Best Superheroine Movie? Round 1

While preparing for July’s upcoming San Diego Comic-Con International panel (“Where Are the Action Chicks?” starring Katrina HillJill Pantozzi, Adrianne Curry, Jennifer Stuller, a certain stuntwoman we adore, and somebody to surprise you all), our heroine posed a question on Facebook and twitter. She already knew her own answer but wondered how others would view the issue.

Action Flick Chick: Semi-Trick Question – Best superheroine movie?

That’s it – just the topic, with no further explanation for now.

twitter answers

Halle Berry (Catwoman)

@blaquesaber: The Long Kiss Goodnight
@ahuntre: I want a remake of “Tank Girl” like “Sin City”.
@GenDraftComic: They made Superheroine movies?
@John_Sia: Not Catwoman or Elektra for sure =p
@Trihaly: once the action chick comics turn into a movie 😉 haha
@teresajusino: Kill Bill.
@RaySunShines: Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2.
@seamuscooper: the Heroic Trio. Anita Mui, Maggie Cheung and Michelle Yeoh.
@BobbyBless219: if you’re going comicbook movie wise, Best Superheroine Movie would go to Tank Girl.
@Purplexo67: “Daredevil”-Electra was badass!
@soulofmiami: 5th Element. If that one doesn’t count as super-enough, then Ultraviolet. Really anything with Milla J.
@OSOSANTOS: tankgirl or ultraviolet
@donsturgots: super girl
@GLKnight83: @actionchick There WAS a Supergirl movie… But nobody talks about that film for a good reason.

Facebook answers

Mark KurallCreator Schuenemann: The Incredibles!
Caine Dorr: The Long Kiss Goodnight
Richard Purnell: Can i answer who is the Best Superherione on Film?? cause i would Say Catwoman from Batman Returns for now. until we See Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass. well me u saw it. haha
Jamais Jochim: Silk Spectre II. Mrs. Incredible. Rogue. Yeah…Probably Rogue for character. As for film, I’d probably have to go Barbarella (what, I need to have it be female-powering? Why not just fun…?)
Jamais Jochim: [Can you tell that I’m waiting to see the Wonder Woman movie before feeling comfortable with the question?;-)]
Michael Dellheim: Hrmm tough list to come up with… Superheroine Movies could include Bloodrayne, Aeon Flux, Ultraviolet, Underworld, and (gah) Catwoman, but would you really want to refer to any of these as the “Best” of anything? How about Barb Wire?? Do we go all the way back to Tank Girl??? Really craptastic pickings among the super-powery female-focused flicks.
Jim Mack McGee: trainspotting
Rey MacTavish: Resident Evil!!! Love Milla Jovovich!!
Amy Ratcliffe: Hmm, does River Tam count?
Humerus Brett: The trick being there hasn’t been one? Or should I say Kill Bill
Veronica Dorkmaster: River Tam all the way!!

Yancy Butler (Witchblade)

Yancy Butler (Witchblade)

Jamais Jochim: Michael: There are some, but you need to go back a bit (Witchblade was pretty good, even though the series sucked, and there is the original Wonder Woman movie). Weird…
Jamais Jochim: Of course, the jerk in me would make the point that a) there haven’t been a lot of single male super-hero movies either (the genre as a whole is basically ignored), and b) the best super-hero movies tend to be team movies.
Arturo R. Garcia: I think the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer qualifies as being influential. As far as stand-out superheroines, though, Ellen Ripley should also get respect.
Amber Love: If you are being specific about movies that are titled after a character, then yeah, it’s much more limited than just picking strong female role models in action flicks. I wouldn’t call Ripley a “super heroine” but I’d call her a strong action star and the movie wasn’t about her. I don’t care what anyone says, I love the Lara Croft Tom Raider movies; also love all of Resident Evil (and this is funny because I’ve never seen nor played either game). There are definite strong women in ensembles like above mentioned, Watchmen, Batman, etc. I think the Buffy movie was awful but owe it thanks and respect for giving us one of the greatest tv shows in history.

Milla Jovovich (Ultraviolet)

Milla Jovovich (Ultraviolet)

Russell Allen: I love a good ass kicking female heroine in movies…just not alot of good ones made. Resident Evil and Ultraviolet, Catwoman (the remake…not Michelle Pfiffer’s version), Watchmen are all decent and have a butt load of butt kicking.
J. Seth Barnard: I would vote Return of the King with Eowyn…she was the real victor in that movie.
Markus Hunt: Underworld for me. MmmmmmKate Beckinsale
Sara Elizabeth Boozer: The Bride from “KILL BILL”–very strong character arc and ass whoopin’ ; there’s always “Super Girl”, but her movie was “yawn” ; I really like Mulan and Wonder Woman. Guilty Pleasures that I’ll root for are She-Ra and Sailor Moon.
Erin Bailey Lashley: Bound.

Still not explaining for now. We’ll revisit this one soon enough.

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8 thoughts on “Best Superheroine Movie? Round 1

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  2. OnyxSparrow

    The problem we run into with a lot of these aswers is the context of the question. A “Super Heroine” movie doesn’t simply mean a movie with good female superheroes in it, but a movie that is Focused on female superhero. This is a very short list, and not a very good one at that.

    Another question is if you can define Superheroine. The Bride in “Kill Bill” does fit as an Anti-Heroine, but her place as a Superheroine is up for grabs… there’s a gap between being a Heroine and a Superheroine. Lara Croft is a Heroine. Sarah Conner is a Heroine. Rippley is a Heroine. Do they count as Super though? Not really…

    The male-focused stories of Superheroes are in abundance. From Superman to Batman, to Ironman and Spider-man, you can always find a Superhero. Most female superheroes seem to exsist as part of the team or as a partner/subordinate rather than it being about them. This seems to be an inherent flaw in the system… I for one would love to see a true Superheroine movie, but sadly it has yet to really happen on a blockbuster project.

  3. clarabela

    I agree with OnyxSparrow. If you are asking about movies that a based a heroine with super powers, there have not been any really good superheroine movies. As much as I like Halle Berry, Catwoman was horrible and Elekta was very good either.

    Maybe they should do an X-men prequel about Jean Grey. That might be interesting.

  4. Thomas

    There’s oly one watchable movie I can think of that’s specifically about a superheroine and tells you so in the title…. and it’s a comedy at said superheroine’s expense. “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” is actualy a pretty good film, but the fact that I have to go to something as un-serious as that to fit your chriteria just serves to underline how serious the lack of decent superheroine movies is.

    Where is She Hulk? Power Girl?

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