Killers (2010) – Action Rom Com Starring Katherine Heigl & Ashton Kutcher

Action, romance, and comedy. Can they really be mixed together in a way that all the different genres shine? There have been some successful attempts like True Lies and some not so successful attempts like…well, I don’t know because I usually try to stay away from anything under the romance category. However, I finally decided to branch out and watch an action rom com and started with Killers. (The video comes out today so tonight at midnight, I’m drawing to give away a free copy of this movie, courtesy of Lionsgate. Go to “Action Rom Coms” if you’d like to enter.)

Killers is about a secret contract killer, Spencer (Ashton Kutcher), who falls for Jen (Katherine Heigl) and decides to leave the killing business. Someone puts a bounty on Spencer’s head so everyone he has ever known comes to kill him. In the process of Spencer trying to not get killed, Jen finds out that he used to be a killer. They go on the run while trying to figure out who’s trying to kill them and if they can still make their relationship work.

The comedy was a lot of married couple and “I can’t stand my neighbors” kind of humor which isn’t exactly my cup of tea. However, if you have been married or lived in a very controlling neighborhood where you can’t even take a poop without having to get your neighbors’ permission, this might just be hilarious to you.

The action was surprisingly brutal for a romantic comedy, but compared to other action films it was pretty mild. The action didn’t really get started until the last act so it was pleasantly surprising to see people die after watching the first part of the film. I did feel like the action was the best component, of course. There were some explosions, some hand to hand combat and some surprisingly brutal kills, not to mention a few twists and turns in the story. So look out, folks!

Killers comes out today on DVD and Blu-Ray. If you are looking for a cute film that blends a mix of marital humor, relationships, and some action, then pick up your copy today.

Time Until Initial Action: ~ 10 minutes

Baddies: The killers?

Best Line: “No more killing. I don’t even want to see you swat a f***ing fly!!!”

Best Kill: One of the killers (Katheryn Winnick) is on top of Spencer strangling him with a rope. He manages to shoot a chandelier off the ceiling, but this chandelier is no ordinary lighting device! It’s a compilation of antlers, all pointy and sharp. The antler chandelier swings from the ceiling spearing some baggage along the way and by baggage I mean one female killer! Then we see the bad chicky speared through the torso hanging from the ceiling.

Best Explosion: Spencer plants a bomb underneath a helicopter and as it flies away it explodes to pieces and crashes into the ocean.

Action Rating: 1 1/2 Licenses to Blah, out of 5.

This is the Action Flick Chick, and you’ve just been kicked in the ass!

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