Action Rom Coms – with Giveaway: Lionsgate DVD Killers (Katherine Heigl, Ashton Kutcher)

Can a romantic comedy be an action movie too? I’m not just talking about a humorous film that has both action and romance in it. The Action Flick Chick has never reviewed any romantic comedy, much less an action rom com. What is  an action rom com anyway? One random participant in our discussion on that particular subject will receive a copy of the Liongate’s DVD KILLERS starring Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl. Killers hits home audiences on DVD, Blu-ray Disc, Digital Download  and On Demand next week on September 7. (A review will follow soon.)

Synopsis: Jen Kornfeldt (Heigl) thinks she has found the man of her dreams.   He’s smart, charming and funny. So what if he’s also…an international  spy? Fresh off of a sudden break-up, Kornfeldt reluctantly accompanies her parents on a vacation to the French Riviera. Unexpectedly, she  stumbles upon the perfect guy, the too-good-to-be-true and incredibly handsome Spencer Aimes (Kutcher). After three wonderful years of romance, the newlyweds prepare to celebrate Aimes’ 30th birthday. However,  events are cut short when bullets start flying, and his little secret is  revealed.  Confronting the news head-on, Kornfeldt is determined to discover  what else he might be hiding – all the while trying to dodge bullets,  keep up neighborly appearances, manage the in-laws, and work out some major  trust issues. …And you thought suburban life was easy!

Cast: Katherine Heigl, Ashton Kutcher, Tom Selleck, Catherine O’Hara, Rob Riggle.

Visit the official Killers Facebook page ( and take the “What You Don’t Know…Could Kill You?!” Quiz to find out how well you really know your best friend.  For Killers and Lionsgate news, follow @lionsgatemedia on Twitter.

For a chance in our drawing to receive the Killers DVD shipped  free to you, contribute your thoughts on which movies or what kind of movies would qualify as romantic comedies fit for us action lovers.
* Answer either here as a comment in reply to this post, in the Action Flick Chick’s related Facebook topic, or as a tweet to @actionchick.
* The DVD recipient will be selected after midnight at the end of September 7, the DVD’s release date.
* Recipient must be in the US and have a non PO box shipping address.
* Recipient must respond to claim the prize within 48 hours of when the Action Flick Chick sends prize notification.

On Facebook:

Action Flick Chick: I’ve reviewed NO rom coms. Are ANY fit for an action lover?

Arin Carek: Killers
Erica Ash: Date Night!!!! Ok, so there’s not a whole lot of action, but there’s a very unique car chase scene and guns get fired at least twice. Plus Steve Carell is always a riot!
Larry Yoshida: Mr & Mrs Smith
Caprice Conley: Machete.
Chris Edwards: Romancing the Stone?… sort of?
Dave Weirs: The Princess Bride
Charissa Gilmore Duff: I can’t believe no one mentioned the Pirates of the Caribbean series. There’s action, romance, funnies & mythology. What about Cut Throat Island too? If you’re looking for a more recent movie I got nothing.
Gary Makries: Grosse Point Blank
Papa Llama: Grosse Point Blank!!
Greg Lemons: Oh my god Attack of the Clones.
Christoffer Andersson: I think Nick Frost & Simon Pegg dubbed Shaun of the dead as a Rom-com-zom if nothing else
Brett Reno: Did anyone say Bird on a Wire?
Todd Smith: Kickass
Michael Potter: romantic comadies/action? Sahara?……… don’t get mad…..

On twitter:

DXArmyEnigmaTNA: Killers staring Ahston Kutcher and Katherine Heigel perhaps yeah
KingChrono: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, or is that to narrow of an audience?
bigshika:  Mr & Mrs Smith
outofsequences: 2nding Mr. & Mrs. Smith.
jade_kadir: Maybe even The Bounty Hunter as a dark horse in the Rom Com/Action category. There’s a car chase/shootout at least. 🙂
moviemistakes: Knight & Day was entertaining for the first half, then slowly but surely sent me into a coma. Plus the title makes no sense.
cheetoh_eater: Knight and Day is about as close as its gotten to an action rom com recently and that movie was a bit of a tepid effort.
MovieMoxie: Knight and Day ain’t bad for falling between action and rom/com, I actually thought it was a lot of fun.
HowlerMonkeys: rom coms fit for action lovers? Desperado
mikekarv: Desperado is a rom com?
RyanIszTheMaxx: El Mariachi trilogy isn’t a bad start.
TheSteveLee: super ex girlfriend! Lol
Smittmaestro: Action rom com: True Lies?
pyrosis: True Lies
GestaltMash: Kind of always thought that among other things, Raiders was also the best rom/com Action flick.
actionchick: Are there so few action-heavy rom coms? Counting films like Raiders seems a stretch. Can have humor w/o being a comedy.
jade_kadir: Romancing The Stone might be another Rom Com/Action candidate.
TheOnlyWarman: you have then whole romancing the stone and jewel of the nile rom com aciton style, also any action flick with mat mcaugh
TheOnlyWarman: other than reign of fire ofcourse
GestaltMash: enough romance in Big Trouble in Little China?
actionchick: “Aren’t you going to kiss her?” “No.” RT @GestaltMash @actionchick enough romance in Big Trouble in Little China?
HeartnSoulmom: My favorite romantic action movies are Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Knight & Day. I would love to see KILLERS!
swiv: gotta go the original “Fast and Furious” two love stories there
Porkins: Romantic Action/Adventure? The 5th Element! Bird on a wire, Romancing the Stone, Indiana Jones original, Total (Bloody) Recall.
Porkins: Would Kill Bill one and two qualify as both a vigilante movie and a romantic action adventure?


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6 thoughts on “Action Rom Coms – with Giveaway: Lionsgate DVD Killers (Katherine Heigl, Ashton Kutcher)

  1. TheReelRussell

    Fools Gold, Grosse Point Blank, True Romance, Knight and Day, Kiss of the Dragon, V for Vendetta and Pirates of the Caribbean are some canidates. Most are action with a little romance thrown in. You really should give Rom Com’s a chance. There are alot of good movies you are missing out on.

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