Being Human 3-10: Hungry Hungry Stevie

Being Human - Season 3

Sally and Josh have a heated discussion whilst burying a zombie body.

If you’re hoping for things to start looking better for the Being Human paranormal trio, think again. Aidan may be cured of his vampire flu, but “For Those About to Rot” only finds him and the rest of our sexy trio diving further into trouble. There are only three episodes left of this awesome season so anything can happen!

After a bit of teasing from Sally, Aidan realizes he’s sexually frustrated, and gives his relationship with Kat a try. After a rather awkward date, these two history nerds end up doing it anyways. Everything seems hunky-dory until we see Aidan wake up in an alley, all woozy and unsure of how he got there. Hidden behind some alley garbage is Kat’s ex-boyfriend’s body— somehow the poor bugger’s been drained of all his blood. Uh-oh, Aidan. He seems unknowingly be having some control issues. Will Kat find out? Will she dig dating a vampire? Or will she have the sense to run the other way? A lot of time was eaten up by flashbacks to Aidan’s ridiculous pilgrim-hair-time and showed how he was barely able to have a child pre-vampirism.


Sally gets a phone call from Zoe, and rushes over to find that she killed Nick when he attacked/tried to chow down on her. Whew! Sorry, Nick, but between you and Zoe, I’d rather she survived. She’s a smart, interesting character and deserves better than to be eaten by a zombie. Zoe sends Sally packing, telling her to stay away from her after Nick’s ghost warns her about the hunger. But then Nick gets his door and all seems to be okay. Then Sally decides to visit Stevie’s parents house and finds that Stevie beat her to it. He visited his folks, who died because of the black hoodoo that reanimated him, and ate their bodies, as well as the poor mailman. He begs to be put out of his misery before he eats someone else, so Josh steps up to the plate and slays the kid off-screen, lamenting that “this is who he is now.” Soulful-eyed Josh has been forced to do a lot of crazy stuff over the past few years, but it’s all becoming a normal part of his day: killed a zombie, check. Buried the body of another zombie, check. Walked in on vampires trying to eat a werewolf, check check (we’ll get to that in a second).


Pilgrim Aidan doesn’t dig going to church.

No one in the show pointed out that when Stevie’s ghost appeared, Josh couldn’t see him! Does this mean he won’t turn into a werewolf after all? Maybe he’s immune to it, seeing as how he’s already been there and done that. Stevie’s door appears and as he’s walking through it Sally notices it’s the very same door that appeared for Nick. Ghost rule #482: every ghosts door is different. Sally smells something fishy, but realizes it just in time to be too late— Stevie’s already through the door. Now that’s just one more mystery for the trio to solve while trying to find a way to keep Sally alive without eating human flesh. I have a bad feeling about Stevie and Nick (Hey! Stevie Nicks! Like the singer!) I’m afraid those two will end up dust in Witchy-poo’s kitchen, just like that other poor schmuck Sally inadvertently killed at the beginning of the season.

Last episode Aidan decided to stand up to the werewolves by telling the vampires about the cure for the vamp flu, despite Josh and Nora encouraging him to keep it to himself. A group of vampires attack Petey, the hippie werewolf Josh and Nora befriended last episode. Josh tries to stop them, but he just gets knocked out while the vamps drink his poor friend’s blood. Next episode will probably have a very upset Josh and Nora demanding answers from Aidan as to why their friends are being treated like Capri Suns.


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