Craziest Action Scene Ever- Bollywood Action Movie Endhiran is Nuts!

It’s time to brighten up your day with four minutes of utter insanity! This scene from Endhiran is one of the craziest action sequences I’ve ever seen, and if you know one to top it, let me know. Links!

Special thanks to Frank McGregor for bringing this to our attention.

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One thought on “Craziest Action Scene Ever- Bollywood Action Movie Endhiran is Nuts!

  1. baixiwei

    S**t, why doesn’t someone tell Hollywood to stop with all the unimpressive superheroics we’ve been seeing from their comic book movies and do THIS instead?

    Except make it, you know, more realistic.

    Seriously, 90% of what we’re seeing from super-strong, super-tough, super-fast heroes like Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Superman, is just punching other tough guys. Occasionally someone gets thrown through a wall or knocks over a building. But that’s it! I feel like the obsession with making things look sorta-kinda real has gotten in the way of the much more important task of making them look *cool*. We could learn from the kind of exuberant imagination shown in this clip.

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