Luke, Leia, and Han Return, Bruce Lee Butt-beating Biopic, and Van Helsing Reboot?


Rolling Stone reports that Harrison Ford will definitely return to reprise the scruffy-looking nerf herder who helped make him famous, Han Solo, in the upcoming Star Wars flicks helmed by J.J. Abrams. Whether Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill will also return has yet to be confirmed, but both actors indicate that the odds are good. I, for one, am pretty pumped to see the original three back in action. I just hope that they have something more substantial to do than be glorified cameos, and that Ford Solos it up with more gusto than he gave to his recent turn as Indiana Jones. No word on whether Chewie will be back to grab Leia’s boobs.


Screenwriters Christopher Wilkinson and Stephen Rivele have teamed up to pen Birth of a Dragon, a biopic about the Dragon himself, Bruce Lee. It’ll veer more into what they describe as “biographical fan fiction” than aim for historical accuracy, however. Like the Donnie Yen’s excellent Ip Man, this film will take some of the basic structure of Lee’s life and enhance it for extra ass-kicking flavor.


And, despite the massively over-blown and over-budgeted failure that was the original Van Helsing, Universal is looking at rebooting the franchise. Universal chairman Adam Fogelson says:

“Universal monsters are probably the thing people most equate with our library. But monsters are not superheroes. Virtually every monster story is by definition a tragic story. We are developing another Mummy. We are looking at rebooting Van Helsing because I think the idea for the Van Helsing story was a great way of solving the question of, “How do you make a blockbuster out of monsters?”

So, what he’s really saying is: we don’t care about what’s good, we care about what will make money.


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