Comic-Con Panel Video: Where Are the Action Chicks?

Continued from”Comic-Con Panel: Best Superheroine Movie? No, the ONLY Theatrical Superheroine Movie.”

In a San Diego Comic-Con International panel, some friends and I discussed the shortage of superheroines and other action heroines in leading roles in movies and comic books.

The Panel:
* Katrina Hill, Action Flick Chick (@ActionChick), G4TV’s Next Woman of the Web, PoP’s current Fangirl of the Month.
* Jill Pantozzi the Nerdy Bird (@thenerdybird), comic book blogger. Comic Book Resources, MTV’s Splash Page,
* Adrianne Curry (@AdrianneCurry), reality TV star (The Surreal Life, My Fair Brady), first winner of America’s Next Top Model.
* Cindy Morgan (@CindyMorganInfo), actress in Caddyshack and TRON.
* Clare Kramer (@ClareBerry), actress who played Glory on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
* Jennifer Stuller, scholar (Ink-Stained Amazons and Cinematic Warriors),
* Gina Misiroglu, scholar (The Superhero Book, The Supervillain Book).
* Marjorie Liu, novelist (Hunter Kiss, Dirk & Steele) and comic book writer (Black Widow, X-23).
* J. Michael Straczynski, TV series creator (Babylon 5) and comic book writer (The Amazing Spider-Man, Wonder Woman).

I. Panelists Discuss the Central Question

Pt. 1. Introduction and panelists’ thoughts.
Pt. 2. Which superheroine should star in a theatrical movie? Why don’t screenwriters know what to do with heroines besides kill them off?
Pt. 3. Is Wonder Woman too perfect? Audience members ask a few questions before Cindy Morgan and the comic book writers have to leave. Audience members keep mentioning Wonder Woman’s costume.

II. The Scholars

Pt. 4-5. Jennifer Stuller: A history of action heroines in movies and TV.
Pt. 6. Gina Misiroglu: A history of comic book heroines.

III. Questions & Answers

Pt. 7. Panelists answer audience questions.

One audience member who rambled for two minutes at the very end has been edited out. I’m not going to reinforce that crap. When the I ask for a final question and say, “Make it a good one,” then cut to a freakin’ question!

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