Our “Where Are the Action Chicks?” Comic-Con Panel Lost Luci and Gained Goddess Glory

Friday at Comic-Con, Katrina will be in charge of the “Where Are the Action Chicks?” panel discussing the shortage of action heroines in comic books and movies – with a whole lot of cool people we’ve mentioned here a couple of times, like J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5 TV series, Wonder Woman comic book), Cindy Morgan (Caddyshack, TRON), and more. Ah, but not Luci Romberg. We already knew the erratic nature of stuntwoman Luci’s work meant a job could pop up at any time and keep her from coming to Comic-Con. That’s exactly what happened. Luci’s such a dear, she promised to make up for it by talking to us about her work on Green Lantern and other goodies later this summer.

And stepping into her place, courtesy of our friends at Official Pix, will be actress Clare Kramer who kicked Buffy’s ass repeatedly as the self-absorbed goddess Glory Glorificus a.k.a. “That Which Cannot Be Named” or “The Beast” when she wasn’t turning into a guy named Ben during season 5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (you know, the season when Buffy got a sister, Dawn, who’d never been mentioned before).

Our panel is part of the Comics Arts Conference, a.k.a. Comic-Con’s academic track. Appropriately enough, Clare is a well educated lady. Straight from Clare to Katrina: Clare has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from New York University to go with all her studies in theatre.

Buffy vs. Glory - BtVS Season 5

Buffy vs. Glory - BtVS Season 5

Thanks, Arturo (@aboynamedart) and MarQ (@swiv) respectively of the “Hour 42” and “Somewhere in Vegas” podcasts for helping Katrina find this video. Incidentally, MarQ interviewed actress Cindy Morgan about our panel and much more just yesterday on “Somewhere in Vegas”.

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