October’s Hits: Top Tens for Month 10 (Arnold, Luci, Zombies, Ghosts, and Action Flick Chick’s Theme Song & Pics)

Did you know October was named for the number 8 back when it was the 8th month? But then an accident during an early temporal distortion experiment created two new months at the start of every year, and things have been out of whack ever since. (Don’t trust what the history books tell you about why the calendar changed.) So we thought about giving you Top Eights for Former Month 8, but then we’d have had to leave out the breast check which came in at #10 on the non-review list. October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you know.

At actionflickchick.com, October saw the conclusion of Arnold Fest 2009 (which had spilled over from September because a single month can’t contain a Schwarzenegger), zombies, ghosts, demons, more zombies, an assortment of other spooky treats, and plenty of action along the way. Stuntwoman Luci Romberg gave me behind-the-scenes pics from Zombieland and Ninja Warrior, author Steve Niles gave me the heads-up on the first day of shooting for the motion picture 30 Days of Night 2: Dark Days, and Wildride Robert Roy gave me my own theme song.

Who you gonna call at Comic-Con?

Who you gonna call at Comic-Con?

Most Downloaded Reviews

1. Ghostbusters (1984): Who You Gonna Call and What to Do Until They Show Up
2. The Boondock Saints (1999)
3. Sorority Row (2009): Spoiler-Free/Spoilers Galore
4. Zombieland (2009)
5. Wanted (2008): Bullets, Rat Bombs, and Angelina Jolie
6. Jennifer’s Body (2009): The Not-So-Pretty Side of Megan Fox
7. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)
8. True Lies (1994): Triple Best!
9. Star Trek (2009): A Fistful of Phaser
10. Paranormal Activity (2009): Did You Hear That?

Most Downloaded Non-Review Features

Olivias looking out for you.

Olivia's looking out for you.

1. Chick Pics – yep, people want to see the Chick
2. Arnold Fest 2009: Arnold’s Beginning
3. Arnold Fest 2009: What Could Have Been
4. Every Zombie Movie Ever Made
5. Way to Run, Olivia Munn!
6. San Diego Comic-Con: Women Who Kick Ass
7. Zombieland Photos: Behind the Scenes with Luci Romberg (part 1)
8. Zombieland Photos: Behind the Scenes with Luci Romberg, Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, and a Scary *** Clown (part 2)
9. Upcoming Movie: The Expendables (2010)
10. PSA: Because It’s October, Olivia Munn’s Breasts

Most Popular Search Phrases

Sometimes it’s really surprising what search phrases will lead people to this site.

1. ghostbusters
Ghostbusters (1984): Who You Gonna Call and What to Do Until They Show Up
2. sheri moon zombie nude
Rob Zombie’s Halloween II (Spoiler Free)
Rob Zombie’s Halloween II (Spoilers Galore!)
3. dawn of the dead sex
Interview: Kim Poirier (Dawn of the Dead, Decoys, HypaSpace)
Dawn of the Dead (2004)
4. chick from zombieland
We have a LOT of Zombieland content.
5. sorority row spoiler
Sorority Row (2009) Spoiler Free/Galore
6. action flick chick
7. zombieland chick
Zombieland content.
8. 30 days of night 2
30 Days of Night 2: Dark Days Begins Shooting Today (Interview with Author Steve Niles)
9. paranormal activity
Movie Chicks on Horror Flicks: Paranormal Activity (plus an even scarier nerd in the night)
Paranormal Activity (2009): Did You Hear That?
10. margo harshman nude
Sorority Row (2009) Spoiler Free/Galore

Top search keyphrases for first few days of November: #1 wrong turn 3, #2 paranormal activity 2009 ending, #3 luci romberg, #4 30 days of night 2, #5 action flick chick, #6 jason statham nude, #7 katie featherston boobs, #8 chick from crank, #9 wrong turn 3 onset footage, #10 the expendables trailer youtube.


It’s only half a top ten list, but several of the Chick’s YouTube videos drew a lot of new hits last month. Interestingly, four of the five most popular aren’t part of any of the articles listed above.

Yancy Butler.

Yancy Butler (Witchblade).

1. Interview: Yancy Butler (Witchblade, Wolvesbane)
2. Dallas Comic-Con Cosplayers: Supergirl, Dazzler, Shadowcat, and Agents of SHIELD)
3. Run, Action Flick Chick, Run!
4. Interview: Steve Niles (30 Days of Night, Criminal Macabre, The Ghoul)
5. Zombie Wranglers, Zombie Manor, and a Byte (a Bite? a Bit?) on Zombieland

More Off-Site Goodness

twitter – too much activity to sum up here. @actionchick‘s following passed 26,000 and the Chick started appearing on hundreds of the new twitter lists.
Silent Hill
– Action Flick Chick review for crackle.com.
Wrong Turn (2003) – Action Flick Chick review for liveforfilms.com.

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