Checking in with Kim Poirier: Eureka, Silent But Deadly, Paradise Falls, Foodland


Earlier this year we interviewed actress Kim Poirier (Dawn of Dead, Decoys, HypaSpace) in our first War Room chat. The interview transcript continues to be one of our more popular articles, although admittedly it’s getting a number of hits from people googling “Dawn of the Dead sex scene” or “Kim Poirier nude.” Even so, Kim said she’s “glad it was so well received.”

Last week Kim appeared as Dr. Maria Leonardo in the season premiere episode of the Syfy Channel (formerly known as the Sci-Fi Channel until they decided to give their core viewer base a gigantic finger by changing the name to something less “nerdy” looking) original series Eureka which stars Colin Ferguson and Salli Richard-Whitfield.

Her character’s background and rapid tree growth gimmick struck us as rather elaborate for Dr. Leonardo to have turned out to be nothing but a red herring for the lead characters to check out while investigating the “Welcome Back, Carter” episode’s real mystery. Usually the red herrings on that show at least contribute to the eventual solution or weave into a long term story arc. So we asked Kim about this.

“No, it was just one episode unfortunately,” Kim told us. She enjoyed the work. A native Canadian, Kim has worked in quite a number of movies and television programs recorded up there, and she is well experienced in working with science fiction. “What a fun show to work on! The vibe on set was really chill and friendly funny.”


Kim doesn’t need Eureka to keep her busy, though. She mentioned that her weekly soap opera Paradise Falls airs in Canada this fall. “And Foodland, another feature film, is scheduled to air this fall as well.” Foodland tells the story of a naive grocery clerk who finally stands up to crafty coworkers in order to retrieve the store’s stolen receipts. Yes, you read that right. We hope it’s as offbeat as it sounds.

“I am still awaiting news on Silent But Deadly and what will happen with that,” Kim said. Silent But Deadly stars Jason Mewes (Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back) as an unconventional serial killer stalking the cast and crew of a Hollywood film. “I will definitely keep you in the loop.”

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