AFC Classic: Most Addictive Video Game? And the Most Annoying?

ActionChick: Most addictive video game?

5THWDLOGO: All MGS. mainly Metal Gear sons of the patriot

___ notmikestark: Counter Strike… or Everquest (aka EverCRACK)

815k1 815k1: Alex the kid, jenken with me, 1 2 3…

Abwon Uno Abwon: bejeweled

Alden Diaz Strider_Diaz: Mass Effect 2 😀

Allynn Garcia keilbasa_al: angry birds for sure.

Andy Butts AndyButtsin: Angry Birds! It’s like crack, i guess, I’ve never done crack. But it’s addictive!

Apathetic Hippie ApatheticHippie: Shining Force 2

Ashley Prester Delaton: Any game where you have to unlock every single little gosh-darn frakkin’ hidden thing to get the good ending. #SuperMario

Batty Shadowbat: Angry Birds. Damn those pigs!

Belly Dancer Soraya SorayaAgency: Nintendo Wii Mario Brothers and Arkanoid!

Ben Linares BenLinares: Black Ops! I never get tired or blowin’ someone or something up!

Bill Felix BillFelix: black ops! Have to get them kills!

Boy Interrupted Donnie_j1: The original Legend Of Zelda,

Brad Woodcock gam0ra: Lemmings, avatar and nethack. Avatar is a multiplayer dungeon game from the 70s-00s on the PLATO/Novanet network

Brent Salmon BKSalmon: The first Deus Ex. I think I’ve logged more time on that than any other game. Except maybe Chrono Trigger.

Bret UltimateWraith: I hope minecraft is in the mix. That sh*t is addicitng!

Brett G. bg_ohthehorror: Columns!

Brian ThisIsNotBrian: Oh wait I take that back, that doesn’t count as a video game, I thought it just said game haha.

Brian ThisIsNotBrian: Snake on the Nokia.

Bryon Lape brainmuffin: Old school? New school? Middle school? Of all time? Last 10 years???

C.J. Garrett DrSideSteppin: I don’t know about addiction, but I’ve got 200+ hours of nostalgia put into Pokemon HeartGold. Just like I remember.

Carlosjiminez Masenko13: would have to say chrono trigger or marvel vs capcom 3,lol

Carter Friend CarterFanboy: Mario Kart…There are definitely far better games out there, but this one NEVER gets old playing against friends.

Castle P Bookshop CastleBookE: WoW, then tetris

CeeDark ♪ ceedark: Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, Fallout 3/New Vegas, or one of the Pokemon games

Chad Evans CAEvans75: Deception for the PS1, I played it for 36 hrs straight.

Chonchillio Dairymoostache: OSU! 😀

Chris Flocco The_Flocco: Lineage 2

Christian Klump Klumpmeister: So far for me its TF2 and Starcraft 2.

Christian Lindke ChristianLindke: Solitaire…or Master of Orion.

Christian Pizzirani brunojohn: Currently, for me, it’s Minecraft.

Christopher brown Orangeasylum: that use to be Mario cart while drunk..

d1047 CoolPolarBear: Angry Birds! I have had to quit as it was cutting into my slacking time! ;0)

d1047 CoolPolarBear: oops, just for a month though, ’till my heart rate & stress level gets low enough to play again :0)

Dana nerdygirl_om: Plants vs Zombies. I’m one of those weird nerds who never really understood why people love Tetris so much.

Daniel Ballow DanyFantomBeast: Angry Birds Count?

David Maulding DaveMaulding: The most addictive game is whatever I happen to be working on. I’ll delve into that world until I beat it, then move on.

Dawn Mosher Nerdy_Books: Tetris. #videogamecrack

DCUO UNLIMITED DCUOUNLIMITED: Batman Arkham Asylum RT @ActionChick Most addictive video game?

DCUO UNLIMITED DCUOUNLIMITED: I agree, i just want more batman detective missions. RT @LinZee1 I think @DCUO is most addictive video game? QT @DCUOUNLIMITED: @ActionChick

Dennis Natale Phungus_Amongus: Fallout 3,I never get tired of shooting raiders in the head.

Elorfin elorfinthendt: I think the series that I’ve sunk the most time into over my life has to be Civilization. Of them, probably the fourth one.

Em²a EmaCartoon: Plants vs Zombies and Minecraft, too!

Erin Byers undefined_v: Tetris!

Erin Kellems Hertzlos: Runescape!

evico evico: most addictive right now gotta be Angry Birds…

Firni Firni: WoW, of course. 😉

Game Warp Show GameWarpShow: Tetris!

Geek Wing GeekWingNet: Tetris. It has been FOREVER. It keeps getting remixed and remade and people still buy it. Simplicity can be everlasting fun.

Hassan Amir HassanAmir2: infamous ps3

Hilary Bissonette HJBiss83: Without a doubt WOW, but since that one shouldn’t fairly be counted in this competition, Fable 2

Irene CouturePetite: Pixeljunk monsters.. Or any tower defense game, really. >_<

Irene Gonzalez irene_ester: mortal kombat

James Friendlessone: sadly I spent so much time playing Animal Crossing. Had to fill that damn museum up and get all the special items!

James Washington Freshjim: call of duty black ops for me and can’t stop playing it, I’ve been playing almost everyday since November : ( I need to get out

Jamie Young atjamie: Tetris.

Jay Marie 333 ✔ JayMarie6: Red Dead Redemption

Jay Newman CuriouslyBaked: Black Ops or NHL 11

Jaye Lee Vocque jayeofmanyhats: Pitfall, Contra, Rock Band, TETRIS

Jedii Raccoon JediiRaccoon: Hmmm….Nintendo’s ‘Dr. Mario’, any ‘Grand Theft Auto’ and also ‘Red Dead Redemption’ @ActionChick Most addictive video game?

Jessa Lynn Phillips sultryminxzoe: definitely God of War for me 🙂

Jessica Sievers jess_sievers: WoW, definitely. People get unhealthily addicted to that game. I used to play, but it took WAY too much of my time, so I quit

Jessie M. jade_kadir: For me, the most addictive video game was Final Fantasy X & X-2. I loved the story and the game play equally.

JJ Amidei JJisBroBeard: No game I have played has just sucked me in for hours and hours like Age of Empires 2

John V. Ferrigno JohnVFerrigno: I once played Civilization II for 36 hours straight. That’s pretty addictive right there!

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