Jason Statham’s Hummingb-I Mean Redemption- Preview


You may know Jason Statham’s newest film by the working title Hummingbird (as it’s still listed on IMDB) instead of Redemption, but, according to the poster and trailer, it seems the flick is getting a name makeover. Statham plays an ex-Special Forces soldier, Joey, who returns from a tour in Afghanistan. Struggling to reintegrate into normal society, he soon finds himself tangled up in London’s criminal underworld leading to some bad things. Those bad things lead to Joey looking for REDEMPTION! I think the name change was appropriate for this film, though I’m curious as to why it was originally titled Hummingbird. Overall it looks like another grim and gritty Statham flick, hopefully with plenty of the requisite Statham kicking of the asses. Redemption, presented by Roadside Attractions, rolls into theaters June 28, 2013.

This is the Action Flick Chick, and you’ve just been kicked in the ass!


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2 thoughts on “Jason Statham’s Hummingb-I Mean Redemption- Preview

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  2. Jason Statham

    After reading the reviews of this film iv’e realized that no matter what this man does he will not please the critics. Whenever he does what he is good at(action movies), he is just one note and doesn’t do anything else. When he tries something different like in this movie, he isn’t good enough for a dramatic role.Well I for one enjoyed this film as a welcome change of pace as this is his most serious/dramatic role which I felt he did a good job.

    The story is dark, gritty and down to earth as many war vets suffer psychological problems and as a result end up homeless or drug addicts.The movie is very character driven, layered which adds some needed depth to a Statham movie. He plays Joey Jones, a homeless war vet traumatized by his experiences and much of the story is about his character’s experience’s in the underworld of London. The movie feels authentic, the way its shot on the dark London streets and also reading that their was research done on Statham’s part preparing for the role.It’s good to see he can do a dramatic role plus use his action strengths and kick ass when he does.

    Overall, If your expecting an all out action film maybe you should watch Safe instead. However, if you want to see a darker, grittier film more deep than your typical Statham film and welcome the change of pace. I’d give it a watch and see how you like it.

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