Interview: Amanda Pays (The Flash, Max Headroom) on Psych, Social Media, and Husband Corbin Bernsen

For a show that only lasted one year, The Flash still gets a lot of love from its fans. A few days ago, I asked readers on Facebook and Twitter what were the best and worst comic book TV shows, and for best, The Flash got named more than any other.  (For worst, Birds of Prey came up most. Sorry, Birds fans.) I spoke with The Flash stars John Wesley Shipp and Amanda Pays. I’ll share Mr. Shipp’s interview a different day. For today, here’s the recorded portion of my talk with the darling Ms. Pays.

AFC:  I saw the episode of Psych that you did with Corbin [Bernsen],  your husband. So was that a lot of fun to get to do with him?  Being the one who was assaulting… {Amanda played a sexually assertive woman who grabs Corbin’s character while they’re out on a date and drags him into a restaurant men’s room.}

Amanda: It was a lot of fun.  We worked together a couple of times before, years ago.  So when he said, “Amanda you should come up and meet the guys, they want maybe to offer you this part,” I was thrilled.  And it was really, really good fun.

AFC:  You all get along well on set?

AMANDA: Yes, we do.

AFC:  So now, social media is a huge thing: Facebook, Twitter.  How has that changed your work?  Or has it changed your work?  Have you gotten into it lately?

AMANDA: You know what, I do have a Facebook page, but to be honest I don’t have the time.  I like to read a book. I like to do things. I’m an interior designer as well as an actress.  So I’m very busy.  I’ve got four kids.  I don’t know how a lot of people just get obsessed with Facebook and they spend so much time on it that they’re giving up other parts of their life that I think are still very important.

AFC:  That’s true.

AMANDA: So I’m not a huge Facebook person.  Corbin is!

AFC:  Oh, is he?

AMANDA: And he tweets all the time.  But he’s got a big production company and he makes movies so it’s very good to have to create fan base and he does a lot of business on Facebook.

AFC:  Are you on Twitter?

AMANDA: No, no.  Just Corbin. He commutes up to Vancouver a lot to do the show; they shoot in Canada.  He’s got the time on the plane. He commutes weekly.  That’s kind of his down time to fill in on all that.  I don’t know what his [Twitter] name is.  I guess I should.  (laughs)

Thank you to the lovely Amanda Pays for taking time out of her busy Dallas Comic Con schedule to talk to me!

This is the Action Flick Chick, and you’ve just been kicked in the ass!

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