Review: Devil’s Due- Due Not See This Movie


Being pregnant seems like it sucks… doubly so if your baby is the antichrist. With Devil’s Due, we have another “horror” film using a mixture of hand held footage and stationary surveillance footage so that at least the film doesn’t make you insanely nauseated the entire 90 minutes. So, it’s got that going for it.

Full on spoilers following because this movie is bad and it doesn’t matter. The story focuses on two newlywed love birds; these two are oh-so very in love, have a wonderful wedding, and jet off to their honeymoon. On their last night, a cab driver insists on taking these two somewhere special to get a drink. The cabbie and his cabal of baddies drug them and perform some kind of ritual that impregnates the woman, Samantha, with the antichrist. After that, she starts acting weird, like when she starts eating raw meat even though she’s a vegetarian and exhibiting unnatural strength. They are stalked by the cab driver from their honeymoon and his cult. And the husband tries to figure it all out before something bad happens. He does piece everything together, but it does him little good, as Sam ends up slicing her own belly open, then dying while her husband begs the cultists to leave them alone. The cultists take the child, the husband is questioned for Sam’s murder, and the movie ends with the cab driver doing this all over again to another newlywed couple in Paris. Whoopie.


Now that the plot summary is over, let’s give Devil’s Due the tongue-lashing its due. This is supposed to be a horror film, yet it fails to be scary on any level. There might be a couple of times it’ll make you jump thanks to some jarring transitions, but that’s about as good as it gets. You can see that there are attempts to be creepy and scary, like the times when bad things keep happening to the people all around Sam, but there’s no meaning attached to any of it so it ends up being a sequence of events you really don’t care about. Oh, all the other pregnant women are having pains because of something Sam is doing? Who cares? What’s the significance? We already know that she’s pregnant with a devil baby.

There are no twists, spins, big revelations, or anything to bring Devil’s Due back from the edge of being insignificant. Nothing gets accomplished. The cult is shown to start the whole thing over again at the end of the movie, Sam dies, and who knows what the hell happens to the child. One might think that this might all be tied in to some kind of backstory with Sam since they mentioned that her parents died and she had to be cut from her mother’s womb, but no. Or, one might think that the cult and their motivations would be explained, but no. Or, one might think that maybe the husband could come up with some kind of solution to…I don’t know, do something, anything, but no.

If you want to watch a sequence of events that doesn’t carry any meaning, Devil’s Due might work for you. Otherwise, don’t waste your time until you can watch it at home, for free, on Netflix and make fun of it with your friends.

Action Rating: ½ Antichrists, out of 5!

This is the Action Flick Chick, and you’ve just been kicked in the ass!



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  1. Jermaine

    Wow…thanks for the warning Katrina! I was actually looking forward to seeing this. Glad I didn’t 🙁

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