100 Sexiest and Baddest Characters in Comics Review!

If you read comics and hang out with fellow comic book junkies then there’s a good chance at some point in time you’ve had a conversation about how kickass this character is in this comic or how hot that character is in that comic. It’s only natural. Now you can compare your top 100 lists to that of Brent Frankenhoff, editor of Comic Buyer’s Guide. He recently wrote two books published by Krause Publications, 100 Sexiest Women in Comics and 100 Baddest Mother F*#!ers in Comics.

These two guides list characters from one to 100, each with a short blurb about their career in comics or their qualifications for badassery. They are easy to read and mostly feature colorful pictures of each character. Even if you don’t agree with who made the list and who made the number one spot in each category, it is fun to flip through to see what you agree with and maybe shine some light on a few characters you’re not familiar with. I found that it also serves as a good conversation piece; I had these two books out on my coffee table when friends came over and we ended up discussing our picks for a long while.

The only annoying thing about these two guides from a female perspective is that “100 Baddest Mother F*#!ers in Comics” only features male characters…which is perfectly fine, but the female counter part guide isn’t how tough these women are. Instead, it’s called “100 Sexiest Women in Comics” and talks (obviously) mostly about their appearance. Again, it’s fine to celebrate the sexiness of characters- but why isn’t there also a “Top 100 Kickass Female Comic Characters” guide? (Really, is there one of these out there? I would totally love to read that.)

100 Sexiest Women in Comics and 100 Baddest Mother F*#!ers in Comics are fun, quick reads that will no doubt lead to plenty of discussions between you and your pals as to how much you agree (or disagree) with the rankings of these awesome superheroes and superheroines.

This is the Action Flick Chick, and you’ve just been kicked in the ass!

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