Fanhattan Recap Recap 12-1-12!

It’s been a busy week over at Fanhattan, and Alex (@rocketllama) and I have recaps on all the awesome-tasticalest shows. Check them out!

Dexter (Michael C. Hall)

 Dexter 7-9: Conversations with Mob People

After last week’s episode of Dexter, I thought this week’s “Helter Skelter” would be a tense ball of excitement as the major killers all came face to face. I think my expectations were a little too high, because while the episode was fine, it didn’t incite any feelings of excitement. While some potentially bad things happened to certain characters, the episode was a calm one, doubly so thanks to Dexter’s signature monotone narrative. Also, Dexter’s gotten a little too competent for his own good. I’m never worried that he’ll miss his mark!

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Revolution 1-10: Reunited and It Feels So Good

NBC’s Revolution reached its mid-season finale last night with “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” and won’t return until January 7, 2013, leaving fans anxiously awaiting the resolution to Revolution’s (see what I did there?) cliffhanger. While the first half of this episode moved rather slowly, the last half kicked a lot of ass. Reunions, some happy, some surprising, and some bitter, were happening everywhere thanks to Miles and the group finally reaching Philadelphia to save Danny.

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Green Arrow (Stephen Amell)

Arrow 1-7: Who Hunts the Huntress?

While this week’s Arrow was bereft of the show’s usual island flashback goodness, we got a tasty consolation prize- another superhero! Though, like the show’s hero, we never get to hear this hero’s real name, comic book fans will know who it is. (Spoilers: in case you can’t tell from the title, it’s the Huntress).

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Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) smells a mystery; Watson (Lucy Liu) smells New York Apartment, a scent so odoriferous it must be experienced to be believed.

Elementary 1-8: Alfredo, Hookers, and SpongeBob!
This week’s Elementary, while not bad, certainly doesn’t live up to the outings of the last two weeks, with the murderous Pillowhead and the mention of Irene Adler, Holmes’ longtime lover/rival. We don’t get anything as tasty as that, though we do get Alfredo the ex-car thief, who is as gentle-voiced and zen as he is hat-wearing.
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Blockbuster Summer of ’95

Summer Blockbusters: films released in the summer, often massive in scope and budget, whose intent is to entertain as many people as possible. The grand tradition of these mega-movies stretches back to the original Star Wars, which is often attributed as being the film that helped foster the idea of Summer Blockbusters. These days, we tend to see lots of superhero movies and YA novels adapted to the big screen as summer flicks, but there are many summer films of yesteryear that broke the mold, so to speak, and took a different route. Come with me, if you will, into the past, 1995, to look at some of the big budget bohunks that delighted the audiences of yesteryear.

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Parks and Rec is serious business, son.

Parks and Recreation 5-8: The Life and Death of Burt Macklin

Things are moving forward on Parks and Recreation— Leslie and the parks crew are one step closer to getting the pit across from Anne’s house filled in. You know, the pit Anne’s been trying to get filled since the first episode. This may be the show’s final season, and if it is, the Parks crew defeating that god-awful pit will be a nice way to bookend the series.

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