Be a Santa for Penny Lane! Join Patricia Tallman (Babylon 5, Night of the Living Dead) in Helping Abused Youth

Become Santa Pat’s elves!

Patricia Tallman – actress (Babylon 5, Army of Darkness, Night of the Living Dead), stuntwoman (Jurassic Park, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Speed), author (Pleasure Thresholds), and my friend – needs you.

For years, Pat has volunteered for the Penny Lane home which provides what is often the last, best hope for more than 100 emotionally, sexually, and physically abused kids aged 12-18. The earlier Penny Lane can help them, the better their chances are to learn a moral compass, to know what it is to be loved and how to love, and to develop the life skills they will need before long to hold jobs and pay bills. Most of these ‘at risk’ youngsters are turned out of the system at 18 to hit the streets, and most end up in very bad circumstances. Penny Lane is unique, having developed a transitional housing program that keeps the young people safe and helps them learn. The stories are devastating and yet Pat tells me the kids are wonderful. “They need to know there is a better life.”

12 years ago, Pat created the Be A Santa program to give each Penny Lane youth a bag full of items plus a gift card. Depending on how much money we raise, the cards are for $50-$100, divided equally per child. Pat gets ‘about me’ pages from the kids and the Be A Santa crew personalizes each bag to make the kids feel special and unique. Please go to the site for info on the bags. The program needs help with:
1) Donations to help with the holiday program. Every dollar helps! Penny Lane is a 501(c) non profit and it all goes to the kids.
2) Spreading the word! Please share this message through your email, and social media sites.
This is a very personal program. There are only a few of us that make this holiday happen for the kids each year. The list of donors is on the Angle page of the site.
Below are the links for more information and how to help. All donations are tax deductible.
Thank you so much for helping me make the holidays bright for these amazing kids.
Donate by check or credit card:
Info on Penny Lane
Email Pat:
Facebook page with our updates and random fun :

Help this action chick do a good deed for Christmas!

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