Bad Girls (1994)

Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! Do I have your attention now? I think I have noticed a trend in movies: Girls can do just about anything as long as they’re workin’ a little bit of cleavage. At least that seems to be the motto for Bad Girls. Four hot girls go around with their cleavage showing and all the men start drooling. Well, not all the men, but most of them. They get away with a lot of stuff because they flirt and show some cleavage and maybe a little leg. Of course back then, when Bad Girls was set, skin was a little bit more novel than it is now. Anywhoo, it is still fun to watch…the movie, I mean. The other stuff just adds some icing to the cake.


Madeleine Stowe, Mary Stuart Masterson, Andie MacDowell, and Drew Barrymore make up the fearsome four of Bad Girls. And bad girls they are. They start off as prostitutes and end the movie in a shoot out killing a lot of men. Such talented young ladies! They don’t take any mistreatment from anyone. The whole reason they stop the prostitute business is because a guy was being a jerk to one of them and Cody (Stowe) just up and shot him in the middle of the bar full of people. It was great. Then the whole reason they get into a shoot out at the end is because Lily (Barrymore) can’t keep from shooting a guy who was making rude comments to her. Now this is a Drew Barrymore I can get behind! She’s young, hot, and a complete hardass. None of this love story, kiss me, have 50 first dates, and live happily ever after crap. She is the wild one of the group. These four women hand a lot of men their balls in a sack. It’s quite fun really. Not a heck of a lot of action, but enjoyable anyway. It’s nice to see a group of females in the lead roles in a western.


Time until initial action starts: ~ 5 minutes

Time until real action starts: ~ 13 minutes

Big Bad Baddies: Men

Best Line: “Pick it up, die like a man.”

Best Kill: Cody (Stowe) and Kid Jarrett (James Russo) are facing each other in the end. Jarrett is out of bullets so Cody throws one of her bullets at him and says the best line. They are at a stand off, but Cody is quicker on the draw and blows Jarrett away. She just plain outmanned him. I wonder how he felt being killed by a girl fair and square. Eat that, Kid Jarrett!

Best Explosion: There were a few explosions but none of them were jump up off the couch and cheer, awesome.

Action Rating: 1 ½ pickles, out of 5


Illustration by Alex Langley. Rocket Llama World Headquarters.

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2 thoughts on “Bad Girls (1994)

  1. Rebecca

    I really want to watch this now! I’ve been watching Madeleine Stowe in Revenge and I never heard of this movie until seeing her on TV. Even though it doesn’t get good reviews elsewhere online, I feel like I’d enjoy it because I love all 4 actresses and the premise just sounds awesome! Thanks for your review, it was the only one that I felt was worth reading!

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