Interview: VH1’s Scream Queens 2 – The Winner!

Which one is she?

Which one is she?

I worked my magic and scored an interview with the winner of Scream Queens 2, with a few remarks from SQ2 producer Joke Fincioen, before the winner has even been announced to the public! I don’t know who the winner is either, so don’t ask. However, the options are narrowed down each week as one girl is eliminated every Monday night on VH1. The candidates that remain are as pictured above (left to right): Sarah Alami, Tai Davis, Jessica Ortiz, Gabby West, Sierra Holmes, Christine Haeberman. Check out the interview and see if you can figure out who the winner is!

AFC: What’s it been like keeping your win a secret for months?

SQ2: Agonizing! But also exciting. It’s gonna feel great to talk about it. I’ve kept my mouth shut for 9 months.

AFC: 9 months? So how long has this whole thing taken from start to finish – like when were tryouts and how long did filming the series take? As a matter of fact, you were all working on episode 6 when I visited the set in early December, so does that mean you worked on this through Thanksgiving?

Joke: The audition process started last August and continued through November.  The show filmed its first episode the week before Thanksgiving, then the others between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  All the girls celebrated Thanksgiving together on the day off and production brought in a big turkey feast.  They also watched scary movies that day; TV is a luxury they only get on days off as shooting days are jam packed with challenges and rehearsal.  The final 2 were with us up until just a couple of days before Christmas.  For all the girls, it’s been a year-long process.

AFC: Now that the show is airing, what are the main things you’re feeling – excitement, relief…?

SQ2: It’s exciting, scary, and nerve wrecking all at the same time. I get so nervous when I watch!

AFC: Have the contestants kept in touch with each other? After all, nobody else knows what you went through on the show.

SQ2: There were some really great friends made on the show. I do keep in touch with several girls. I think everyone is in touch in some way.

AFC: Speaking of people who know what you went through, have you gotten to know Tanedra Howard, the winner from Scream Queens season one?

Tanedra Howard wins season one.

SQ2: No, I would absolutely love to talk to her though! She was my fav from season 1!

Joke: This winner has not met Tanedra because Tanedra does not know who wins. She is a big fan of the show and is enjoying just watching. I’m sure once the finale airs, they will have a lot to talk about.

AFC: Watching the show, it’s easy for viewers to wonder how some of those girls made it there. What were tryouts for the show like?

SQ2: Tryouts were tough! There were over 36,000 applicants!! It was a series of auditions as well as a home video tape, and then psychological and physical testing. Towards the end of the audition process, we had personality tests, IQ tests, blood tests! It was intense!! Everything was very secretive. The final round of auditions was held at a hotel where we stayed for several nights, and had to be escorted almost everywhere.

AFC: Now that the show is airing, you’re getting a different perspective on events you were part of. What has surprised you most while watching the series yourself?

SQ2: Watching real people change and grow or be defeated.  There are some hard knocks. Myself included.

AFC: The program only shows a certain portion of what you were all doing. What else went on that we don’t get to see on air?

SQ2: I know a lot of reality show contestants complain about how much time they spend bored. Bored! Yeah right! We didn’t have time to be bored. It was a constant ongoing surprise at every turn. We never knew what was coming next, ever. If we weren’t competing in a challenge we were talking about it. And if we weren’t doing that we were being fitted for crazy outfits or fangs! No joke. We only had one day off a week. People spent it sleeping and trying to mentally prepare for what they would throw at us next!

AFC: How does the show benefit its participants, even the losers?

Katrina on SQ2 set with Tim Sullivan.

SQ2: I think this show is a great chance not only to be seen, but to grow. A chance to be mentored by Jaime King, who is such an awesome actress and person… She really cares about the growth and outcome of SQ’s actors.  John Homa, another amazing person who demands the best out of you, with no excuses.  And Tim Sullivan, someone who comes straight from the horror genre, loves what he does, and pushes you. Working with a real director? Acclaimed acting teacher? Awesome actress?! Pretty priceless.

AFC: Not necessarily speaking for just yourself, but for all the contestants, what’s the hardest part of doing a show like this?

SQ2: There was no privacy! Whatever you were experiencing, so were the cameras. We had no TV, internet, and were not allowed to have our phone. We weren’t even allowed to make phone calls. I’m really close to my family, and I’m also really private so that was hard for me. We were completely isolated from the outside world. Not even allowed books or magazines!

AFC: When the last episode airs, how will you celebrate?

SQ2: I’m going to make a framed piece of memorabilia from the show and hang it. It was a very special experience and I’m proud! So far, it’s my biggest accomplishment.

Next week: I will share both video and transcript from my interview with Scream Queens 2 producers Joke and Biagio.

Big thanks to VH1 and Scream Queens 2‘s producers for inviting me onto the program’s set and for letting us do this interview. Follow SQ2 producers Joke and Biagio on twitter (jokeandbiagio) and check out their blog:

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Scream Queens 2 contestants with Saw 3D director Tim Sullivan, actress Jaime King, and tough love acting coach John Homa.

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