films… or were, until they turned all stupid and sparkly. But your

classic vampires, the cool ones, hunt people and toy with them like the predatory beasts that they are. Blade II introduces Reapers, who are the vampires that vampires fear, so you know they’re bad motherhumpers if classic vamps are afraid of them. Reapers have retractable jaws that are a cross between a snake’s and a graboid’s, and they use these disgusting enhancements to chow down on the undead.



Type of horror: Alien, Xenomorph

Game over, man, game over! Xenomorphs are one of the most disgustingly horrifying creatures ever to grace the silver screen. They infest people like a parasite, they skitter around like a spider with a grudge to settle, and they bleed freaking acid. So, if you do manage to take out one of these nasty suckers, odds are they’ll still get you with blood corrosive enough to dissolve your face off in seconds. The only exception to this rule, however, is if your last name is Ripley, in which case, those chest-bursting freaks had better find a place to hide.

This is the Action Flick Chick, and you’ve just been kicked in the ass!

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One thought on “Six of the Goriest Action-Horror Flicks Around!

  1. miles

    Can someone Identify this movie it maybe an Action or Martial art movie. I saw back in 94 or 95 I’m not sure if it was made then it may have been the 80s really not sure the name or the actors. What I do recall is a gory part in this film. I think this takes place maybe in a bar with 2 guys the one guy grabs this big bearded guy gets him in a arm lock slowly starts twisting his arm around until the bone pops out then tears his arm off completely I think it was about gangsters or maybe drug dealers maybe. I also remember towards the end this Asian bad guy with a goatee gets his head blown right off by the same guy who tore the other guys arm off I have looked and looked online but cant not find it. This is the only description I can give of this movie

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