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Those of you who follow my work may know that, in addition to writing here, I also cover gaming over at the wonderful, and TV/Movies over at the beautimous Well, after much blood, sweat, and tears, the awesome folks at Fanhattan are finally ready to unveil Fanhattan Voice! While the base Fanhattan site is a tool to help you find any TV show or movie and watch it via whichever streaming service has it, be it Hulu, Netflix, or StalloneFlix, Fanhattan Voice is a fan site built to celebrate any and everything, with articles written by people like yours truly who are die hard fans of their genres.

Here’s a press release from Fanhattan’s Gilles Bianrosa:

Our team has always had a singular goal: to make the process of finding movies and shows as simple and entertaining as watching them. We started with our iOS app and are continuing to move into more of the screens you love. Today we’re sending out the first invites to  Fanhattan on the web.

Find Movies & Shows on the Web

More than 100 million people in the U.S. watch online video on an average day. But figuring out what to watch (and where it’s on) can take the fun out of Friday night before it’s even started – with some people checking as many as four or five separate sites and services before they find the movie or show they want to watch. By combining a comprehensive database of over 1 million titles with a dynamic mapping of where these movies and shows are currently available across 29 streaming services, Fanhattan is solving a problem that no other service is solving well.

WatchNow Fanhattan On The Web

In bringing the best of the Fanhattan iOS experience to the web, we’ve expanded from 16 providers on iOS to 29 on the web, with more than 1,000,000 shows and movies in our database, more than 150,000 shows and movies available to instantly watch now, and nearly three times more free shows and videos available to watch on the web than on iOS.

Jump Into Fanhattan:  Know What You Want To Watch?


Search by title or person for that TV series you want to catch up on, that Oscar nominee you haven’t seen yet, or your favorite actor. The first thing you’ll notice with any movie or show on Fanhattan (on top of the eye-opening backdrops) are two options: to WatchNow or add to your WatchList for later.  WatchNow tells you where and how to instantly watch a movie or show across the web.  If the title isn’t available yet on your favorite services, you can add it to your WatchList and get alerts whenever it becomes available.

Need Some Inspiration?

Not sure what you want to watch?  We don’t think you should ever settle for watching “whatever’s on.”  We curate daily the hottest movies and trending TV shows so you know what’s happening in the entertainment world. And on Fanhattan Voice, we present the latest entertainment news, celebrity interviews, reviews, box office takes, opinions, commentary, and trends to satiate your curiosity and spark your imagination.

Plus, if you log-in with Facebook, Fanhattan does the heavy lifting of processing your Facebook feed, and automatically creating a list of movies and shows your friends like.

Create & Share Your Own Lists 

Fanhattan Lists

Since we launched WatchLists on iOS last summer, people have added movies and shows to their WatchList more than 1,000,000 times. You’ve already told us you love curating and sharing the entertainment you love.

Starting today on both web and iOS, you can create, name and share Fanhattan lists of your all-time favorite buddy cop flicks, tear-jerkers, road trip movies, best picture winners for the last 84 years – or go wherever your entertainment taste takes you.  Lists are the easiest way to share what you love with friends.  The possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to see what you do with it.

So whether you know what you’re looking for, want suggestions from experts and friends or like to share your own recommendations, you can get everything in one place on Fanhattan.

To join the beta simply sign-up with us and we’ll send you an email invite when we’re ready for you. If you’ve already signed up or are a Fanhattan for iOS user, check your inbox and grab a bowl of popcorn.



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