May Mega Mayhem: Bioshock 2!

Day #26: Bioshock 2!

General Thoughts: When I watched the first cut scene, which lays the plot out for you, my first thought was “What kind of messed up crap is this?” You play as a Big Daddy, a dude in a diver’s suit who has a drill for an arm, and you have a Little Sister, a creepy little girl, that you have to protect. I guess you’re not a very good father because he kid gets taken right at the start and you spend the rest of the game trying to find her and get her back. Had I actually played the first Bioshock, this might all make more sense, but I didn’t and so I’ve just been going with the flow. The game is semi-noob friendly. It kind of walked me through the controls, but I didn’t have a clue as to what my mission was. Although, it’s possible that they told me what the mission was but the print on the screen was so freakin’ tiny, I had to lean forward, squint, and I still couldn’t read some of it. Now, I’m no eagle eye, but my TV is pretty ass-kickingly large, so it’s definitely the game’s fault that the text was so illegible.

31 Minutes of Play: I ran around levels one and two looking for my “daughter.” I’m immediately impressed with the arsenal of weapons at my disposal. You start off with a gigantic drill, the kind of drill you would use to drill through a concrete wall only you can drill right through people with it. It’s just as bloody and awesome as it sounds. To add insult to…death, you can rob your victims clean. When the Big Daddy says “Your money or your life!” He’s not really giving you a choice, cause he’s gonna take both! I made my way through the levels, drilling, stealing, and getting the Daddy’s Home and Distance Hacker achievements.

Fun Rating: 3 Little Sisters, out of 5!

This is the Action Flick Chick, and you’ve just been kicked in the ass!

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