3-D from 3 She’s: Three Out of Three Genre Girls Agree.

It’s interesting to me to note that the three sister sites all have reviews for the same movie right now, My Bloody Valentine 3-D.

Action Flick Chick: Review by the Action Flick Chick.
Pink Raygun: “The Insanity That Coal Dust Makes” by Sylvia Bond.
Pretty Scary: Review by Superheidi.

Of course, when you have people judging a film for an action movie site, a science fiction site, and a horror site, you’re going to get a variety of judgments. Sylvia at Pink Raygun provided what was by far the most detailed report of the movie.

Whereas the votes at Pretty Scary so far rate the 5 out of 5, the Chick only gave it 3.5 bloody 3-D hearts out of 5. (From her, that’s a good score.) Keep in mind, though, that she rates every movie first and foremost on its quality as an action film. She has given low scores to movies she likes. So you see, even when our gals hit the same topic, they all have something different to offer for your entertainment pleasure.

While they vary in what they say, one thing is clear: Three out of three genre girls agree that My Bloody Valentine 3-D is bloody fun to see.

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