Last Action Chick Standing, Round One – A WINNER from the Far Side of the Planet!

As our regular readers know, the Action Flick Chick is on a mission to identify the top male and female kickers of asses, especially the action chicks because the boys are disproportionately represented, and we’re giving PRIZES to people whose nominations particularly impress us.

Maybe that means you give us a whole list with decent explanations or you blow us away with the most amazing explanation about the world’s single best kicker, or maybe you find some other way to impress.

Discussion is spread out across our forum and comments to both of our previous posts about this topic, but the best collective discussion is among the comments in reply to the original contest announcement. Our first winner was RedwoodRed with a great top ten list with nothing but action chicks. And our second winner is (drumroll, please) . . .

AggressorBrad, for his interesting and detailed list of top ass kickers from both genders. Brad got creative, expanding across genres to cover some pulp heroes who paved the way for so many others.

We haven’t even told you yet what Round Two’s going to entail, but we can tell you it just grew a lot tougher for us.

australiaThanks, Brad! Seriously. Just our luck, though: Brad’s in Australia. Well, you know what? We never limited the competition to North America, so by gosh we’re mailing that DVD to the other side of the planet.

And we invite you all to hop into the fray.


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